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SSP (Super Single Phosphate):

Single Super Phosphate 18% (Granules) increases the soil fertility. It softens the soil and
hence improves the soil capability to absorb water. The greatest advantage of using
Single Super phosphate as a fertilizer is that the phosphoric acid is fully water soluble. It
also speeds up the process of chlorophyll and improves the quality of vegetables and
fruits. All soil types can get benefit from the application of Single super phosphate as a
Safi Single Super Phosphate is available in both granules and powder form with 18% of

Types of SSP Fertilizer:

Acidic fertilizer:
Acidic fertilizer is also important as that of organic fertilizers for plants
(blueberry, hibiscus and other acid-loving plants) needs acidic fertilizers. For
instance, eggshells are almost 100% calcium carbonate, one of the main
ingredients in agricultural lime; vinegar has acetic acid; & coffee not only lowers
your soil pH, it also enriches it with nitrogen, magnesium and potassium.
Too much use of fertilizer can make soil too acidic so thee fertilizers should be
used in a limit.

Basic Fertilizer:
Basic fertilizer is also an Important for those soil in which is acidic in nature. The basic
fertilizer decreases the acidity of soil and enhances the basicity of soil. Mostly ammonia
and their derivatives use as an basic fertilizer.

Agricultural Use SSP is an excellent source of three plant nutrients. The P component
reacts in soil similarly to other soluble fertilizers. The presence of both P and sulfur (S) in
SSP can be an agronomic advantage where both of these nutrients are deficient.
In agronomic studies where SSP is demonstrated to be superior to other P fertilizers, it is
usually due to the S and/or Ca that it contains. When locally available, SSP has found
wide-spread use for fertilizing pastures where both P and S are needed. As a source of P
alone, SSP often costs more than other more concentrated fertilizers, therefore it has
declined in popularity.
Used in fruit plants to enhance the product
Used in sugar cane field
Used in coffee or tea plants to increase its production rate