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Conservatives on-track to win the Election, due

to rising polls, is this the future?

Have UKIP become the overdraft from

the Royalist Party?


New Tory


Are we about
to have the

Is Britain about to embark on a

Conservative Government? Despite
the Royalists dominating the House of
Commons for a while now, the
Conservative Party has hung onto
their principals and morals without
altering them to combat the Royalist
Party, is this a sign that the Tories are
not going to bow down to opposing
party politics? Is this going to be the
start of a Strong Government, for a
Strong Nation if so, I think its
about time, dont you?
With the pondering petty politics of
the Royalist Party, one has become
inclined to think of the United
Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP,
for short) as a clandestine overspill
from the Royalist Party, is UKIP the
real Royalist Party Or vice versa?
Something we can count on,
however; Is the ability of a Strong,
able government serving not for the
privileged few, but for the many.
The Conservatives promise
something that other parties cant,
and thats security. Whether youre a
left winger or a right winger, we all
can see a bright light in the Tories.

grace of a
How the
Ruined my
Read more
about how
the Royalist
ruined a
Number Ten Downing Street, SW1 1AA

normal Citizen

The possible new home of the Conservative Party Leader?


With the Election results soon to fall suit,

the Nation awaits the exuberant news of
Britains new Prime Minister. With many of
the public stressing their support of the
Conservative Party, led by the Rt.Hon.,
James Reed MP. But, there are equally the
number of people on the streets of London
stressing their support for the late UKIP
party. The only thing we can do, as a
nation; is wait, and see.

track to be
What does
this mean for
our Country,
will we have
to endure the



CEO HaraldKruger with one of his BMWs

With the Motor market in London

practically being non-existent in London
for everyday members of the public and
the various members of the Armed Forces,
Police Constabulary and Politicians,
Britain has become bitter about this
subject, and feels that they have been
ripped off and down beaten.
Whether you spent the money you raised
from day-to-day means or bought the
sufficient finances to purchase one of
these master crafted automobiles from
BMW, Ferrari and Mercedes, you cannot
deny that this is a turn for the worse. If
there is one thing that the United Kingdom
hates more than Joe Harts ability to lose a
penalty shootout its the scenario of
being ripped off.
The Telegraph urges His Majesty, King
James the First of the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Northern Ireland and
the British Imperial Commonwealth to
accept that the British Public are not in
favour of spending tens, nay thousands of
finances on Automobiles that they can no
longer use, and to take this short dilemma
of profit making in London and the
subsequent removal of all motor
companies in London in mind before
making any further on-the-spot rach

With the current withdrawal of all major

car companies from the City of London, in
the United Kingdom the British Public
have become almost bewildered why their
hard earned money has been wasted or
dissipated. The Telegraph has come to
find some sensitive, exclusive information
about the running story;

We asked the Chief Executive Officer of

Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) what he
thinks about the situation and how it

Interviewer: How did your company and

various others sever your business ties
with the United Kingdom, London in
CEO: The Auto Industry did not sever ties;
overnight all companies were kicked out
without any approach to a revenue
solution for the UK.
Interviewer: So why did you not go public
with this news?
CEO: I found out this morning and the
news is spreading, spoiler alert people
aren't happy about being robbed over their
Interviewer: What impact do you think
this will have on business in London, and
the United Kingdom in general?
CEO: Chances are the UK will push out
another free modelled car + game pass
system like they had before, the auto
industry for the most part has already
received the money from sales and
distributed out the product. This issue is
between the people and the leadership
who took away their hard earned cars. In
the end it should be the peoples voice who
let the UK know this was a mistake.

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Article of the Day

Are you interested in joining a strong,
independent and prosperous nation? If so,
then join Fiji today! Fiji has all of these
qualities, and already has over 55
members. These members have been
gained as of the hard-work and devotion
to get this group started and active
without the use of money for ads, and
over a period of around 3 months.
Throughout these 3 months, Fiji has
already been registered as an official
nation, and has improved its financial
industry to have opened 3 new car stores
which include BMW, Mercedes and
Ferrari. Fiji is a part of the official United
Kingdom's British Empire, and continues
to expand as you read this article. Fiji has
expanded to having most, if not all of its
departments open; creating a variety of
jobs your ordinary citizen might want to
do. For example, you can be a soldier, a
policeman, a politician and you can even
work in the fire department! There is even
a heist system being worked on, so if you
don't fancy any of these jobs, you can be a
criminal too!
Like most developing nations, Fiji is in
need of experienced and devoted high
ranks in all its branches; so if you feel you
have the skill and the loyalty it takes to be
a General in the army, or the Minister of
Defence, do not hesitate to join Fiji and
reach your maximum potential.

But with Fiji opening its gates to new

citizens and potential servicemen and
women, one must ask the question; What
will come of their ambition to become
official within the United Nations?

I believe that the United Kingdom should be

and will be, and currently is grateful for
Fijis contribution to His Majesties Most
Britannic Empire so say all of us!
Lets hope and pray that people all around
the British Empire, nay; the world, see Fiji
for its potential and have the courage to
join such a prosperous nation.

Plus, the light humour within Fiji is quite

abstract, for a ro-nation. Lets hope that
more ro-nations take grasp of light humour
and use it.

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