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‘rs02016 Properties of Watercolor Paitting Ba yevtoent Watercolor — Painting and Projects entigesimes ates tha, Properties of Watercolor Home »y Basics and Skis » Properties of Watercolor asc Watercolr Supplies ‘dtional Supplies eee serie Properties of Watercolor Painting \ Watercolor Pants Underandng Color Teper + Tine oe ops Seating Var Pena ators 1 on Stang ane S.nng ” " ‘+ Sedimentary Colors How t0 Use €or ina Painting 5 Ronstugtie ond Fogtve How to Mixa Pudele of Calor oa, 1 inure waters acts Hon 0 Me Tree Waters Mixing he Carpet ‘The beauty and uniquenses of watercolor es within ts properties, each containing characteristics not "wining Fpeana-Aavee ————=~=—_“undin any other painting medium. Colors sa transparent they visually appear to cow on the paper, Vinwicoie Vatwes—~=~SCSCSC( ths epost Semen int the hills an valleys of your paper. Noting Value Seale Watercolor Paints Watercolor paints are made from ether natural pigments found inthe earth clay, minerals, et. of fom synthetic pigments, which nave been finely ground own and then held together with a water-soluble bases "gum" binder. Watercolor pats are available in two forms; tube, and pan, with tube being ‘the most popular Transparent and Opaque Transparent is just asthe word describes, Transparent watercolors allow the ight ta shine through to the watercolor paper ana in turn lets the white of the paper reflect back. The / cols look clean, cris, and appear to ‘opeave slow, Watercolor paints fall into these two rain categories with some being in- beeen anc described 2s Semi- Transparent and Semi-Opaqve, ‘Opaque colers block the ight from coming through tothe watercolor paper. Instead, the light bounces off the pigment. This can make the ‘olos appear to look dul, even though some of the opaque's are quite ‘vibrant in col. bpkwww ml 1 ‘rs02016 Properties of Watercolor Paitting Painted samples of transparent and semi-transparent colors Dureatn New Gambooe| Pormanent Ross Hookers Green (4) Sap Green (H) PRPERPRRrr Painted samples of semi-opaque and opaque colors Ccedmium Yellow cium orange Coamiom Searle Frenen Uamanne Be Manganese Blue (4) rPRPRRAR Painted saw Umber sepa are Violet Payne's Gray PPPPPPRP Non-Staining and Staining Non-Staining watercolors wil settle on ‘the surface of your watercolor paper ‘after the water has evaporated. These colors, once rie allow you to ithe pigment off the surface to reveal the white of the paper underneath. These colors mbx extremely well with other nor-staining coors ples of colors that contain white and black Staining watercolors wil mmediately absorb into the fist few layers of the watercolor paper before the water has had a chance to evaporate, These colors, once dred, are dificult to It to get back to the white of the paper and il nave 2 stained tint ofthe coor. Staining colors mix bpkwww ml ‘rs02016 Painted samples of stai == s —— an = Sedimentary watercolors als fll into the Transparent, Semi-Transsarent, Semi-Opaque, and Opaque categors. ‘What makes these watercolor paints so unique are the sedimentary pieces of, pigment that randomly settle Into the Dapers texture while painting, ‘A good majorty of the watercolor paints made available today are "non-fugtive" In other words, the color that in your painting wil last overtime. Some watercolors, known to be “fuattve", are not so lucky and will fade within a short curtion Properties of Watercolor Paitting cextromely well with other staining colors, but when mixed with non- staining colors they have a tendency to stain the non-staining color and can dominate the averall olor of the mixture, % a ‘These colors make wonderland beaunfu washes, but they can be a bit ‘ical to layer due tothe extra ‘amount of gum binder. These granules villaso sacle t the boom of your puddle af calor. Remxing your pudale before each brush stroke shoul help You senieve consistent amounts of te sediment, “The pant manufacturer usualy places @ “Lightast” reading on the side ofthe tube with Tas “Excellent” and V being “Fugive” “The whites that you see in watercolor are actually the white ofthe paper. + Dries approximately 3 times lights ‘ll éry too quickly in hot and ery conditions + Will éry much slower in humid eancitions. then the esler you see when i is wat Home | | About || Contact || Tertmanine bpkwww ml NEXT: Basic Watercolor Supple t xkiot 1 34 0018 Propertos f Watercolor Parting St 8y-Step Guide to Painting Reaitc Waterelors #1997 - 2013 ww atercolrsaintnoanaprejes com ca, Capyight B 2013 Dawn MeLsed Hei Al Rights Reserved bpkwww ml