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Merritt is a city in the Nicola Valley

of the south–central Interior of

British Columbia, Canada. Situated
at the confluence of the Nicola and
Coldwater rivers, it is the first ma-
jor community encountered after
travelling along Phase One of the
Coquihalla Highway and acts as the
gateway to all other major high-
ways to the British Columbia Inte-
rior. The population of Merritt is
approximately 7,000.

There is one Environmental–Ter-

ror–Organization that operates in
Merritt ― Merritt Environmental
Awareness Committee.

M A Y 14 T H , 20 10



While many communities in B RI TI S H C O L U M B I A have banned the use of cos-

metic pesticides in an effort to be more « green » , M E RRI TT will n o t be follow-
ing suit, despite a push from a group of concerned residents.

According to [ E n v i r o – Ma n i a c ] S A NDY C U RNO W , chair of the M E RRI TT E NV I -

RO NM E NTA L A W A RE NE S S C O M M I TTE E [ an Environmental– Terro r–Organiza-
tion ] ―

<< We would like the c ity to be an example and not spr ay,
and tol erate a fe w weed s in the lawn. >>

<< People have to get out of this thing that it has to be per-
fect grass and not a weed in ( their ) lawn ... to me, it
shouldn’t be an issue. >>

[ E n v i r o – Ma n i a c ] C U RNO W said she has heard that putting clover, which is

normally considered a weed, back into a lawn is one way to boost the nitrogen
level in the grass and help fertilize it without using pesticides.
[ Totally and Comp letely W rong ! ]

According to the [ R a d i c a l a n d C o n t e m p t i b l e ] C A NA DI A N C A NC E R S O C I E TY ,
there is evidence [ a l l e g a t i o n s ] of a link between pesticides and several types
of cancer, including adult and child leukemia, non–Hodgkin’s lymphoma, pan-
creatic cancer, kidney cancer and some brain cancers. [ W r o n g ! ]
Merritt sprays all turf areas for weeds
to avoid potential injuries or
major damage to the fields

The [ C a n c e r – Ma n i a c ] society is calling on all levels of government [ t h r o u g h

c o e r c i o n a n d i n t i m i d a t i o n ] to implement a ban on all garden chemicals. But
shifting people’s idea of a perfect lawn is difficult.

According to S H A W N B OV E N , P U B L IC W O RKS M A NA GE R ―

<< A lot o f c alls come in from re sidents and complaint s

about weed s. And Cou nc il fel t th at’s a good indicat ion that
we should n’t reduce th at are a of ser vice. >>

The City contracts out to B O U L TB E E V E GE TA TI O N M A NA GE M E NT , a commercial

weed control company based in P E NTI C TON , to spray all lawns and public green
spaces in town on an annual basis.

The City has all turf areas sprayed for broad leaf control, which is especially
important on playing fields to get rid of weeds that can become slippery or
break down, leading to potential injuries or major damage to the fields.

According to S H A W N B OV E N , P U B L IC W O RKS M A NA GE R ―

<< We do it all. All our large turf grass are as, but no trees
or gardens. >>

Despite staff’s proposal to cut the amount of pesticide use in half this year,
City Council decided to keep the annual 15,000–dollar amount for weed control
in this year’s budget.
According to [ E n v i r o – Ma n i a c ] C O U NC I L L O R N A DI A H U N -
TE R , who is also a member of the [ M E RRI TT E NV I RO N-
M E NTA L A W A RE NE S S C O M M I TTE E , a n En v i r o n m e n t a l – T e r -
r o r – O r g a n i z a t i o n ] , the decision to consider reducing or
banning garden chemicals is complicated, because of the
problem of weeds that would otherwise damage city fields,
sidewalks and roads, as well as nearby ranch land, if not
for annual spraying.

According to [ E n v i r o – Ma n i a c ] H U NTE R ―

<< Something th at looks good as a number doesn’t necessar -

ily make it pr act ical . A nd I gu aranteed you, most people
would say, « I do n’t want to use any kind of pest icide » , but
if you open up their cupboard , they’ve got bleach , and Win-
dex, and you name it. Hou ses are co mpletely filled with all
kind s of toxins. On paper it makes a lot of sense; in real ity
( banning pest icide s ) doesn’t make as much sense. >>

[ E n v i r o – Ma n i a c ] H U NTE R noted the problem of noxious weeds is particularly

worrying, and needs to be taken into consideration if spraying is reduced or
eliminated in M E RRI TT .

For example, K NA PW E E D has caused M A J O R e n v i r o n m e n t a l d a m a g e , with over

40,000 hectares ( 100,000 acres ) of land in the S O U TH E RN I N TE RI O R i n f e s t e d ,
according to the ministry of agriculture and lands.

In other parts of the province, however, most B RI TI S H C O L U MB I A NS want local

government to go ahead with the new proposed legislation to ban pesticides
within city limits.

