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Assam, being an agrarian state, and owing to insufficient and uneven

distribution of rainfall when it is required most, Irrigation becomes a vital need

for its people. During this training, initially, the benefits and ill effects of
Irrigation are studied. Then, different system of Irrigation such as inundation
Irrigation, sub surface irrigation etc are enumerated.

Procedure to take up a new Irrigation scheme is studied in detail. The

study of cropping pattern, benefit cost ratio etc are tried to be
conceptualised. Water requirement of the crops is calculated using BlaneyCriddle method.
Then, different types of Irrigation used in Assam such as Lift Irrigation,
Deep tube well Irrigation and Flow Irrigation are studied for their feasibility,
advantages & disadvantages and they are physically seen in the site also.
Different components of Flow Irrigation schemes such as Weir or
Barrage, Divide wall, Scouring Sluices, Fish ladder, Canal head regulator, Silt
excluder etc are studied for their specific use in an Irrigation project. Process
of survey involved in planning and execution of a Flow Irrigation scheme are
learned and recorded.
Finally, study of different components, operations and calculations
involved in using a Total Station for the survey of an Irrigation scheme are
done intensively.