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Kacee Sommerfeldt

Grade 8

Lesson Plan




Magnets and electromagnets


26 September, 2016,

Outcomes: Upon this lesson students will be able to

1. Identify an electromagnet.
2. Identify how electricity makes a magnet.
3. Identify how electromagnets work.

How electricity can make a magnet. How electromagnets work.

Making an electromagnet

Instructional Strategies:
- Reinforcing effort & providing
- Setting objectives & providing
- Cooperative learning.
- Summarizing and note taking.


Objective: By the end of this lesson you should be able to answer

the question how can electricity make a magnet?

Take attendance and canteen tickets. Hand out rest of homework to

those who missed Friday. Will talk to those who missed at lunch or if
time at end of class.

Show photo of crane, lifting magnets, electric bell, and relay PP with the
question: What do all these have in common? Let them ponder question
as come into room. When all ready to start, ask question.

Write electromagnets title on top of board. Top corner write

electromagnets/ experiment for what we will be doing today.

Show this 30 sec. clip of electromagnet deflecting compass. Ask class if

they recognize what material is being used, and why the needle moved.
Magnetic field created when electricity flows through wire.

Next slide on PP electromagnets: solenoid. Notes: Electromagnets

title. Solenoid: coil of wire that acts as a magnet when an electric
current passes through it. Electromagnet: magnet made from electricity.
Draw electromagnet: battery, wire, coils in wire, magnetic field. What



n /Modification
Ask how weekend
was before class
as students walk
Have students
who missed
Friday fill out
house point
survey. P, F, F, S
Winning house
can take down
canteen tickets,
get lunch first.
If classroom
management is an
issue: introduce 3
strike rule. If get
three strikes, have

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Kacee Sommerfeldt
Grade 8
can be used to see if there is a magnetic field? Can see field using
compass, along with direction. Electromagnets have an electric field
similar to permanent bar magnets.


Set up quick electric circuit to show deflection of a compass needle.

Emphasize what is needed: power, wire, coils. Q: What happens when
the power source is disconnected? Magnetic field disappears and coil no
longer acts like a magnet. Compass needle stops pointing in that
E7A2EC40D22F558C3F43E7A2EC4&FORM=VRDGAR electromagnet
puzzle. Use individual white boards for each person to try to solve.
Pause video when it does close up of compasses. Let them draw them
in, then draw electric field lines along with direction. There is a second
puzzle time permitting. What causes the needle to move? Electricity
being given or stopped.

Give S a detention
for not handing in
homework last

Brain break if needed


Making electromagnets experiment. Hand out worksheet, glue in

notebook. Go through steps together in class.

Extra: Discuss ways of increasing the strength of an electromagnet. Ask

elbow buddy first, then call out. Relate to what made a magnet stronger
if they are stuck. Also on page 116. Number of coils, adding iron core,
more current, size.

Time to work on practice investigation into magnetism. Add to posters.

Conclusion: Get back into poster making groups, talk among group what you
learned. Call on one person from each group. Add to your posters.
Class ends about 10:40 to give time to change for PHE.

Homework: investigation into magnetism.

Extra homework: read 8J.4 page 116 #1-13

Self-Evaluation / Reflection:
Having backups was good today, they finished the experiment just after 10, so I gave them a break
and then got back to work with the investigation practice, then wrap up of electromagnets and
posters closure. I did not assign 8J.4 yet.
Things I did well: My closure was much better today. I was able to gage students learning through
formative observation of their group addition to posters and call out questions. I can tell some
understand much better than others. I was able to adapt to the situations that came up well. I would
draw over the whiteboard so students could see exactly what to write. I gave out a house point to the
person who was able to finish one of the assignments in the time allotted, the only one who did. This
helped the other students stay on task a bit longer until it was time to move onto the next task.
Students were able to finish each task faster than expected, so I was able to get more done, and
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Kacee Sommerfeldt
Grade 8
leave time for a closure. I was better with classroom management. I kept a good eye on FC to
provide extra help, and had his homework together with when it is due at the top as a reminder. I
gave S a detention for still not handing in the rest of his homework like he said he would. I am getting
better at differentiation for students and getting them caught up on things they miss.
Things to work on: My explanations with clarity. The first half of the lesson I was being observed,
which throws me off. I need to forget that I am being observed and teach as normal. I feel like I am
able to fill the role of teacher when I am the only teacher in the room. I need to overcome this
mindset, I think it was because it was my first science observation. The more I am observed the more
natural I will become in front of other teachers. A lot of things seemed to go wrong, the projector kept
turning off and the picture quality was not great which made it hard to see. I can still work on
classroom management, even with it getting better.

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