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Netsol Corporate Profile/Governance

Netsol operating globally, is one of the leading IT Company in Pakistan, having a wide range of
operations across Europe, America and Asia. Due to the nature of the services that they provide
their workforce needs to be diverse and innovative. More diversity among their culture makes
Netsol a richer organization, and that alone remains the sole competitive edge i.e. their human
capital, which indirectly are their most valuable asset. According to the latest financial report of
2015 the current employment at Netsol is 1,100.
To oversee and manage competent employees, the board plays an integral part in developing
policies and assigning budgets to the HR department for effective talent recruitment. The Board
comprises of the following people
Mr. Salim Ullah Ghauri
Mr. Shahab-ud-Din Ghauri
Mr. Najeeb Ullah Ghauri
Mr. Shahid Javed Burki
Mr. Waseem Anvar
Mr. Omar Shahab Ghauri
Mr. Fida Hussain

Non Executive Director
Independent Director
Independent Director
Executive Director
Independent Director

Netsol follows a single tier board structure, having board of directors on the top which includes
Chairman, CEO & COO, and directors in an advisory role, to support decision making for the
company. Single tier boards are very common in the Asian countries. The most important
competency is to delegate. It is very difficult for a CEO to let go of his decision-making power,
and let his junior takes some important decisions. Due to the nature of the business the decision
making power has been delegated to the individual departments, which Netsols CEO Salim
Ghauri has done.
Moreover for effective talent management Netsol has formed a human resource and
remuneration committee at their board level comprising of the following three members. The
committee gives recommendations to the board regarding selection, evaluation and
compensation of key management positions.
Shahid Javed Burki

Chairman/ Independent Director

Waseem Anvar
Salim Ullah Ghauri

Member/ Independent Director

Member/ Executive Director

Moreover for compensating employees, Netsol started a stock option scheme for their employees
in 2009, and granted more than 4 million stock options.
All these practices show the role of the directors and their commitment towards enhancing their
human capital through formulating an executive committee of human resource at the executive
level of Netsol.