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Let us campaign for the total ban

____________ of harmful insecticides. A. With
the use B. On using C. on the use D. with
2. Your statements are IMPERTINENT to the
case. The capitalized word means
______________. A. Important B. Irrelevant C.
Violent D. malicious
3. Imprisoned for 27 years, Nelson Mandela
realized his dream of a free and non-racial
South Africa by forgiving his oppressors and
negotiating in good faith for the peaceful
transition to democracy. Nelson Mandela
demonstrated his trait of ________________. A.
Friendliness B. Determination C. forgiving D.
4. In William Shakespeares Merchant of
Venice, Portia, the judge said: The quality
of mercy is not strained; it droppeth as the
gentle rain from heaven upon the place
beneath... It is twice blest; it blesseth him
that gives and him that takes. Tis mightier
than the mightiest... and one is likened to
God when mercy seasons justice. The main
thought of the excerpt it that
___________________ A. Mercy is only for
deserving B. Mercy is limited in extent C.
Mercy is spontaneous and freely given.
5. Who was the first editor of La Solidaridad ?
:) A. Juan Luna B. Graciano Lopez Jaena C.
Jose Rizal D. Marcelo H. Del Pilar

10. Isang dulog pampatikan na kung saan

ang pagpapakahulugan sa isang tekstong
binasa ay nakapokus sa sariling panlasa ng
mambabasa at kilala rin sa katawagan na
reader-response theory. a. Impresyonistac.
antropolohiya b. Patalambuhayd.
11. I cant find ________ calculator; may I use
_________, Prince?
A. My, yours
B. His, yours
C. My, his
D. Yours, mine
12. Neither the teacher nor the students
________________ present in the affairs.
A. Am
B. Was
C. Is
D. Were
13. We admire ___________ when Cynthia
speaks English fluently with _______________.
A. Him, them
B. Her, us
C. Him, we
D. Him, me

6. A hypothetical ecosystem contains lettuce

(the producer), a caterpillar (the primary
consumer), a small passerine bird (the
secondary consumer) and a lion (the tertiary
consumer). A gardener arrives and sprays
pesticide, killing all the caterpillars. What can
happen to the ecosystem? A. The passerine
birds will thrive. B. The lions will eventually
die. C. the passerine birds will convert to
herbivores. D. the lettuce will wilt and die.

14. The figures must be TRANSMUTED in

order to understand the grade. The
capitalized word means:

7. Among models of reading strategies, what

did student Jk adopt when she reads back
and forth, attending to both what is in her
mind and whats on the page? A. Bottoms-up
B. Interactive C. Down-top D. Top-down

15. Some preachers suggest the

_____________ that the end of the world is

8. If threat of punishment is necessary on

erring students, how should this best be
done? A.Make the threat and reinforce with
warning C. Warn and threat at the same time
B.Make the threat with immediate
punishment D. First a warning before the
9. When USA decided to drop the atomic
bomb to Nagasaki in order to stop the land
invasion of Japan, what degree of moral
certitude can describe this decision of USA?
a. Doubtfulc. Certain b. Perflexedd. Callous

A. Estimated
B. Surpassed
C. Changed
D. Summed

A. Proposal
B. Prophecy
C. Prophetic
D. Prophet
16. Filipino writer whose stories and poems
depict Filipino-Spanish cultural beliefs and
A. Edilberto Tiempo
B. N.V.M. Gonzales
C. Bienvenido Santos

D. Nick Joaquin

A. China

17. Tax imposed on all employed and

practicing professionals

B. Japan

A. Income tax
B. Community tax

C. Philippines
D. Thailand

C. Real estate tax

24. What is one of the man-made wonders of

the Philippines?

D. Inheritance tax

A. Rice terraces

18. Who is known as the Father of the Local

Government Code?

