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Mastering in Arabic language consists of four types of approaches including

listening (Maharah Istima) , reading (Maharah Qiraah), speaking (Maharah AlQalam) and writing (Maharah Al- Kitabah) that ought to be at excellent state.
These are the most important skills to the non-native speaker to become
proficient with this language. Thus, there must be a comprehensive learning
medium to achieve that goal despite the traditional way, using books or
attending classes. Now, the role of Internet in accessing information are
noticeably easier. Besides, Internet can be the most applicable way to the
people who cannot effort to go for extra classes to learn the language.
Internet can also be an interactive, time-saving and user friendly learning
materials by just typing the lessons you wanted to learn using Yahoo or
Google search engines and the results will be obtained promptly. Hence, this
study is to explore the best alternative resource, focusing on the website

( ) that acts as learning aided in

improving the reading and listening skill as these skills can be sharpen up by
the articles that contain English translations and video that are provided by
this website. This study is conducted using the qualitative method by
interviewing the potential beginner Arabic learner in making sure that they
are alert by the presence of good Arabic website in which will enable to help
them in the learning process. Through this research, it is expected to provide
a relevance teaching-based Arabic website in which will benefit the learners
as a whole.