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Reading an ERD

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• Oracle Inventory is one of Oracle’s enterprise applications products. Oracle Inventory enables companies to satisfy business needs such as these: • Modeling organization structures • Defining part numbers • Tracking perpetual inventory • Maintaining accurate on-hand balances • Planning material replenishments • Forecasting anticipated demand

Inventory Integration

Inventory Structure
Set of Books Legal Entity Operating Unit Inventory Organization • Item Master • Item Validation

Inventory Structure
Inventory Organization Subinventory Locator Location

Organization Form
Define Organization Form

Inventory Parameters
Define Inventory Parameters Form

Organization ERD

Item Definition Forms
Define Master Items

Item Definition Forms
Define Organization Items

Item Definition ERD




Inventory Control Forms
• Expected Receipts

Inventory Control Forms
• Subinventory Transfer

Inventory Control Forms
• Inter-Organization Transfer, I

Inventory Control Forms
• Inter-Organization Transfer, II

Inventory Control Forms
• Material Transaction Interface

Inventory Control ERD



Inventory APIs
Open Item Interface You can import items from any source into Oracle Inventory and Oracle Engineering using the Item Interface. With this interface, you can convert inventory items from another inventory system, migrate assembly and component items from a legacy manufacturing system, convert purchased items from a custom purchasing system, and import new items from a Product Data Management package. The Item Interface validates your data, ensuring that your imported items contain the same item detail as items you enter manually in the Master Item window.

Inventory APIs
Open Item Interface ERD

Inventory APIs
Material Transactions Interface The Material Transactions Interface (MTI) allows you to easily load transactions into Oracle Inventory from external applications and feeder systems. MTI is a very flexible interface that is able to perform a wide variety of transactions within the Oracle Inventory module.

Inventory APIs
Material Transactions Interface ERD

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