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CP FPA. Torrevieja.

Departamento de Ingls

1. Complete the sentences with one of the following connectors: actually, although, but,
consequently, despite, in addition, namely, on the contrary, so, such as.
a. Aircraft engines are well maintained but accidents are unavoidable.
b. Although the number of tourists visiting our country may fall next year, we
expect better spending rates.
c. There are plenty of inappropriate solutions to the current economic crisis, such
as cutting down on public investments.
d. We have bought a new flat. Consequently, we cannot afford to go on holiday
this summer.
e. They are very poor. Actually, they dont have a cent in the bank.
f. The play was very boring so we left after the first act.
g. He has to take photos of the places he visits. In addition, hes keeping a diary of
his journey.
h. Not everybody thinks the building is ugly. On the contrary, some people say it
looks marvellous.
i. Some companies, namely our own, think that employees well-being in the work
place is key to success.
j. Despite being famous, she is not arrogant at all.
2. Fill in the blanks with a suitable contrast connector (whereas, but, although, however,
despite, in spite of, on the other hand).
a. Although Andrew was warned of the risks, he decided to travel alone to South
b. Maria did not get a promotion despite/in spite of her qualifications.
c. Zambia is a land-locked country, whereas Kenya has a coastline.
d. On the one hand, you could rent a flat instead of buying one. On the other hand
you are always at the mercy of landlords.
e. This restaurant has a good reputation, whereas that one does not.
f. The city has a 50 kph limit. However, people are often caught speeding.
g. You wont be forgiven despite/in spite of your apology.
h. We couldnt find a house to buy although we saw quite a few.
i. He always looks so lonely and sad despite/in spite of his popularity.
j. He is quiet and shy, whereas his sister is lively and talkative
3. Join each pair of sentences. Be careful where you put the words in brackets.

Although Dave smokes, he seems to be in good health.

I couldnt sleep despite being tired.
Max didnt notice the sign even though it was right in front of him.
Kate never learnt Spanish although she lived in Spain for many years.
Joe is a millionaire despite his/him hating spending money.

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