Newsletter June 2010

The 6th Ray of Deity
And the respective energies and powers of the ray: color Royal Red Universal Love, Cosmic Love, Unconditional Love, Impersonal Love, Living from the Heart, Recognition of the Heart as Center and as Power of Life, Recognition of Love as all Life Power itself, Personal Love, Peace, Sexuality, Breathing, Language of Love (Ari Shemnot), Spiritual Healing, Social Life and Manifestation LOVE is such an incredible and vast area and it would fill a series of books to write about all the aspects of true love. This newsletter is just an overview to open up the heart as the center of life, to show the different aspects with the intent to open your mind to some directions of how to continue individually investigating further drawn by the Soul’s Desire - everybody on individual needs and interests as we are all different. In this letter you just find a kind of summary of the meaning of the different aspects of love and how that will feel inside, so you can follow the flow on any level and open the portals to your own heart and soul center and to your essence of life….. Love is the only way to liberty, inner peace, freedom, health, joy and happiness and even to abundance as consequence of a harmonious life. Without any doubt LOVE is the ESSENCE and the power of life - Why? Without Love nothing would exist. Love is light vibration in motion - light is electricity and electricity is originated in the power of the atoms - all there IS are atoms, so all there is consists in vibration, which is energy, light and love and the circle is closed. All different names are just the same powers seen from different view point - the physicians call it atom > energy > electricity > light, the metaphysics call it love > light vibration > life essence, Spirituality calls it power of spirit > spirit is love - love - spirit is energy and energy is light and so we come back to the love as power vibration within all existence no matter how the different parties and interest groups name it. All is made of love essence vibrating in different frequencies creating diversity in one existence and/or in this vast field of creation we experience including the never ending space with all Universes and Galaxies - worlds beyond worlds - endless held in evolution by the power of love. An on the deepest level we will experience that ALL is made of love or light. Love IS the Power of Spirit and the Key of every Creation - look at the name of my website and you will recognize the deepness of this name and where it is based in…… God’s eternal love vibrating from the eternal heart center as the power of creation - we are all part of this power as nothing can be out of the whole. If there would be no heart there would be no center and vice versa because all comes out from one only center or heart called Source (Godhead = Father/Mother in One) and like above so below - and like in the invisible so in manifestation - without a physical heart we would not be able to experience a life within a

body. It is the heart center that gives us the life pulse to enjoy the beauty and the bliss of life, to be able to feel the love and to feel the light within as power that gives us the opportunity to learn, to take choices and to experience the free will we got as gift to be co-creators of what we want in life. Now the simple question is why most of people living on earth are not aware of that fact that we are all made of light and love? Why nobody is teaching us that subject in school or at university? Why we are living so many disasters and where is the love I say that is within everybody and everything? Why there are so few people in relation to the total number of population on earth are able to express what they are feeling? Where is that love and that light we are supposed to be? Mankind just forgot that they are all made of the same substance and through the free will we got as gift we decided to move away from our own heart center and the love we are spoken in global sense as well as on an individual level. We are creating separation already within our self and this kind of separation is coming from all those shadow vibrations we decide to let come into our lives such as jealousy, of shame, of lower self esteem, as depression, as rage, hatred and so on….- all of those pattern are just leading to stress and disease and what is the cause? MISSING LOVE - we are creating our experiences through our feelings, through our thoughts = all is energy vibration, through our words (Ari Shemnot) as power of manifestation and though our actions following the vibration we are creating within us and nobody else as we are responsible for what we experience. Life is a school of learning and we have to produce the energies and vibrations within ourselves in order to manifest what we wish to experience. So Love is Spirit but Spirit does not have to be only love. Spirit contains the content WE charge it with - Thoughts are originated in feelings and emotions and it depends what kind of feelings we emanate bringing them into manifestation - thoughts are energy and energy is life essence - the consequence is that the essence we produce is manifesting for us as we are the creators of our own thoughts and we bring into our lives what we have right now.…. to become conscious of that matter of fact we got the ancient teaching: what we seed we earn, just nobody understood the real and deep truth of that simple sentence. Some common examples we are confronted with every day: the consequences of missing love: We fall out of love? The ego is born - we are out of love? Jealousy is born, we are out of love? Hatred is born. We are out of love? Insane competence is born - we are out of love? Separation is born, we are out of Love? Wars are the consequence, wars at home; wars at schools amongst students, personal wars create disrespect and discrepancies that finally leads us to self denying pattern and habits. Missing Love? - is leading us to wars against other countries, ethnic groups razes and so on…. We are out of love? We begin to misuse and abuse everything starting with ourselves. Just look at the area of food - people know that meet, alcohol and cigarettes are not good for our body and health and what might be the reason why they just cannot stop it as kind of addiction? Excess of sugar is another point. Why there are people who cannot stop eating sweet stuff all day long? Also children - every modern beverage has 40 cubes of sugar within only one liter (Sprite, Coke, etc) We know that it is not healthy but why people cannot stop it and finish up with those self destroying habits? What is all that about? All eating habits out of balance are a cry of our soul when we are missing love within. We are out of love? Yes all what we experience in our world and all we see in the daily news we get fed with are pattern to show us that we are living in lack of love, we are missing love. What can we do? Only we can recreate loving pattern in our lives - nobody else can do that for us - We are the ONES who have to get into action awakening to our truth neutralizing all self sabotage pattern. Love is something that cannot be bought - no matter how rich some people might be they will not be able to enjoy life without love and when they wake up they change into humble persons. We all have to learn something