A recent I P S O S R E I D poll suggests 76 per cent of B RI TI S H C O L U MB I A residents

are in favour of banning the use of cosmetic pesticides. [ W r o n g ! ]

In the L O W E R M A I NL A ND , most communities have quickly adopted the new leg-


[ The Lower Mainland is a name commonly applied to the region surrounding Vancouver, British Columbia. ]

The small Enviro–Polls ORCHESTRATED by known Environmental–Terror–Or-

ganizations like Canadian–Cancer–Society have NO SIGNIFICANCE whatso-
ever !

Enviro–Polls BOUGHT AND PAID FOR by known Environmental–Terror–Orga-

nizations have NO SIGNIFICANCE whatsoever !

Predictably, Enviro–Polls ALWAYS indicate that most people favour a prohibi-

tion of conventional pest control products ! [ Wrong ! ]

Enviro–Polls are deceptively DESIGNED and DOCTORED to provide prohibi-

tionist answers !

Enviro–polls are bought and paid for by Environmental–Terror–Organizations

that have conspired to prohibit FEDERALLY LEGAL, SCIENTIFICALLY SAFE,
pest control products.

With DOCTORED POLLS, Environmental–Terror–Organizations like as Cana-

dian–Cancer–Society use SUBVERSION to INFLUENCE the course of events
regarding the prohibition of pest control products.

S U RRE Y is the latest city expected to ban the use or sale of pesticides, and al-
ready there are 29 communities in B RI TIS H C O L U M BI A that have followed suit,
while 140 have adopted some level of reduction in cosmetic pesticide use.

[ Surrey is a Canadian city in the province of British Columbia, Canada, that lies within the Metro Vancouver dis-
trict. It is the province’s second-largest city by population after the city of Vancouver. ]

In K A M L O O P S , a new bylaw requires all homeowners to be accredited with

P L A NT H E A L TH BC , hold a valid applicator’s licence, and post 24 hours’ notice
for neighbours if they want to spray for cosmetic purposes.

[ Kamloops is a city in south central British Columbia. ]

Residents are encouraged to maintain their lawns through aerating, watering

and mowing. [ N o n e o f t h e s e m e t h o d s w i l l C O N T R O L w e e d s . ]

M A Y 20 T H , 20 10



M E RRI TT will continue to allow the use of pesticides to control weeds on turf
grass throughout the city.

With many cities in the province banning the use and sale of cosmetic pesti-
cides, the continued spraying in M E RRI TT has some [ E n v i r o – Ma n i a c ] citizens

The [ a l l e g e d ] health effects of pesticides are an area of some debate.

The [ C o n t e m p t i b l e a n d R a d i c a l ] C A NA D I A N C A NC E R S O CI E TY claims there is a

possible link between exposure to pesticides and cancer. [ W r o n g ! ]

Studies conducted by the W O RL D H E A L TH O RGA NI Z A TI O N ’s I NTE RNA TI O NA L

A GE NC Y F O R R E S E A RC H O N C A NC E R focus on the exposure to pesticides in the
workplace ― these tests show a p o s s i b l e link between the exposure to herbi-
cides and non–Hodgkin lymphoma, leukemia, and several types of cancer.
Tests involving non–work–place exposure also suggest a possible connection,
but are less conclusive.

However, H E A L TH C A NA DA claims ―

<< Only pest icide s wh ich do not pose an u naccep table r isk of
cancer in humans are registered for u se in Canad a >>
People who are not exposed to
pest control products are NOT
living any longer than people
who are exposed to them

S TE V E B O U L TB E E is the P RE S I DE NT of the P E NTI C TO N –based company, B O U L TB E E

V E GE TA TI O N M A NA GE M E NT , which does the spraying for the city of M E RRI TT . He
has worked with pesticides since 19 80 , and t r u s t s the regulations set by the

According to B O U L TB E E ―

<< The products that we are using aren’t any more hazard-
ous than hou sehold chemicals. It’s been loo ked into a lot.
Statist ically , people who are de void o f the presence of pest i-
cides are not l iving any longer than people who are expo sed
to it . And produ cts are re vie wed regularly. >>

[ E n v i r o – - M a n i a c ] S A NDY C U RNO W is the chair of the M E RRI TT E NV I RO NM E NTA L

A W A RE NE S S C O M M I TTE E [ a n E n v i r o n m e n t a l – T e r r o r –O r g a n i z a t i o n ] .

[ E n v i r o – Ma n i a c ] C U RNO W would like to see pesticides b a n n e d from the city.

