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CPU 401.

01: Writing Proficiency

Course Syllabus ~ Fall Quarter 2016
Class #: 74249; Tuesdays, 5-6:50 pm; Classroom: 98C 3-004; Computer Lab: 98C 5-008

Instructor: Len Vandegrift

Office Location: 24-228 and 15-2919
Office Hours: Tuesdays, 4:00-4:55 pm
Phone: (909) 869-5310 and (909) 869-3823
Required Texts & Materials:
A pocket dictionary
Computer with internet access

Course Description: Like the Graduation Writing Test (GWT), CPU 401 is a way to meet the Graduation
Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR). However, instead of being evaluated on a 75-minute writing
exam, you will submit a portfolio of your best written work, which will then be assessed by outside faculty
readers. We will work together to improve both the quantity and quality of writing you can produce.
Through peer review, writing instruction, individual meetings, and tutorial assistance, we will do our best to
assist you with understanding and applying the principles of expository writing. You must do your part by
coming to class prepared and by working diligently on your essays and other writing assignments.
Blackboard: All handouts, homework, and essay assignments will be available on Blackboard. It is your
responsibility to print the handouts (after the first day of class). In addition, supplemental lecture materials
and web links are available on Blackboard and should be utilized as part of your preparation for the
Attendance: This class is a hybrid course, which means we will meet once each week, while the remainder
of the work will be completed online using Blackboard and the Calibrated Peer Review (CPR) website. Our
class time together is very important, so please plan to attend every week. You will be asked to write at
almost all meetings and will participate in discussion on weekly writing instruction. Regarding the
administrative drop policy, students are required to drop their own classes. It is not the instructor's
responsibility to do it for you.
Participation: Be diligent and complete all steps of each assignment online. Also, please bring your
materials and writing assignments with you to all class meetings, and come prepared to talk and work
together on all classroom assignments. What you know is important, so we all can learn by sharing our
knowledge and thoughts with one another. Likewise, when assigned to give written feedback, respond as
fully as possible, and write in complete sentences.

Late Work: While this class is very reliant on the internet and the assignment deadlines are essential to
allow peer feedback, we understand that technical and other glitches may occur. Therefore, students have
the ability to make-up one essay assignment and one reading and writing module. To make up an essay
assignment, you must complete a first draft and a revision and receive tutoring on each in the UWC. Make
sure to get both drafts stamped and signed by your tutor to confirm your visit. Though one make-up is
allowed, it may not be used as one of your portfolio papers. Also, missing more than one assignment
results in an automatic failing grade.

Tutoring: You are required to receive tutoring through the University Writing Center while enrolled in this
class. This is a free service. You must post first drafts of your three portfolio essays to the Blackboard
discussion board for review. You will also need to come to the UWC for face-to-face appointments with a
tutor on revised drafts. Please, ask a tutor to stamp, sign, and date your draft to confirm your visit. Note:
the UWC is in the library (Bldg 15), Room 2919. Phone: 909-869-3502.

Requirements: To satisfy the course, you must


Complete eight reading and writing modules

Begin five handwritten drafts in class and receive instructors initials and date on each
Complete five essay assignments on the CPR website
Revise three of the five essay assignments
Submit a portfolio of your three best essays (including all drafts) that will be evaluated by an
assessment committee
Complete an on-demand essay in class
Submit the diagnostic writing sample completed at the beginning of the course

Grading: This class is graded on a credit/no credit basis. To receive credit in this class, you must complete
the required work and submit a passing writing portfolio. Please see the portfolio rubric for more
information on the standards by which portfolios are evaluated. Also, not completing all five CPR
assignments, eight reading and writing modules, and a timed in-class essay will result in a no credit grade
for the course, which will also mean that you have not satisfied the GWAR.
Your three portfolio essays will count for 75% of your overall score while the in-class essay will count for

Classroom Etiquette: We encourage you to be on time for class. If this means that you must bring your
dinner or beverage with you, so be it. Do not make a mess and do not distract others with your comestibles.
While on the subject of distractions, I want to remind you to please turn off your cellular phones, alarms
and any other device that might make noise. At the bare minimum, place them on stealth mode. Also, do
not answer phones in class. If you need to leave the room, please do so without causing a disruption upon
exiting and returning. When one person is talking, neither interrupt nor dismiss the ideas being presented.
There will be no tolerance of personal attacks although we do encourage you to challenge the ideas and
beliefs of others present, including your instructor. While many of these "rules" are common sense, a
consistent lack of classroom courtesy compels me to remind students of how to behave.
Plagiarism: Please read the university policy regarding plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty
in your schedule of classes. In this class, plagiarism, along with other forms of academic dishonesty,
including unauthorized collaboration, will be grounds for a "no-credit" grade, and any other university
sanctions deemed appropriate by Judicial Affairs.