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Teaching Profession
The most thought-provoking point of this chapter is the term of professional teacher.
Considering who are professional teacher, and how to be professional teacher. These two
consideration implies in English Language Teaching nowadays, especially in Indonesia. To
enhance the quality of the teacher, the goverment administers some program such as preservice and in-service
There are some methapor that teacher as an artist, clinicians, researchers, and also
educator which actually refer to the characteristic of professional teacher. These methapor
inspire teachers education program and development programme have focused on
developing teachers knowledge ( of children, the curriculum, teacheing strategies, school
facilities and educational objective) and of particular skill. The step of developing
professional teacher are the initial professional preparation. This program was administer by
the university, or institution. The orientation of this program are first, in academic orientation,
that emphasizes teachers subject expertise and sees the quality of the teacher. Second, In
practical orientation, emphasizes the artistry and classroom technique of the teacher. Third, in
technical orientation focus on the knowledge and behavioural skills of teacher. Fourth, in
personal orientation which are the importance of interpersonal relationship in the classroom,
and Fifth, critical inquiry orientation which emphasize shool as a process reform, and
promote democrating values and reducing social inequities. Teacher professional
development is divided into 2 categories which are Pre service trainning and In-service
Pre-service trainning refers to education of teachers before they enter into service as
teacher.There are two model of pre service education according to vonk (1995) which are
teacher professionalism which focus on the principal of mastering the academic or subject
knowledge and professional competence, and the second model the personal growth model
which focus on teachers interpersonal, and behavioural.
On the other hand, In service education is the trainning that is given for teacher in
order to improve their performance in teaching and learning. Greenland (1983) mentions four
categories on in service education and trainning which includes for unqualified teachers
( mainly certification courses) to upgrade teachers; to prepare teachers for new roles, such as
teacher educators or principals; curriculum related, particularly when there are curricular
changes in the system, or require some form of refresher course.
After we read this chapter, there is an questionable point. Does all the teachers truly
implement their job as professional teacher after taking this program?