therefore we are here on earth. The list s endless: why are there so many crimes of al kind in our world? - Separation >frustration >brutality is MISSING LOVE. Why are so many people in physical need? - Manipulation >suppression >all those pattern are a consequence of MISSING LOVE. Why are so many children homeless and abandoned? - Missing LOVE. Why are there so many animals in depleting conditions? - MISSING LOVE. Why are there so many disasters in our times? > Excess of abuse of planetary gifts is life in separation and originated in MISSING LOVE. Where is all this love gone WE ARE MADE OF? We shut it down and only we can re-awaken it and that is what is called coming home to the heart or spiritual education and spiritual healing. The way to the center of the heart is called awakening process; awareness is rising up - we learn again to respect our selves we become conscious. Consciousness creates responsibility, commitment and opens your life to the bliss it really is. All what we experience as disaster is just missing love - today everybody is so busy and stressed that there is no time to be really there for our own being and for each other No time to be what we really are - isn’t that sad? Thoughts and feeling are free energies no matter what we focus on in our lives we will get what we think. And when our thoughts are not based in love but in other kind of energies we cannot expect that love of any kind would come back to us - WE have to produce the energy we wish to experience and that is a cosmic law. It is not good enough to understand that fact. Many people are undergoing spiritual teachings, reading many books, gaining a deep knowledge of cosmic laws and how they are working but all that does not help if we are not starting to FEEL the energies behind the words. What is Ari-Shemnot = the language of light? Somebody who became aware that feelings and thoughts expressed in words with the following actions are the power within being responsible for our present situation. They found the focus point and took the decision to change their life situation and they are starting to clarify the feelings seeking forgiveness and peace within, pronouncing ONLY nice comments, training to shift negative though forms without blaming the self and others when you fall into the trap of negativity. It is like learning to play a new game - somehow it is very simple to understand but on the other hand we have to accept the never ending training of Self control and to admit that we can fail. I can tell you that there will be a moment of awareness you will be able to smile at yourself when you figuring out that you “failed” again (that means falling into the same negative pattern once in while we are working on to get rid of). Then we just have to train more and be more awakened and you can be sure that the next opportunity for us will show up and those opportunities of learning are attracted by our self until we are passing the proof. This training takes 24hours a day and happens inside of us in every situation of the day we will find us in….. you watch your self and you become mind and word controlled. Read the first sentence of the Bible: at the beginning there was the Word and the Word was God….. the word is the expression of the energies and the power of creation or manifestation. Just imagine how many people on earth are thinking “shit” and pronouncing the word “shit” during the day with all their deep emotions they are charging this word with and what do you think is coming back to them when thought and words are the power of creation? Can you feel the power of that energy? All right, everything sounds so wonderful but how????? - how can I change my personal life when I am confronted with so much negativity and all is going up and down and there are so many factors of my being that people do not understand me and this world is so judgmental,

