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(Practice Name Comprehension: lla: ET Character and Plot The characters are the people or animals in a story. The plot is a series of events that take the characters through an experience or change. In some stories the plot includes a problem that a character faces and solves. Read the passage and answer the questions below. ay I caught a bad cold and had to stay home from school. The next y, and Mrs. Mandle always assigned an essay that day. That afternoon I called my best friend, Roberto. He is a great writer and listens perfectly to Mrs. Mandle’s essay questions. However, when I called Roberto, his voice was muffled and what he said wasn’t very clear. “Mike,” Roberto said, “the essay is on ‘what makes blueberry pies’?” “What?” I said. “The essay is on ‘what makes blueberry pies’?” “Yes,” he said. “I hope you feel butter. I have to go to digger now.” That night I wrote about blueberry pies and how to make them. The next day I felt better and went to school. I saw Roberto and talked about my blueberry pie essay. “Blueberry pies?” Roberto asked. “We didn’t have to write about blueberry pies. Our essay was about ‘what makes blue skies.” 1. Who are the characters in this passage? 2. What is Mike's main problem? 3. Why does Mike call Roberto for the essay question? 4. What could Mike have done differently to solve his essay problem? ‘At Home: Write « short story about a problem you or someone you know has had. Be sure fo develop both 2 | Miss Alaineus + Grade s/unit 1 character and pt. © MacmilloMeGraw-Hil