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Systems Development

This discuss how the software been developed that includes designing, coding,
testing and evaluation.
Presented by:
Background of the Study
Norsam Memorial Chapels
Mr. Renato P. Mendoza
May 21, 1998
Selling caskets for 4 years
15 years in funeral services
low service at low cost
services offered
Free Interment
Low End
High End
Free interment includes
transporting of dead from the place of death to the funeral and to the place of burial
chapel (if available),
casket (if available),
renting funeral equipment
funeral hearse for interment
Low End service
transporting of dead from the place of death to the funeral and to the place of burial
a low class casket
chapel (if available)
renting funeral equipment
a funeral hearse
High End service
transporting of dead from the place of death to the funeral and to the place of burial
high class casket
renting funeral equipment
funeral hearse
tarpaulin stand
burial flowers
funeral gardening
Types of Embalming
Soft Embalming
Hard Embalming

Embalming Process
Conceptual Framework
a. Knowledge Requirements
foundtion of the ideas
b. Software Requirements
Windows 7, MySql 5.0, Visual Studio 2010 and MS Office
c. Hardware Requirements
two system units should be connected locally
a. System Analysis
determine what the system is capable of and how can this be made possible using
the desired objectives
b. System Design
the proponents will be using Modified Waterfall Model
c. System Development
it will be evaluated by the respondents and the results will be assessed to identify if
the project criterias and objectives of the study were followed
Statement of Objectives
Main Objective
The main objective of the study is to develop and evaluate Norsam Memorial
Chapels Funeral Management System that can measure the amount of chemical to
inject for the dead body and handles the inventory, billing and schedule.
Specific Objectives
1. To design a funeral management system that can manage the needs of the
2. To develop a system that will calculate the amount of chemical for embalming.
3. To develop a system that can manage schedules for interment.
4. To evaluate the system performance in terms of the following attributes:
a. Functionality
b. Reliability
c. Maintainability
d. Usability
The system covers the following:
1. Generating the reports of the following:
a. Sales
b. Inventory
c. Decease Information
d. Schedule

2. The system can calculate the amount of the chemical to be injected in a certain
type of body and the duration of the effects of the chemical.
3. The system can notify the user for the schedules of interments.
The system is only capable of the following:
1. It is exclusive only at Norsam Memorial Chapels.
2. The Chemical Handling and Funeral Management System are connected through
a Local Area Network.
3. The system covers only the following:
a. Free Interment
b. Burial Package Deals
c. Inventory Management
d. Sales Management
e. Reports Management
f. Embalmers Certification
g. Formalin Computation
2. Customers
The study will benefit and help the customers of the company as they can be sure
that the process of embalming on their family member or friend was done
3. Future Researchers
The proposed study will benefit and help the future proponents as their guide in
improvement for Norsam Memorial Chapels Funeral Services Management System
and Chemical Handling for Corpse
4. Proponents
The study would give the proponents an opportunity to apply what they had learned
in their long years in the college. They would have the privilege to help the society
to help eliminate the perils of misuse of technology.

Foreign Literature
Business software with e-records capability applies formal record keeping practices
and methods to the electronic documents, which helps to demonstrate compliance
with regulations preserves critical documents necessary for future decision making
and deletes information at only the appropriate time, in accordance with applicable
laws, regulations and/or policies. Organizations can now preserve the business
records theyve determined they must keep, while destroying those permitted by
law, policy or regulations. Electronic recordkeeping forms a key part of the
infrastructure supporting a businesss overall accountability. (MCSE Magazine,
Once the network business has defined who its customers are, the services it is