they are hurting me - they put me under stress, what is it I can do to shift that situation? - I am trying so hard…! Here is the key, a love gift - go into your heart - right now - reading those lines - take your time and allow yourself to feel your energy and follow the energy from your heart to this letter - what are the emotions coming up? Is it joy? Is it love? Is it touching your heart? Are you ready to be open? Are you allowing yourself to feel anything? To know what I mean? You want to have a better life? Are you praying to God for help? What are you expecting from God? You are part of God and you are the power of creation through your energy pattern you are creating in this moment and that is your present state. God just opens ways of opportunities and to recognize them you got to let go fears and become aware of what you FEEL in your heart (not what you think about a situation). It is important in this moment that you feel the vibration of your emotions and what they are creating because those vibrations are the energies coming from inside of you and they will radiate out in your field and feed your aura or electromagnetic field permanently becoming the magnet to attract the same frequencies you are sending out if you are aware of it or not - it is a cosmic law in action ALL THE TIME the 24hours a day - so all what you send out is the sum of energy you are creating and they attract similar energies to bring situations in your life and to cross with people living in the same frequencies to be a tool of learning (The law of attraction). Is your life based in love? Are you happy in your life? - are you healthy, do you have what your heart desires? What is it, what is missing? The key is to stop to look at others what they might think about you and be focused all the time of what you DO NOT LIKFE IN YOUR LIFE because focused on the those energies all the negative pattern and energies being stores somewhere within you will awaken and join those frequencies and you are creating the pattern you DO NOT WANT in your life because your emotions and thoughts are attracting them - those energies are energies of separation = missing love - let others think what they want to - don’t bother, set yourself free from that marry go round in your brain - shift your focus into what you want and start creating the emotions of what you wish to manifest. It will take a while and that is the training. All what is happening to us is just a reflection of the sum of our emotions and thoughts, words and actions and we cannot blame anybody else for what is happening to us for we are the creators. Start focusing of HOW and WHAT you are thinking and start an inner conversation with your inner self and your God or Divine Self and from this union you can talk to your ego and brain activity full of all kind of hindering pattern. Take it as a new game, as a pleasure and focus on the awakening of true love for yourself within your heart. The heart is the door to that immense source of eternal light, you will FEEL the blessing in your life and you will find back your inner life song and the bliss of your inner being will manifest. Just imagine the song “I am singing in the rain” makes you smile? Got it - the negative experiences we have might be a storm but every storm or rain is just passing by and leaving again - so focus on what you wish in your life, let the love for that what you wish grow within your heart - let others do what they want to do and do not judge them for what they do or for what they are everybody is the tool of everybody and judgments of any kind are????? MISSING LOVE True love is light, it cannot be enclosed and manipulated and when people try to interfere with the love of somebody else or somebody admits to enclose their love within not expressing anymore what they feel they are, disease is seeded. Love needs free flow and expression - as love is life you see that not expressed love is blocking the flow of life. Love needs to manifest the soul’s and heart’s desire - suppressed love will shot the connection down to your inner

