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Danielle Hunt
Department of Interpretation and Translation
Gallaudet University HMB 1421
800 Florida Ave. NE
Washington, DC 20002
To Whom It May Concern:
It is my honor to write a letter of recommendation for Dr. Keith Cagle to receive
tenure. I have had the pleasure of working with Keith since August of 2013 when I
joined the faculty of the Department of Interpretation and Translation. As BA
program coordinator, I have seen his dedication to students and prospective
students. I originally worked with him as an advisor to new and returning students in
the BA program. I made use of his proficiency to help me advise and work together
with students.
Keith regularly attends all program faculty meetings despite not being required to
do so. It is always a joy to have him in meetings. We are currently working on
curriculum standardization across programs, and without his skills in organization,
planning, and implementation the programs would not be as consistent as they
currently are. I enjoy working with him as both MA and PhD program coordinator.
He has worked diligently to begin to the process of creating course packets for BA
instructors. The program often has adjunct faculty and doctoral students teaching.
As such, he has been collecting course materials to carry on from one instructor to
the next. This is helpful, not only for the teacher inheriting the course, but also aids
in the learning experience for the students.
As an instructor, Keith dedicates his all to his students often spending hours working
one-on-one with them to ensure their understanding. He brings excellent teaching
skills to the Department and inspires others to present their best in teaching
excellence as well.
I have also known Keith in a research capacity. We are currently working on a
research project with Dr. Melanie Metzger focusing on curriculum standardization
through curriculum spiraling. He has served as an expert on curriculum spiraling
during our writing of a manuscript chapter, survey creation, and presentation on our
I highly recommend the tenure of Dr. Keith Cagle because of his dedication to the
Department and the University.

Hall Memorial Building, Suite 1401 800 Florida Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20002-3695
(202) 651-5149 (voice) (202) 559-5628 (videophone) (202) 651-5172 (fax)

Danielle Hunt, PhD