<< I ’m not for it. All o f our par ks are so clo se to the river ,
and we get our water from grou nd wells, and I th ink we
shouldn’t be spray ing anymore. I think it ’s bee n prove n that
pestic ides aren’t good for us [ W r o ng ! ] ― other [ E n v i r o –
Ma n i a c ] people in Merritt don’t appr ove of it as well . >>
In sports fields and parks,
weeds cannot withstand traffic,
and need to be controlled

P U B L I C W O RKS O F F IC E R S H AW N B OV E N believes that, when it comes to the use

of herbicides, M E RRI TT does not have a choice.

<< If pe stic ides were n’t being u sed, we would have our turf
areas o ver-ru n wit h dandel ion, plantain, and broad leaf
populatio n. These are we eds th at are not co nsidered nox -
ious. In an are a of tr affic, they don’t st and up. What h ap-
pens in the se field s is they get covered in dandel ions, and
then there is a b ig e vent th at goe s in there, b aseb all, foot-
ball, or soccer , and they kil l a lot o f the dande lio ns. Then
they’ve got b are grou nd, and the nex t guy that goe s in there
and p lays moves the soil, and you wind up with big hole s ―
the field s get really u ne ven. >>

According to B O U L TB E E , the alternatives to spraying, filling the holes with sand

and constantly reseeding, or re–turfing, are m o r e e x p e n s i v e and l e s s e f f e c -

According to B O U L TB E E ―

<< It is very much a money thing. >>

According to the N A TI O NA L R E S OU RC E D EF E NS E C O U NCI L , exposure to pesticides

has also been linked with endocrine disruption, which effects hormone balance
and can lead to a range of reproductive problems such as reduced fertility.
[ W rong ! ]

[ National Resource Defense Council is a U.S. Environmental–Terror–Organization which has ABSOLUTELY NO rec-
ognized expertise in matters concerning pest control products. ]
NOT ONE pest control product registered
in Canada is carcinogenic

M A Y 18 T H , 20 10


Congratulations to M E RRI TT councillors that had the fortitude to push back

against the [ C o n t e m p t i b l e a n d R a d i c a l ] Canadian Cancer Society, and the
vocal [ E n v i r o – Ma n i a c ] minority that claims to speak for the community.

The rush to ban pesticides has been done by the misinformation, [ an d ] not
credible science.

Maybe [ E n v i r o –Ma n i a c ] M S C U RNO W can now focus her efforts on educating

herself, and the M E RRI T T E NV I RO NM E NTA L A W A RE NE S S C OM M I TTE E [ a n E n v i -
r o n m e n t a l – T e r r o r –O r g a n i z a t i o n ] on the facts of pesticides.

A good place to start is H E A L TH C A NA DA and the P E S T M A NA GEM E NT R E GU L A -

TO RY A GE NC Y ( P.M.R.A. ), with its multitude of scientists and studies.

Do you know, M S C U RNO W , that n o t o n e pesticide registered in Canada is car-


Why is it that environmentalists never mention H E A L TH C A NA DA as the source

for credible information, but continue to rely on j u n k s c i e n c e and p h a n t o m e x -

If this is all too much for M S C U RNO W ’s [ E n v i r o –M a n i a c ] group, t h e n t h e y

s h o u l d v o l u n t e e r t o p i c k a l l t h e w e e d s b y h a n d i n Me r r i t t ... j u s t t o s h o w
they have some depth.
Force Of Nature presents THE WHOLE TRUTH FROM AN INDEPENDENT PERSPECTIVE from National Organiza-
tion Responding Against Huje that seek to harm the Green Space Industry (NORAHG). It is a series of reports
destined for the Green Space Industry, the Environmental Terror Movement, Governments, and the Media, na-
tionwide across Canada, the United States, and overseas. The information presented in Force Of Nature has
been developed for the education and entertainment of the reader by providing a sequence of historical events
WITH COMMENTARY. The neutrality of these reports might be disputed.

Huje is a term used to describe Enviro Maniac Activists that routinely concoct FEAR MONGERING, FRAUDULENT
are DESIGNED to SCAM and DECEIVE the public into believing that families are in some NON–EXISTENT dan-
ger with conventional pest control products. Huje also SCAM and DECEIVE Government Officials into the
IRREPLACEABLE, and ABSOLUTELY INDISPENSABLE conventional pest control products.

All information, excerpts, and pictures contained in this document were found somewhere on the Internet, and
may be considered in the public domain, serving one of the following purposes ― archive, education, promo-
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Force Of Nature is the brainchild of William H. Gathercole and his entourage. Mr. Gathercole is a principal
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UNIVERSITY. He has worked in virtually all aspects of the Green Space Industry, including GOLF, PROFES-
SIONAL LAWN CARE, and CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, and has served in public affairs, workplace safety, and envi-
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has trained, instructed, and consulted with THOUSANDS of turf managers and technicians. Mr. Gathercole has
also been an agricultural agronomist. For many years, Mr. Gathercole was a contributing columnist for TURF &
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Force Of Nature, although his name continues to appear as the founder. Mr. Gathercole is personally credited
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