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Long term care system is increasing now days in every country. The benefits provided to
the disabled person are much important to their families. Because of the change in social
environment, it is now very easy to improve the living standards in today world (Singh, 2016).
All the facilities delivered are of high level. Mrs. Klausmans daughter must think for her better
care. She must be transferred to a skilled nursing facility where the staff will be taking care of
her all needs.
This will make her satisfy without any further embarrassment she is facing. The staff is
totally dedicated for the support needed by the patient. Hiring a homemaker is now days
considered to an appropriate and there is no harm in it (Singh, 2016). Looking after the age of
Mrs. Klausman, there is a need of helping hand which can provide assistance during the meal
time. Today, the technology of long care system has made an easy living environment.
The only deficit Mrs. Klausman will have in self-feeding is the lack in use of her own
arms. Getting more dependent on others will make her in active and this may lead to a
development of the problem in future. She must also put some efforts in order to remain active
and must not be fully dependent on the nursing staff (Singh, 2016). Although they are there for
the full care in order to provide the full support. Long term care is an option of betterment for the
people who needs help and it is considered as better options for the loved ones.



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