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Advanced - Unit 2 Key expressions + categories

Managing the discussion

Involving people

Asking permission to speak

Putting forward unpopular


So, lets get started.

Perhaps youd like to talk us


Would this be the right

moment to mention ?

I know youre not keen on it,


The purpose of todays

meeting is to

Did you want to talk about


Could I just say something?

You probably wont like this


If I could just come in there

Im not sure what your

feelings are about this, but

Can I suggest we come back

to ?

Advanced - Unit 2 Key expressions + categories

Putting forward ideas

under consideration

Putting forward ideas you

are confident about

Disagreeing / expressing

We were wondering if

Im sure youll understand

the need to

Its interesting you should

say that, because actually

Something else weve been

thinking about is

The obvious solution to this

problem must be to

Youre absolutely right, but