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What is ERP:
E: Enterprise / Company Ex: Reddy Labs, Reliance, GE, GM, BMW
R: Resources



plants/manufacturing units


items/products (raw, semi finished, finished)

finance (profit/loss)
P: Planning (effective plans for maximum profits with minimum resources)

ERP Software:

A Software which is used to maintain and plan all the business activities of a
company/enterprise is called ERP software.

The business activities are :

How many customers/vendors/materials
How many sales orders/delivery orders/invoice
How much profits/loss
How many employees/leaves/provident funds/income tax
How many plants/stock available/stock damaged etc.

SAP : It stands for Systems , Applications and Products in Data Processing
It is an ERP software which is used by medium sized as well as top MNCs
SAP supports every business scenario/application commonly used in business
SAP supports almost every Business module in the business (around 45+
Very high cost software
It is excellent at integration between all the SAP modules
Various Technical products are available from SAP like,BW/BI/BO, XI/PI ,
WebDynpro Abap/Java, EP, NWBC etc.
So, SAP does nt depend on any other Non SAP module
We cant do any black business in SAP (i.e., the information is stored in a secured
way where you cant do any black business)

What is ABAP


It is a 4th generation language, That is why it is written as ABAP/4.
The entire ERP software is developed by using a single programming language
which is called as ABAP. Once we have a good knowledge on ABAP, we can work on
any SAP module.
SAP Modules :
We have various business modules in SAP. Some of them are :

: sales and distribution


: material management


: Finance


: Controlling


: human resources


: customer relation management


: supply relation management


: Supply chain management


: Advanced Planner and Optimizer

SAP Consultants
Functional Consultants: A consultant who is responsible for configuring the real
time business scenarios like how many plants, sales organizations, materials etc in
SAP software is called as functional consultants.
ABAP Consultants: A consultant who is responsible for developing new programs,
screens, tables and customizing standard SAP programs is called as ABAP
BASIS Consultants: A consultant responsible for installing the SAP software,
configuring the servers, controlling network traffic, creating usernames and
passwords etc are called as BASIS consultants.

Roles and responsibilities of ABAP consultants:

Receiving a ticket/Bug in the form of Functional specification document from TL
Analyze the business requirement as per the given Functional spec
Estimate the number of hours for business requirement
Develop the object
Perform unit testing
Release the developed object to testing server
Prepare Technical Specification document for object .

System Landscape:
Normally, every project in real time will consists of three servers
Development Server: A server where all the SAP consultants will be developing the
real time objects for a business requirement is called development server. Once
the development is finished, we should do a sample testing called as unit testing.
Quality Server: A server where all the functional consultants or testing consultants
will be testing the developed objects is called a testing server. It is also called as
quality server.
Production Server: A server where all the developed objects will be used in the live
business market to maintain the business is called production server. It contains
the live business data of customers.
Note: As an ABAP consultant, we will be working only at development sever, not the
quality and production severs. ABAP consultants with more than 4 or 5 years of
experience will have the access to quality sever but not production server.
Sand Box Sever:
It is a server where we do our R&D work is called a sand box sever. Everybody will
have access to the sand box server.