B. Mount Makiling

A. Joey Lina
B. Jovito Salonga
C. Joseph Estrada
D. Aquilino Pimentel
19. An ant colony stores food in the summer
defends itself by stinging enemies and
invades a competing ant colony and steals
larvae and uses them as new workers. What
is the term to best describe how this species
copes with everyday life?
A. Ecological defeat
B. Ecological success
C. Environmental habitation
D. Ecological niche
20. If a die is rolled, what is the probability of
getting a number divisible by 2?
B. 1/3
D. 1/6
21. How long will it take A and B together, to
finish a job which can be done by A alone in
6 days and B alone in 3 days?
A. 2 1/2 days
B. 3 days

C. Manila Bay
D. Taal Volcano
25. Who was the Spanish mestizo priest who
first led the native secular clergy in the
Secularization Movement in 1861?
A. Father Jacinto Zamora
B. Father Pedro Pelaez
C. Father Gregorio Aglipay
D. Father Jose Burgos
26. Analects which are short and witty
sayings that treat of moral values and good
human relation, are attributed to:
A. Mao Tze Tung
B. Mencius
C. Confucius
D. Lao-Tzu
27. Which of the following was the first to
A. Aguinaldo declared Philippine
B. Guerilla warfare against the US was
C. The Philippines was ceded to the US by
the Treaty of Paris.
D. Aguinaldo was captured.

C. 2 days

28. The acronym HTML means Hyper Text

Mark-up _____________.

D. 3 days

A. Line

22. Maternity leaves are extended to women.

What legal provision extends this?

B. Language

A. Article XIV Education

B. Article XIII Sec 14 women
C. Article XIII Role and Rights of People's
D. Article XII Bill of Rights
23. Which is the largest country in Asia?

C. Letter
D. Label
29. The fraction halfway between 3/7 and 4/7
is ________________.
A. 1/2
B. 1/3

D. 1/8

C. Diego de los Rios

30. Simplify (3x 9) / (x2 9)

D. Fermin Jaudenes

A. 3 / (x 3)

37. of the pledges of the President of the

Philippines is to defend its:

B. 3 / (x + 1)
C. 3 / (x + 3)
D. 3 / (x 1)
31. With the Batasang Pambansa performing
legislative and executive powers in the
Marcos regime, which form of government
was implemented?
A. Monarchial
B. Presidential
C. Parliamentary
D. Dictatorial
32. The Rubaiyat a loosely joined series of
280 stanzas, has this general theme. Which
A. Always look forward to a new day.
B. Grasp pleasure while you can.
C. Never give in to death easily.
D. Create your own world and beautify it.
33. This demonstrated the feeding
connections between all life forms.
A. Nutrition cycles
B. Fossil cycle
C. Biochemical pathways
D. Food web
34. A toothpick can sit on the surface of
water due to _________________.
A. Surface tension
B. Atmospheric pressure
C. Buoyancy
D. Viscosity
35. In a flame test, the presence of boron in
a solution is evident by what color of flame?
A. Bright green
B. Brick red
C. Gold
D. Lilac
36. Who was the last Spanish GovernorGeneral of the Philippines?

A. Constitution
B. Citizens
C. Land
D. Islands
38. The least common Multiple (LCM) of 2, 3
and 4 is ______.
A. 13
B. 24
C. 14
D. 12
39. Which of the following has the smallest
mass when measured in an equal arm
A. sheet of pad paper
B. sheet of pad paper
C. 1/8 sheet of pad paper
D. 1/3 sheet of pad paper
40. How many glasses of Cola each to be
filled with 150 cu cm of the liquid can be
made from 5 family size bottles of cola each
containing 1.5 liters?
A. 60
B. 40
C. 45
D. 50
41. If the average or arithmetic mean of x
and -5 is 10, then what must be the value of
A. 25
B. 15
C. 30
D. 20
42. In an English test, eight students
obtained the following scores: 10, 15, 12, 18,
16, 24, 12, and 14. What is the median
A. 14
B. 15. 5

A. Ramon Blanco

C. 14. 5

B. Basilio Agustin

D. 15

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