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Second 10/3-7

Objective (I Can)

Blooms Level/Rigor

-read 4-beat rhythm

-sing with good technique
-sing and read Sol and Mi and La
-pulse the half note
-move in AB form
-sing and move to half notes
-perform an ostinato


Key Questions

Assessment of Learning

-How can our bodies make music?

-Isnt stomping just noise? How do we make it music?
-What does a good singing tone sound like?
-How do we use solfege to read music?

-Observe movement and correct timing

-Hear individuals sing
-Observe students leading movement
-Perform rhythm patterns

Hook/Building Background
-Follow Me
-Good News (Sung)

Direct Instruction (I DO)

2. Harvest Song

Sing thru

Add half note movement

3. Draw a Bucket of Water

Echo Text

What text gets half note?

Teach movement
4. 2, 4, 6, 8

Speak Thru text

Introduce ostinato
5. Poor Little Kitty

Sing thru

Show Solfege-read thru

1. Rhythm Game

Rhythm pattern cards

2. Harvest Song

Sing thru together

Add bouncing Ball

3. Draw a Bucket of Water

Movement with partner

4. 2, 4, 6, 8

Half class ostinato

Half class text

Add instruments if time

6. Jockey

6. Jockey

Sing Thru
Teach movement

Lesson Closure
Hey Goodbye Song
-line-up procedure (practice as needed)

Key Vocabulary
Quarter Note
Quarter Rest
Eighth Notes
Half Notes

Guided Practice (We DO)

Gallop around room

2nd verse partner bleking step

Independent Practice (You DO)

5. Poor Little Kitty


Solo Sing S/M pattern

4. Charlie Over the Ocean- if time

Students sing Solo

8. Ha Ha This Way-if time

Solo students lead the class

with their solo and movement-Assess on
Friday Station

Unpitched Percussion

AB form

Extra Music Class Friday

-Station Expectations
-Practice rotations
-How to watch video
Popsicle Sticks-Copy Rhythm Patterns
Playdoh-Quarter Note, Quarter Rest, Eighth Note, Half Ntoe
Worksheet-Write quarter note, quarter rest, eighth note and Sol/Mi
Mrs. Harkema-Ha Ha This Way Solo/Rhythm Patterns