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(Practice Name — Vocabulary Read the story. Fill in the blanks with the correct words. crackle announced soared starry envelope photograph The Move I couldn’t believe it when my father we would be moving to Oregon. My best friend Jacob was even more upset. We promised to stay in touch, but we knew it wouldn't be the same as seeing each other face to face. A month later, as our plane from New York to our new home, the of my little brother's pretzel bag woke me. I looked out at the night sky and came up with a great idea. If Jacob can’t see me face to face, I'll just have to send him a . “Perfect,” I thought as I held out my arms in front of me to snap my own picture. The next day I sent it to him. One week later the mail carrier delivered an from Jacob to me! Inside was his picture and a letter. If we can’t see each other face to face, at least we can see each other face to picture. 8 | Dear Juno + Book3.1/Unit 1 © Macmilan/MoGraw-Hil