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Traditions have no place in modern society.

Acknowledge from the get-go of tradition = traditional mindsets
Absolutes: make sure to argue against absolutes in the introduction
and the conclusion
Thesis: Modern society has brought about a change of social paradigm
that leads us to reject tradition
Point 1: Greater awareness of animal rights
Greater awareness of animal sentience/ cognition have led us to
understand more about animal rights
As such, there have been practices that have been outlawed in
places, except notable exceptions which fall under the umbrella
protection of tradition
Spanish bullfight tradition, however has been decried by many
animal activists as unnecessarily cruel. Spectator sport that earns
tourist dollars, but uses animal for sport in a way that it dies slowly
and in much pain
Counter point: Yulin dog eating, celebration of dog meat also
tradition, but should make the point that just because people find it
uncomfortable doesnt mean that we should immediately demonize
the practice
Backup examples: whale killing in Japan
Higher level candidates will point out that humane killing is the
matter of the day. There is nothing wrong with the celebration of
eating meat, as there are many meat-eaters in the world. The fact is
whether it was done humanely, or just for sport and enjoyment
Point 2: Greater awareness of social rights
Great strides have been made in the society, both tangibly and
Equal marriage in America, shattering of glass ceiling with Hillary
Clinton, African-American president Barack Obama
Higher level candidates will pause here to acknowledge that these
examples all come from America, but will also acknowledge that
America as a cultural superpower is the proxy to the world and its
Even in more traditional nations, change has come Pink Dot in
Singapore and its many corporate sponsors
Inter-racial marriages are getting more common, acceptance of
minority races as leaders
Antithesis: Traditions have value in modern society
Point 1: Tradition keeps us rooted

Tradition helps us to stay connected with our past and guards

against cultural apathy
Increases a sense of rootedness and belonging
Hari Raya, Chinese New Year
Roman Catholic practices that stem back 2000 years

Point 2: Tradition should not have to be sacrificed for modernization

Dakota oil pipe, where a multimillion dollar oil pipe was to be built
upon sacred burial ground
Native Americans protested and were arrested
Argument should be made that cultural minority groups should not
have to sacrifice such a great degree of tradition for profit-making
Compromises should be made