self, to your higher self and to God the one source of creation and the spirit within is sitting in a cage and again the seed of disease has found a new ground. Many people are sick because they are focused on the problems of their past - they carry a huge package around too heavy to be carried - result: disease. MISSING LOVE, MISSING TRUST, MISSING CONNECTION TO SOURCE and MISSING FAITH, in total a life in separation living in those vibrations are the reason of lack of luck, joy and all they want. As you see it goes around in circles and that are exactly the vicious circle people are cached in no able to bring those pattern down because they lost the roots and the roots are LOVE again to the self and to the power of life. What can we do? Shift the focus from the past to the present and start vibrating what you wish in your life and it will have to manifest - this vibration has to come out from the center and not from the ego will power, that does not work - The Heart and the Brain have to meet in the center and be balanced and that is like a space shuttle that brings you there where you want to be. (Just made a brake and had a look on TV and I just opened a movie with Silvester Stallane who said to his Son:” when you do not start to believe in yourself you will not have a life” made me smile even more and my inner self pointed out to put this sentence in this newsletter for it is exactly the point - because what do you think is lack of Self Believe? - Missing Love) Next power of vibration is sexuality often confused with love and when you look at the words used for that holy act you will understand what words can create: people say “let’s make love” - just feel the vibration in this moment…. How does it feel? - The expression “making love” has a very low frequency at it is focused on doing love not on being the love. It is focused on the act itself as fun, as game, a good moment but what then? Why should we need to make love when sex is holy act of the extension of deep love from the heart as power of creation? Wow ….- Making love has a superficial energy missing deepness of the soul and that is what the world is experiencing today. Sex has become a business, a tool of suppression and of possession and of abuse; often it takes liberty away instead spending never ending joy as tool of holy union, sharing wholeness and bliss of a precious moment. What is the abusive way of sex? - Missing Love Divine sexuality is an extension of divine love, of the heart’s deep desire to become one, that means a holy union of 2 persons that are living from the heart, enjoying each other (instead of the act itself) the energies are growing so much and the vibration is so high that we are lifted to a kind of divine world without losing the roots and personality. True love gives liberty and joy and does not take it. In every aspect of our life we just have to analyze what we want and what we got. Spiritual Awakening means that we start to become aware of what we create and that we take on the responsibility of our life and shift our mis creation into a creation based in love shifting our pattern into loving vibration and a life of a heart based person. That means the way is open for Self Development, for Self Discovering, for Self Healing, for Self Empowerment. Learn to look deeper behind every situation and you will rise up your consciousness to a level of love that is able to expand into never ending space instead to re-act on the first impulse of self defense going I to a cornet to suffer what others did to you. They will stop it when YOU change your habits. Self Training guides you on a way where you find your powers back that you have given away where you find the connection back to your inner self, to your higher self and to Source. You will become the center of your life, you will radiate the love and the light you are. This way is way of true healing from inside out as your powers hidden inside are revealing through the level of love you are reaching. Jesus said “I am the Way, the Light and the Life and you cannot get to the Father when not through me” Let’s look at the deeper and impersonal sense of that sentence in relation of

what is written in this newsletter coming back to the beginning: All is made of atoms > energy> vibration > light > Love just different aspects or expressions of the same called power of life. When we wish to change life we have to become the love we are and LOVE is the ONLY WAY back to the center or to the Heart and to go home to Source still living in a body - Love is light vibration and when we become the love we are we transform into the living light vibration so we ARE the LIGHT , when we are the light WE ARE the living LIFE VIBRATION so When Jesus said I AM the WAY that meant that he found his eternal connection to the highest self becoming ONE with SOURCE and that is LOVE, LIGHT AND LIFE VIBRATION So what is an ascended Master???? - Nothing else as the realized living cosmic universal and eternal love power in action on earth. ascending does not mean you go up or you are leaving the body - it means that your love vibration is so high that you are not involved anymore into human ego games - that you see the picture behind the picture and you react in love and with comprehension at any time and in any situation - that you became aware of the life powers within and you know how to use them and how to BE THE POWER YOU ARE - Jesus did NOT DIE FOR US THE WAY WE ARE TAUGHT - He died to give the example of living universal, cosmic, divine, impersonal and personal love within, he is our tool of learning!!!! For us !!!! He was living the example but WE have to follow transforming us into the love we are and not expecting that he is doing all for us. We have to become the loving expression of our uniqueness of our individual personality, of our true vibration as free being. I can tell you that all what we go through are the tools coming along the way to teach us: People who are judged as bad in our lives are just playing the role to “do” you something serving you as training. They will try to hit you on the most sensible parts and you will have to “look” inside instead to re-act and to find fast the picture behind the picture and then you will smile and you will recognize that they are acting as a tool of learning for you. When that happens happiness begins to rise up from inside out and you are on the way to get what you really want. Your eternal smile will establish in your face and you will not feel a need to enter in that human game of wanting to be right when others they that you are wrong and all those human judgements become to have an other sense to you as you start learning the lesson of comprehension, compassion opening up to be committed to yourself as the love that you are. That is Spiritual Healing. Your love will expand integrating everybody and everything and you will feel the oneness of all feeling the bliss flow of life no matter what is coming along. Happiness is a vibration and has to be created within - nobody will be able to make you happy when you do not have happiness within. Happiness attracts happiness and happiness will expand the moment you find other people living happiness from inside out. The movie Happy Gilmore is fun but it contains many teachings on how opportunities are coming along, of how to be happy no matter what and what this happiness and love creates for us even being the winner against all bad intensions of others….. Expanding love generates few after few new understanding of love and of life integrating the many aspects we are living in. It is a process of Socializing our world because we start recognizing that others are also made of love and light if they know it or not. When we begin to become aware it is our duty to understand them and to forgive because they are part of our vast being and the one life…. There is one part left the Breath: What breathing has to do with LOVE???? That seams to fall out of the context of this Divine Ray. So why is breath part of universal Love? - Simply because breath is the tool to reconnect with the harmony of our eternal Being. Through breath

