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Advanced - Unit 5 Key expressions + categories

Clarifying the situation

Staying focused on the facts

Expressing concerns

Expressing concerns

Can I just make sure Ive

understood this correctly?

Lets try not to get personal


Im a bit worried about

Im really not happy with

Would I be right in thinking


Can we try and stay focused

on the facts?

I dont know if youre aware,

but ?

The real issue here is

Do you understand what Im

trying to say?

Advanced - Unit 5 Key expressions + categories

Chairing the negotiation

Expressing points of

Offering a compromise

How do you propose we deal

with this issue?

I just dont understand how

Im prepared to if

Look, can we try and avoid

any ?

I cant just

Look, would it help if ?

Can I leave you to ?

I just wont be able to , if

Id be more than happy to