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Advanced - Unit 10 Key expressions + categories

Giving information from

other sources / distancing

Focusing on positive

Making people feel


Expressing concerns

A decision was taken

What this will allow us to do

is something we couldnt
do before.

You are crucial to

I understand the reasons for

, but Im slightly
concerned about

It has been agreed that

In the longer term, the

benefits are clear.

Each one of you has a key

role to play in

I like the idea of , but Im

not very happy about

As I understand it

Another great thing about

this development is

I would encourage all of you


I have some reservations


Advanced - Unit 10 Key expressions + categories

Responding to concerns

Asking for assurances

Thats a valid point, but I

really dont see this as a

Can you assure us that ?

I understand where youre

coming from

What assurances can you

give us that ?

I think we need to look at the Are there any guarantees that

positive side.