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PAJAMAS is abbreviation of Passion and Justice to Magnify Socialism

Our visions are :
1. Create the concordance between every single Indonesia
2. Take care of those people who are in need, both material
and non-material things.
3. Help Indonesia people to solve their problems, which is the
main problem in this developing country, destitution.
4. Increase good communication and cooperation among the
citizens to love for a better life together.
Our missions are :
1. Make an organization within poor and rich citizens as the
member to expand the good coordination between them.
2. Renew (fix) and increase the operational system of
assistance allocation for people who need the assistances
which are caused by some disasters.
3. Fix and increase the operational of public schools which are
built by Indonesia government so people can get their right
to get proper education for those people who

lack of

4. Help Indonesia people to get out from their poorness by
repair some fields that do not useful in Indonesia to build
the working place for the people who do not work because
their lack education.
5. Make some events that include the Indonesia people with
various religions, cultures, social status, and the other
differences that Indonesia people have.
6. Talk less, do (get some actions) more.
Our promises are :
1. If I am chosen, I promise to listen their complains more
2. If I am chosen, the poor citizens will get their real rights to
build the actions to make them have a better life so every
people have the same social status.
3. If I am chosen, I promise that every people in Indonesia with
their own differences, could have better socialism with
eachother to life and rebuild this nation with better in every