willing to provide to those customers, it needs systems to charge those same

customers for the services rendered. The collection of the resulting charges and
subsequent request for payment is what billing is all about.- (Billing for Business
Networks, Stephen Jones, 2013)
As real-time/on-demand billing becomes standard, BSS processes and billing are
becoming ever closer to the network and more important than ever. For most in the
industry, it is clear that traditional billing cannot meet the demands of the future,
nor do companies want to make capital investments into traditional billing models
as they have in the past. (Pipeline, Jesse Cryderman, August 2011)
Inventory systems are tracking systems that inform you of the amount of raw
materials, supplies or final products you have readily available. The inventory
system is updated each time you sell an item or use raw materials to create a
product, so you know what you have available for the following day or week. This
type of system also allows you to order products in advance, so you have
everything you need at all times.(Mary Jane, eHow Contributor, 2013)
Body Mass Index Formula:
(Weight / (height x height)) x 703 = BMI
Note: Your height needs to be measured in inches rather than feet.
Example: 511 male that weighs 180 lbs
(180 lbs/ (71 x 71)) * 703 = 25
(Kallystehouwer, 2013)
Local Literature
According to Cebu Daily News Correspondent Rhea Ruth V. Rossell (August 2011),
embalmers are required to undergo training from DOH-accredited schools and take
the examination for their license which means they will be considered as
A forensic doctor from the Philippine National Police (PNP) normally conducts
autopsies either at a police crime lab or at a funeral home with available facilities.
Tissue samples of internal organs are taken and brought to the PNP Crime
Laboratory in Camp Crame (PNP headquarters) for examination. When an autopsy is
completed, the local undertaker will then embalm the remains to avoid
decomposition. (A Guide to Deaths of British Nationals in the Philippines, April
RULE II Section 3, Application for Locational Clearance. A registered owner of a
parcel of land who wishes to utilize the same as site for Funeral Establishment/s
shall apply with the Board or the Local Government Unit concerned pursuant to
Executive Order No. 71 and Executive Order No. 72 for the approval of plans for
funeral establishments "
Foreign Studies
According to Ciello the advent of technology has changed the way we live, work
and spends leisure time. Computer was considered the lifeblood of society; they are
everywhere. And the advancement in discoveries, both in hardware and software,
keep coming, day in and day out. Technology changes and improves at a rapid pace
and companies and institutions have cope with it. This is because as the latest

knowledge of development in computer technology grows peoples standard

increase. They seek and crave for better and more efficient ways to accomplish
tedious task. (Studymode, billing system, 2010)
There are other methods or treatments which can be administered to a dead body
to preserve it in the short or long term. A number of these treatments are:
Chemical fixation
Preservation in formaldehyde or some other preservative.
(Queensland Law Reform Commission, June 2004)
Local Studies
The package has been designed to take all the administrative paperwork out of
preparing a funeral ensuring you project the most professional service to the
customer. As much of the system as possible has been automated using new and
powerful Windows programming techniques.(studymode-RPSenining, December
An embalmer should have a good grasp of the anatomy of the human body, its
major cavities and major organs and organ systems. Your knowledge on these will
make a big difference in the practice of your profession. It is for this reason that this
topic is presented and illustrated here. However, it should be noted that what are
discussed here are only the anatomical parts and functions relevant to the practice
of embalming. If there are topics or discussions on parts/organ systems included
here but may be deemed' not necessary in the practice of embalming, they are
nevertheless added for purposes of completing the human body systems and
providing additional information for mortuarians. (Romualdez A. G., Ultimo A
Reference Guide for the Prevention Control of Diseases in Mortuary Practice)
Systems Development Life Cycle
In developing the system, the proponents used Modified Waterfall Design since the
desired system needs a lot of customization to fit the environment of the business
and how the embalming works. Additionally, this ensures the developers satisfy the
end users on the software.
Requirements Gathering
Quick Design
Build Prototype
Evaluate and Refine Requirement
Engineer Product
Research Method Used
In this research, the proponents will be using descriptive research method; this is
defined as to describe characteristics of a population or phenomenon being studied.

In relation to this study, the proponents will gather information to describe how
funeral management and embalming is done and how can the system help in
improving the current system of Norsam Memorial Chapels.
Population and Sample Size
The Norsam Memorial Chapels, the proponents will be using the company staffs
which are 10 respondents including their 2 licensed embalmers and some 5 IT
experts outside the company are also included as sample because their evaluation
on the system are required to get the necessary information for the study.

Sampling Technique
The sampling technique is essential to the data collection. The proponents used the
Purposive Sampling Technique, which allows the proponents to gather the data
needed in a specific population.
Description of the Respondents
The respondents in the study are composed IT experts and the staffs employed in
Norsam Memorial Chapels. The proponents studied the flow or process of
embalming and the operations of the company in order to provide inputs on the
analysis of the study.
1. Questionnaires
2. Interviews
Data Gathering Procedures
Formulation of Data Questionnaires and Survey Forms
2. Validations and Distributions of Data Questionnaires and Survey Fords to Prospect
3.Retrieval, Encoding and Data Solution using Scale Techniques and Formulas
4. Interpreting of Data through Data Analysis
5. Evaluation of Data Results
Statistical Treatment of Data
Likert Scale
Likert Scale is named after Dr. Rensis Likert, a sociologist at the University of
Michigan. This is a psychometric response scale primarily used in questionnaires to
obtain participants preferences or degree of agreement with a statement or set of
statements. Likert scales are a noncomparative scaling technique and are
unidimensional (only measure a single trait) in nature. Respondents are asked to
indicate their level of agreement with a given statement by way of an ordinal scale.