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First 10/3-7

Objective (I Can)

Blooms Level/Rigor

-move to a pulse
-move in phrases
-draw a steady beat
-sing sol/mi
-notate rhythms
-hear sound vs. silence


Key Questions

Assessment of Learning

-How can we move our bodies in different ways to the beat?

-Why do we change our voices to match the characters?
-How do the muffins resemble notes?

-Observe moving to pulse

-Small group high and low voices
-Observe students leading rhythm and movement
-listen to students sing sol/mi pattern
-Draw steady beat

Hook/Building Background
-Follow Me
-Good News (Sung)
-Clap Your 1st Name
Whos Here?

Direct Instruction (I DO)

1. The Muffin Man
2.Fang and Twang

Sing Through
Show chart

Sing Thru
Demonstrate with puppets

4. Legs and All

Echo Text
Notate the pulse
Notate the rhythm

6. Criss-Cross Applesauce

Echo Text

Teach mvoement

Guided Practice (We DO)

1. The Muffin Man

2. Fang and Twang

Say yum for each muffin

Silence when muffin taken

Students sing hello

3. Itsy Bitsy Spider

Move to music pulse

Traditional movements during text

5.Moving like a Spider

Move like spiders during


Freeze on silence
6. Criss-Cross Applesauce

Sit around the circle and

perform as a group

Lesson Closure
Hey Goodbye Song
-line-up procedure (practice as needed)

Independent Practice (You DO)

2.Fang and Twang

2 students sing hellos with

the puppet
4. Legs and All

Students notate pulse with

rhythm cards

Notate rhythm with rhythm

8. If time: Monkey See and Monkey Do

Student leads movement

Key Vocabulary
High vs low
Steady Beat
Quarter Note (TA)
Sound vs Silence

Extra Music Class Friday

-Station Expectations
-Practice rotations
-How to watch video
Popsicle Sticks-Draw steady beat/copy rhythms
Playdoh-Steady Beat
Worksheet-Write Steady Beat
Mrs. Harkema-Sing Name and lead steady beat and Glockenspiel up and down