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THE SANCTUARY OF MEMPHIS OR. HERMES E. J. Marconis (de Negre) THE SANCTUARY OF MEMPHIS OR | HERMES | E. J. Marconis (de Negre) ISBN 1-56459-311-8 PUBLISHER'S INTRODUCTION "The Masonic order of Memphis is...the sole depository of high masonic science, the true primitive rite, the supreme rite.... In fine, the Rite of Memphis is the true masonic tree, and all other systems, whatever they may be, are only detached branches of this institution, rendered respectable by its vast antiquity." Calvin c. Burt, 96°, Egyptian Masonic History of the...Rite of Memphis (1879) The Rite of Memphis, with its astounding ninety- six degree system, continues to perplex Masonic students. While we might expect Calvin c. Burt, one-time "Grand Master Ad Vitem," of the Rite to bolster its claims, we are nonetheless fascinated by this all-encompassing system. What is the Rite of Memphis? Who started this rite? How was it -- or was it ever -- affiliated with "regular" Freemasonry? These are question which, unfortunately, cannot be answered satisfactorily by reference to proponents of the system as they invariably lay claim to more than they’re entitled. The traditional (mythical) origins of the Rite have been categorized as four-fold by Waite: (1) Certain Greek Initiates emigrated to Asia Minor, where they established the ANTIENT AND PRIMITIVE RITE OF MEMPHIS, under the name of DIONYSIAN MYSTERIES, about 1600 B.C. (2) The headquarters were at Byblos, identified with the Scriptural Gebal. (3) At the beginning of the Christian Era and Egyptian sage named Ormus, represented as a convert of St. Mark, married the Mysteries of Egyptian priests with those of the New Law, and so produced the GRADE OF ROSE 1