oxygen is coming into our cellular structure charging our cell membranes with energy - as you know by now that energy is love and light breath is the tool to bring the light vibration back into our system able to heighten our vibrations. Superficial breath provokes a sub nourishment of energies in our cells. On long term this lack of renewing energies are lowering our self defense opening the door for disease to enter. Learning again how to breathe light is a tool of healing from inside out… When you undergo a shock in your life or having attacks of heavy fears or excessive stress it cuts off your true breath. As we are not learning in our school system how to use the powers we carry within nobody even think about what breath really is. True and Divine Breath is the PRANA of Life. Why Masters are never getting sick? They are The Buddhists call it breathing Prana and when you become able to breathe Prana (life power) all the time nothing is able to enter, no virus, no parasites and not any kind of anything that could harm your body system - the love vibration is so high that there is no open door for any lower frequency to enter even the electromagnetic field. Disease only can appear when we are cut off from love on some level. Life is about Love and Love is about Life. Once you feel that in your heart you are beginning immediately to change your habits and I hope from the bottom of my heart that this newsletter gave you a kind of wakeup call to come home to your center and to rise awareness to the level you can open up to your true beingness. The different aspects of love, light and life vibration I love you I love everybody as I love myself I love who I am becoming the love I AM I love me being you and all of existence and I love you being me and all of existence I AM one with the Love and the light and I feel myself vibrating within everything as part of divine source, becoming a universal lover I Am the Way the light and the Life I am One within the One without limitations of time and space There is much more to it and there are many combinations, as many as there are humans on earth because everybody has his/her own path of learning and we decide if we want to go straight to the light or if we choose to experience lower frequencies first to become aware of what we are missing - no blame - no guilt - no shame just focus on the lesson and then all is good.. At the end some reflections: What do you think is the reason that Distant Healers and Psychics can find people to heal without even knowing them? The answer is love - as all is made of love and we are all part of the ONE VIBRATION IN EXISTANCE love has become universal - that means that somebody is able to find any vibration within the whole just knowing the name - the love and the light just flows with the focus where it has to go as a magnet that attracts the energy where it is need. Distant healing is effective nevertheless when the receiver does not work on his/her self to shift from a passive receiver to an active self development healing cannot be permanent as the creation comes from inside out this vibration has to be shifted consciously in order to heal permanently, because the result of what we experience is created within and to have changes we have to change our vibration. Everybody can become the way, the love and the light for the own self and the world - that is the ETERNAL KEY of health, happiness, joy, abundance and peace.

Mankind need to heal the separation within - that is the way to heal the world - therefore we all are important because our energy vibration is vibrating in this world creating the global situation we are experiencing. WE are the world WE are the children!!!!! - And the Planet! Can you feel what the animals in the Golf of Mexico are feeling when they are covered with oil all over, no more food, no possibility to fly away, trapped and condemned to die in a way that is out of any reason or comprehension; the fish, the water, the earth, the animals and yes the people - we should go into our heart center feeling all of it, asking forgiveness and send the most intense love to the region we are able to feel - this accident is a wakeup call for mankind to stop what we do not need anymore - petrol could be replaced since a long time through clean energy techniques waiting to be allowed to enter the markets. For the monopoles of few many have to suffer and the lives it costs are so precious - when are we finding back to the love we are respecting all life as light of the whole of existence? Think about it. What is it bringing us to those extreme situations? MISSING LOVE!!!! Oneness is all there is and we do to others we do to ourselves by cosmic law. Let’s start creating boomerangs of love instead boomerangs of disrespect and abuse. Open your heart and let it grow - start to build bridges where systems teach us separation - become aware of how you are living and tell yourself every morning before you get up: today I will love myself from the bottom of my heart and I breath love in and light out for myself and for the world. Have a great weekend and when you find some space meditate and feel the love everywhere. Feel free to write comments or if you have some question just write me you will get an answer for sure. Those who are working with me know that I am always there - E-mails are free - a loving service to expand the love I AM in this world You can do that too - switch your light on and let it shine, let it shine, let it shine Lots of love for all Regina E.H.Ariel

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