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Advanced - Unit 12 Key expressions + categories

Establishing the need for a


Building the argument

Acknowledging different
points of view

Reinforcing the message

I know that, like me, you are

concerned about

Not only that. Its also

essential that we

Having said that, its

important to remember

So, as I said before, is

achievable. No question.

Its become apparent that

OK, thats the first benefit.

Now, the second point

We could be missing out on a

great opportunity if we dont

In addition to that

I accept that but we have Were in an extremely strong

to put this into perspective position. Why? Because

You could argue that , but

on balance

Were committed, were

motivated, and we believe in
what we do.

Advanced - Unit 12 Key expressions + categories

Asking for commitment /


Please give serious

consideration to

We cant afford to miss this


Im calling on you to