AFRICA PROJECT, INC. Education. Culture. Development.

Mission: Africa Project Inc is a non-profit organization incorporated in North Carolina, USA. Our mission is to promote Education, Culture and Community Development. We are a-all-volunteer run and managed organization. We stand to pursue this mission through: • • • Advancing charitable, educational and scientific advancement Promoting the culture of self-reliance Building partnership and collaboration with community based organization, schools, hospitals, cultural institutions, international development organizations and any other institution that promote community development programs in African countries Promoting educational, culture and community developmental in African countries. Fostering international cooperation and friendship between Africa and America Conducting outreach and education programs about Africa and its peoples; Providing service learning, volunteer, internship and exchange opportunities for students and young professionals to travel to Africa and America to work with community-based organizations helping promote development. Generally perform every activity that nonprofit organizations are by law allowed to perform

• • • • Vision:

Our vision is to provide opportunities and an environment in which individuals can explore and realize their full potentials in life. We strive to instill in the people we empower, the culture of self-reliance and support them to bring development and positive changes in their lives as well as in the lives of the members of their community. We believe Africa needs partners in development, not charity. WE ARE A UNIQUE ORGANIZATION: Since founding, Africa Project, Inc., staff and volunteers have worked diligently to build the organization and promote its mission. We rely heavily on individual support from our supporters, donors and volunteers. Our unique approach to addressing Africa’s many development challenges is that, we promote empowerment, not charity. It is our belief that, if given the opportunity, every human being has a potential to succeed in life. Therefore, it is of benefit to African countries and people to collaborate, partner or cooperate with others outside the continent in their endeavor to pursue development. It is also imperative that African people focus on human development in terms of education, health, culture and social enterprise as opposed to charity and waiting for handouts EDUCATION PROGRAM: Our education program focuses on primary, secondary and higher education. We identify talented, brilliant, impoverished, orphans, refugees and former child soldiers and match them with

sponsors who commit to paying their educational expenses so that they can go to school. We have also created a scholarship fund to benefit this program. To be eligible, a student has to identify with at least one of the above category of focus areas. Other aspects of our educational program include providing internship, volunteer and student exchange opportunities for students in America and African Universities so that they can gain experience and learn from each other. Our program also provides donated educational resources like textbooks, computers and other resources to local schools and institutions in Africa. CULTURAL PROGRAM: Africa Project, Inc., believes that culture and tradition are vital elements of human identity. Great nations, societies and civilizations have flourished because they have integrated culture and tradition as important aspects of their lives and identity. We promote culture by organizing cultural evens, cultural awareness programs and partnering with cultural groups in different parts in Africa to promote what they do. We also match our interns and volunteers interested in culture and anthropology to work with community-based organizations that focus on cultural programs. DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: Our goal is to promote self-reliance and we do this by promoting development programs in rural Africa. We believe that every human has potentials to do well and to develop. We partner with development organizations and institutions in Africa helping them achieve their goals. We also promote self reliance through provision of resources that help rural famers, youth, individuals and organized community groups develop based on their identified needs. Africa Project, Inc., recruits interns and volunteers who are skilled in development, farming skills and experts in different fields to work with local farmers’ groups as well as development projects achieve their goals. We partner with local and international institutions that promote development in Africa and help them reach out to those in need of their services. INTERNSHIP AND VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS IN AFRICA: Have you always dreamed of traveling to Africa? Have you always wanted to share your talents and skills working with rural communities in Africa? Have you always wanted to have fun while making a difference in the lives of others around the world? Do you feel your skills, knowledge and talents are not being put to use? If so, Africa Project Internship and Volunteer Program could be the right program for you! Benefits of our Internship and Volunteer program: • • • • • • • • • • • Designed for students and young professionals 18 years and older Affordable and flexible all-year round You can design your own project Designed to suit individual needs and interests Tailored to provide a lifelong learning experience Many countries and projects to choose from Earn college credits and research experience Put your knowledge and skills to good use Immerse yourself in a new culture and experience Enjoy the natural beauties of Africa working in rural communities Promote international friendship and goodwill

For details, visit Tel: (919) 439-0480 AFRICA PROJECT, INC., P.O.BOX 386, CHAPEL HILL, NC 27514

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