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To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I present this letter of recommendation for Mr. Keith
Cagle in his pursuit of a promotion. I had the tremendous experience of being a student
under Keith Cagle during the Spring 2015 semester in his INT 492 course. Regardless of
the fact that I only had one course under him- his work as a professor was one of the best
I have seen in Gallaudet University throughout my undergraduate years.
Mr. Cagle showed a lot of positive traits in his teaching and interactions with his
students throughout the semester that I was under him. He is very organized, his
classroom instruction is very informational, Mr. Cagle puts a lot of real-life application
into the classes such as hands-on experience with interpreting and using his experience as
an application for the future for the students. He was not only great in the classroom, but
outside of the classroom as well, he always made sure that he had time to sit down with
me to discuss any questions or concerns I had about an assignment or something in class.
He was willing to look through my assignments to give me feedback on anything that
may need changes. He also was a wonderful person to seek advice from for anything
regarding internships, job searches, and potential career choices in the Interpreting field.
I am very confident that Mr. Cagle has the ability to lead the department and
utilize the necessary tools in order to continue to be a wonderful professor and
ambassador to all students and staff who learn under him.
Please feel free to contact me at should you require more
Sincerely Yours,
Jennifer Smith