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Currently in college in general, still using manual attendance.

Student attendance data

using paper medium containing data to be signed attendance each university classes as proof of
attendance at courses he attended at the time. Each period the staff of the administration
department or faculty monitoring the attendance data. On student attendance by hand, by using
paper media, require a lot of intervention (intervention) administrative staff and students honesty
itself. It is possible for manipulation of attendance data is not accurate if the continuing oversight
of this process is not done properly.
There are several weaknesses that could be mentioned with attendance system in
manual, including:
1. The opening of opportunities manipulation of attendance data is not correct. So also
open the possibility of the presence of the fictitious where one can record the presence of
nonself. This makes the data presence one becomes inaccurate or not genuine.
2. Monitoring of attendance data becomes difficult because the data is incomplete
presence and poor documentation process. One cause of incomplete data is the presence of such
lost, damaged or fault attendance itself.
Such weaknesses in the points above is an indication of the lack of accuracy of the
attendance and less safe attendance documentation of data is done by hand and by using paper
media. Thus the necessary media and attendance device that better ensure authenticity someone
who confirm their attendance at the time, and need a mechanism that can provide documentation
of attendance data is complete, the monitoring process can be done easily and attendance data
security can be guaranteed. The solution must also be considered in terms of the economic order
the attendance system is not too burdensome budget of the department.
One alternative solution to the problems that arise as described above is to use biometric
identity. Biometrics refers to the automatic identification based on typical human anatomy
(fingerprint, face, iris, hand geometry) and behavioral characteristics (voice, gait). Unlike selfidentification with a signature, biometric identification can not be converted or changed hands,
and intrinsically represent the identity of one's body, therefore biometrics is quickly becoming an
important component for effective identification solutions. The use of biometrics to reduce fraud
and increase the comfort of one's identity. Therefore, based on the student attendance biometric
identity could reduce attendance data fictitious because the student must be present at the time of
attendance. So, someone will have a hard time trying to manipulate data that is not his presence.
Biometric systems are basically used for one of two purposes of identification or verification.
Identification means finding a match between the biometric sample queries and one that has been
stored in the database. Fingerprints have the right balance of quality, including uniqueness,
durability, accuracy, size and cost, the maturity of the technology and ease of use, so the
fingerprint biometric technology is dominant in commercial applications.
Based on some of the weaknesses of the existing system with a process that is done
manually in the majors that occupied by Budi, the use of biometric identification, a fingerprint
reader available as described above, it is necessary to develop a Fingerprint Time Attendance
System For University. Fingerprint sensor technology is applied at the time of arrival of student
attendance so that there is no possibility of manipulation of data for student fingerprint is a
unique personal identity.