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Agencies link in preserving the Natural Resources

Activity # 6
1. African Wildlife Foundation
2. Clean Water Network
3. Conservation International
4. Energy & Environmental Research Center
5. National Coalition for Marine Conservation
6. Natural Resources Defense Council
7. The Nature Conservancy
8. Rainforest Action Network
Society of Environmental Journalists
10. Southern Environmental Law Center
11. World Resources Institute
12. Department of Environment and Natural
Resources (Philippines)
13. Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of
Natural Resources
14. Laguna Lake Development Authority
15. Department of Agriculture - Bureau of
Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

Works to conserve the wild animals of Africa and the
land they inhabit.
Is an alliance of over 1000 organizations working to
protect our nation's water resources.
Promotes biodiversity conservation in endangered
ecosystems worldwide.
Provides multidisciplinary research and development of
innovative energy and environmental technologies for the
protection of air, water and soil.
Is dedicated to conserving ocean fish, preventing
overfishing, reducing bycatch and protecting habitat.
Protects the environment and human health through
advocacy, litigation, research and education.
Preserves habitats and species by buying the lands and
waters they need to survive.
Protects rainforests through education, grassroots
organizing and non-violent direct action.
Is a membership group of print and broadcast journalists
as well as educators and students. SEJ's purpose is to
enable journalists to better inform the public about
critical issues concerning the environment.
Is the only environmental organization dedicated solely
to protecting the natural resources of the southeastern
United States.
Helps governments and private organizations cope with
environmental, resource and development challenges of
global significance.
Is the executive department of the Philippine government
responsible for governing and supervising the
exploration, development, utilization, and conservation
of the country's natural resources.
is a membership organization dedicated to the
conservation of Philippine biodiversity. It aims to build a
constituency for environmental issues that will prioritize
conservation actions on habitats and sites, based on solid,
scientific, and socio-economic research
one of the attached agencies of the Philippines'
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
responsible in the preservation, development and
sustainability of the Laguna de Bay and its 21 major
tributary rivers.
The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)
is the government agency responsible for the
development, improvement, management and

16. Department of Environment and Natural

Resources - Protected Areas and Wildlife

17. ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity

18. FishBase Information and Research Group,

19. Foundation for the Philippine Environment

conservation of the country's fisheries and aquatic

PAWB envisions a perpetual existence of biological and
physical diversities in a system of protected areas and
other important biological components of the
environment managed by a well-informed and
empowered citizenry for the sustainable use and
enjoyment of present and future generations.
The ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) is an
intergovernmental regional centre of excellence that
facilitates cooperation and coordination among the
members of ASEAN, and with relevant national
governments, regional and international organizations on
the Conservation and Sustainable use of biological
diversity, guided by fair and equitable sharing of benefits
arising from the use of such biodiversity.
The FishBase Information and Research Group, Inc.
(FIN) is a domestic non-stock, non-profit, nongovernmental organization established in the Philippines
in September 2003.
Established on January 15, 1992, the Foundation for the
Philippine Environment is the first and only nongovernment grant-making institution for the environment
in the Philippines.
The Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study
and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) is one of the 15
regional centers of excellence of the Southeast Asian
Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO)