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Gity of Opelousas Gateway to Acadiana November 20, 1974 ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER #13 SUBJECT: MUNICIPALITIES NOW UNDER NEW MINIMUM wAGE LAW TO: ALL DEPARTMENT HEADS AND EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Btfective May 1, 1974y 031 Municipal Smptoyoe? are covered under the Pair Labor Standards Ao% re eee or 197K. Attached to this Administrative Amenemge a copy of a bulletin received from the : oreer tana Municipal Association which covers the new provisions an detail. A digest of the new law as it pertains to covered | employees is as follows: 1. ‘Minimum Wage effective May 1, 1974 is $2.90 per hour. Perimum Wage effective January 1, 1975 de $2.00 per hours fe rSoum Wage effective January 1, 1976 is $2.20 per hours Sori ee age effective after Dec. 51, 1976 4s $2.30 per hours 2. “ALL employees other than Police, Firemen and ‘Qxempt personnel are entitled to time and orirtf overtime pay for all houre worked in ouece of forty hours in e workweek retro- active to May 1, 1974. 3. Firemen and Policemen will be phased. in und tho overtime provisions of the Act on January 1, 1975 as indicated on page 5 of attached bulletin. Gity of @pelouses sox towens, mavon GPELGUSAS, LOUISIANA Gateway to Acadiana Page -2- |. The following personnel who serve 1p on tuooutive or supervisory capacity are exempt Wes Gvertime pay 4f their duties and salary. foot all the test for exemption under Section 33 ta) (1) of the Pair Labor Standards Act: © a. All Blected Officials Comptroller City Clerk . Superintendent; Electric Plant Superintendent Water & Sewerage Plant Street Commissioner Pire Chiof Purchasing Agent and Code Enforcement Officer building, Plumbing and Electrical Inspectors Civil Service Director Hoalth and Safety Officer 5 Sales Tax Director Superintendent Parks and Recreation - , dm exception to the provisions of this pare~ Graph way exist when supervisory oF executive Eopeonnel are called upon to perform duti Pe normally a part of their functions and/or job descriptions. Such exceptions are subject deP gprovai by the Mayor and Council in Gach case, This approval must be obtained prior te the commencement of such overtime pith cases of emergency immediately following the overtime. Further, this type overtine $2° Suited to 20% of the total work hours for any given work week. Compensatory time will be eliminated for Giinon-exempt personnel entitled to over- tine pay, except Firemen and Policemen egfective from May 1, 1974, This provision Goes not however, prohibit carrying beyond May 2, 1974 accrued compensatory time built up before that date. o 6. Gity of @pelousas Gateway to Acadiana Page ~3- Exempt personnel os defined in paragraph + ‘expected to work the | - seer? ccescary. for the performance of these fob, however, in aay’ be granted compens! Gvertine performed after Nay 2, rere eted he houre in any given celehdar feae*°kny compensatory time earned in excess Years foies an a oalendar year vill be oF tteod to the employees sick leave account sree rt gases involving overtime for exenpt Pe oth the overtime hours worked and personne qneatory time off met be approved PP ndvance by the Mayor and Council. ALY 3e eee of compensatory time accrued, used records ated to sick leave will be maintained $7 ule Givia Service Director who 4s the, by the.on for all Municdpel Civil Service $ueleSe0n Anmual and Sick Leave Records. ‘An employee called back to work after his te errr ceneguled houre have ended vill be Zefa for at least two houre or for the fine Revolved if this exceeds tvo hours. Por those non exempt personnel who are For tied to overtime pay it should be noted Shat‘ait hours in excess of 40 por work that ore not necessarily payable at the week ar¢ One baif rate. The employee must fine Sctusliy worked At least 40 hours naveng the work week and his excess bours during go have been actually worked to mgitie nim to time and one half for the Ceette over 40. Hours credited for Annual Peete Sick Leave, Holidays and Standby Time ee’not considered 2s hours. worked in Gotermining time and one half pay. 8. 