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20 Original finds (articles, posts, news, and other published

content) relevant to your niche per day.
30-40 Retweets with original comments preceding every RT.
Individual responses go out for every inbound message (direct
messages, spotted honors, thank you, hello, love to connect, justified praises, honorable mentions, etc.).
Follow 10 people per day.
Unfollow 20 people per day.
Time Taken: 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Set-up auto feeds from Twitter to Facebook Fan page.

5 Posts per day your own published posts, other posts, etc.
5 New business pages per day
Post 10 random comments on any chosen pages, wherever
relevant (Make sure you are posting comments as Facebook
Fan Page Admin).
Time to be spent: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Commenting on other publications with Facebook comments
enabled is a direct way to attract new visitors to your pages.



Use Nimble CRM or HootSuite with Nimble CRM (these two

integrate) and stay on top of your social mentions and engagement opportunities.
Be choosy about who you want you add to your network. Ignore
people who. Dont take time to add a note about why they want
to join your network. Likewise, make sure you add a note when
you send out requests.
Send out a custom email to anyone who joins your network.
Thank them for following you, make a special mention about
the kind of work they do, and probably also point to a post they
published, a book they wrote.
Congratulate people on job changes, position changes, new
business or product launches.
Signup for a premium account a new world opens up.

Time to be spent: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Time to be spent: 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Start with answering questions you have direct expertise in.

No fluff. Be respectful but opinionated. Be firm but polite.
No pitches, no promotions, and no hustle.
Give each answer your best. Spend some time contemplating
your answers.
Make disclosures or put up disclaimers when mentioning your
own product, business or service.

Social Media management works out to somewhere around 4 hours per day. Using tools such as Nimble CRM, HootSuite, or even you can preplan content and hence cut this time down by at least 75%. You could just spend an hour but update
all of your accounts by scheduling content.
Just posting updates on social media wont work. You got to personalize each message.
Respond to every comment, post, and user input across platform.Follow everyone you are directly associated with: customers, clients, employees, and partners/vendors.
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