10. Gity of (@polousas woe bowers, Maron Gateway to Acadiana Page ‘the work week will begin at 1 mimte after Tianight on Sunday and end on Saturday at midnight. Department Heads and Executive officers peeil be responsible for authorising, Spntrolling end justifying all overtime one by their assigned omployees, Insofar weTSoseibie, ail overtime work will bo approved in’ advance. Department Heads and Executive officers Depirfupmit detailed reports for each emp] Wit vaclined on page 6 of attached bulletin, $2 Cetteasurer prior to the preparation of the Pay Roll. women // ‘ORDINANCE NO. 07 OF 215, AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 2, ARTICLE 1, SECTION 24.1 OF ‘THE CITY OF OPELOUSAS CODE OF ORDINANCES, SETTING THE SALARY OF ‘THE MAYOR AND BOARD OF ALDERMEN, AS IE RELATES TO SALARY. INCREASE FOR THE MAYOR OF OFFLOUSAS BET ORDAINED ty the City Counc of Opn, Loisan, that the Compensation for "be Mayor and City Cone sal te flow ‘+ TheMayor shal be pid an anal salary of $50.08. The Major shall slo be ud 865.00 per month a ieee corpo. + The AldemaraLarge sal be pid ap au slay of $1623.06 the ‘Mayor Pr-Tem shal be a anu sliy of $16.73 05 od al ther ‘Aldermen lb idan salary of $1820847 + The Ci of Opelousas sal pay $3500 competion or mileage he Aldermen ca he sy Con ‘his Ordinance shal ae fc immesney wpon aden, Sd Osinane having been insoduced on Api 16,2015 by Aleraoman Spec Roker ‘tof pacer, having been pushed and hp ing having been el he le ‘ving been rd andthe ednnce considered om matios by Aldean Shel Baers nd seconded by Alderman 4 Trone Glove 1 ap te eines, ear ewe at the ‘along eis wet bd ‘YEAS: Mana Rich. Tyroe lover, la Bian ond Sher Reber NAYS: le Aste a atu Nati [ABSTAINED: None ‘ABSENT: None ‘Wheripn th Pescng Ofc cure he Oninane day adopted on this ay 12h dy of Mat 015, ATTEst, Huis bedu Epacdl Jatin ceRTIFICATE, | Lei 8, Anderson, Cle ithe City of Opelousas do ry ey that he bv oregon ‘Ordiuce was adopted by be Bos of Aldermen ata Regular Mowing bel on May 12.2015. 6 woleva CuRK ames Number: 16-1 ‘SUBIEGT: Disaster Procedures for Reimbursement For Immediate Action ppv Summary: In accordance withthe FEMA and GOH: hs edopted the following policy: Payroll Disbursements During Times of Disaster ‘During times of disaster, salaried employees paid overtime atthe prescribed overtime rae “in addition, when salaried employees arc re- ie De eo niente sgt ie re wl Ps If ered ot in 9 eed ring tse iy wpa seat Pes hne aad any avalible overtime incued atthe peseibed overtime rte SEP disaster recovery procedures, the City of Opslovses Exceptions “he Gity of Opelousas mayor may not choose to se thi poi ait sein: Foe oy ATT ~RoTLaTOaSG 19, be Ge monvion|5Y, PE CB C2 VE poe hea Hous oui ronpinfeT = S¥SNOTadO Gea prog yaounedog ‘22foydiwg ‘SSUNLVNOIS Nounanuisic sop deae pones 9a Foneraad> Fea Fy TAS Fan Ferien SOT TAT fens [woof aoe] [ave] wa | rm | om | am [ron wre TROULaROSSS | Te isis [8 a ‘tsar wif, UTE oy Cae Te Mp xk [- no + Aron na rwmannceg «“%2—* 20 ee YSNO TO a wat MAG FETS TT ns pynmbgy pons en ee Pation How ATA | 812 ob wus | eu [ox | anu [won] vas 7 NOTLaTNOSSe ne E319 | maori Teer el TUL, hoe + Axeom Av —n1te {C proms ATED eons rt etc atoning, ss univ He of 4 | te 7) ete Sy S| Bl Mor OF] PA SRG TNS ony [Slee [ele FI PRIEILSES Para STAAL sorte a [sl mr [rnrfoan [an fnon [ore | ae faoe]_» [avs | ma | mt [oon] am [nom | wr TNOWAIOESS - 5 Kunotr ' Aryoumie ‘Ave ‘opis cor cee - nt ¢—* ‘gon 80006 alway Nn ‘~ SYSNOTAdO JO ALID BE , EL eray K FEE TEL nd es » a5 aA 809 = wh -nNounensisia el) Pours su WoreraaaRD TORS TET GTS TT =| Ala [e{ alee | Wale Lae trys RE RTD AL [2/2 [e]e emt |e] 8 [este Poe TT RIT vex fooel [ave wor fone [an fon fa PS Cy TROLAORSS ram os wios | & 1 2 huni # hyvona :a¥ oni. cer rere ov ss——s 800 NOLL OTST SI Hn prey arp ia a Lrehoe: {9945 m1 1omPIaPH4 ~ S¥SNOTEdO GO ALID Nouunensisia io] | of Tepes ry wae ar deoey # 4 a | ] pound oan KoweasaaS a TOAST TT HOT BT IF 2083] 00 TTS | ay i re | Pa TT TS 1 Le Zz PPTs es vw faesl ani fom fos [aoe [oe] [avs] wl] os [ean] ar [non [ow ore) main or WoL Os 7 ra 7H manorwion| Ee) 1, Ste G2 ah hun hyena sav wounedeg on ve oc T oy oun Tb "eae 945 eur tempiPiT= S¥énonadO So-ALID tu Sg aunavnos Tne a FB 3TBS apt TST ST Sia TS ‘vs [1s [roa [osu [ anu ow fs | 04 [soe] “ | avs | ma | ans [osu | ani [now | nae > NOILATOSSG pe? 12 02 ot WL emrvormo UK gi AT Te 1 heang Av weuedeg 7 800" Tarp rut acp ewen Prep PMT PMs Hes e4s suit rempraipul = s¥Snorado Se-L119 -