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Pre-Arrival Information

Visiting Student
Fall 2016

Welcome to Ajou University, Korea
Pre-arrival Information
Pre-departure Check List
Academic Calendar for Exchange students
Notice on Housing Application
Housing Application Procedure
Requirement for International Students
Housing Agreement
Ajou International Day 2016
Insurance Policy at Ajou University
Useful Websites
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Welcome to Ajou University, Korea

We are very pleased to welcome you to become a student at Ajou University.
Ajou University, established in 1973 under the motto of Asias best university for the 21 st century,
is a leading research university, with strong academic programs in Engineering, Information
Technology, Medical Science and Business. Eight programs in its School of Engineering and
Information Technology have earned the ABEEK accreditation.
Located in Suwon, about 30km south of Seoul, Ajou University is the only university in the
Gyeonggi Province to have a Professional Graduate School of both Law and Medicine. Moreover, it
is the only university in Korea selected by the Korean Government for the World-Class University
(WCU) Project in Financial Engineering.
There are wide ranges of international programs at Ajou including student and faculty exchanges,
international summer school, Korean language program, etc. Ajou University currently offers more
than 30% of its courses in English, and has a collaborative partnership with over 290 universities in
62 countries. The university welcomes around 800 international students from 50 countries to its
campus annually.
Once again, we welcome you to Ajou University!
Office of International Affairs, Ajou University

Pre-arrival Information
Fall Semester, 2016
This pre-arrival information includes crucial information that will help you prepare your departure
for Ajou!
Applying for Student Visa (D-2)
All international students are required to obtain D-2 (study) visas for their study at Ajou.
In order to obtain a D-2 visa, visit the nearest Korean Embassy in your country with the
Certificate of Admission, Invitation Letter and Certificate of Scholarship (if applicable).
As required documents can vary for each country, check the required documents in advance
with the Korean Embassy. Chinese students will need extra documents (refer to webpage at
Please note that you need to sign the Certificate of Admission issued by Ajou University before
submitting it to the embassy. If you have already obtained another type of visa, you must
change it to D-2.
For details on the visa process, visit our immigration information page: > International > Intl Student Service > Immigration Information

Dormitory Application
The application will be available online at Ajou website:
The application period is from July 25 ~ 29, 2016 and you will need to input your email and
application ID, which is the Ajou student ID number, to complete the application.
Your Ajou student ID number is provided in the Letter of Invitation.
Please note that housing applications after the application period will not be accepted, and
that we cannot guarantee placement. The final list for the room assignment will be posted on
the official dormitory website in August 8, 2016.
University dormitory will open on August 27, 2016 for new coming students for the Fall 2016
semester. Please set your flight schedule to arrive after August 27. Unfortunately, it is not
possible to move into the dormitory before the dormitory opening date.
The dormitory will close on December 22, 2016 and if a student moves out of the dormitory
after the closing date, the student is responsible for extra charges according to the dorm
For details on the housing application procedure, please refer to Notice on Housing

Application sheet.
For any questions about the dormitory, please contact the dormitory coordinator at

Meals & Food

Students can buy various types of meals on and off-campus, and also cook some instant snacks
in the shared kitchen of the dormitory. Students usually use the kitchen to cook noodles, toast,
and small snacks or to keep their own food in the communal refrigerator. Normal meal prices
range from 3,500 won to 5,000 won (approx. US$ 3~5) per meal on campus.

Course Registration
Course registration will be available online on August 16 ~ 17, 2016.
The tentative course list will be announced on our website at the end of July, and the final list
will be uploaded in early August.
Meanwhile, you may refer the course list offered in the 2016 academic year at our website as
every semester, similar courses are offered.
Course list:
G Course registration : Aug. 16(Tue) 17(Wed), 2016
G Course Change(Add & Drop) : Sep. 1(Thu) 2(Fri), 2016
G Course Withdrawal : Sep. 22(Thur) 23(Fri), 2016
The above schedule is subject to change and the final schedule will be noticed via email.

Health and Medical Clearance Form

All students have been requested to submit the health and medical clearance form with their
online applications as part of the required documents.
Please note that according to government regulation, students from certain designated
countries will need to get re-tested for tuberculosis at the district public health center in Korea
upon arrival.
The designated countries are: China, Sri Lanka, Russia, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Vietnam, India,
Nepal, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mongolia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, and
More detailed information will be announced at the orientation, but students from the above
countries should be aware of this necessary process upon arrival.

Arrival to Ajou University from Incheon Intl Airport

Airport pick-up service
Airport pick-up service is available only for students who apply for it in advance. Airport pick-up
service is available for two days (Aug. 27 and 28, 2016) prior to orientation only at Incheon
International Airport.
In order to use this service, you need to complete a survey on your arrival info by clicking on
the link here:
The deadline for pick-up service application is July 31, 2016.
Ajou students will pick you up at the airport between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm on August 27 and
28. When you arrive at the airport, please wait for the A.G.A. students (Ajou Global
Ambassador: student volunteer group) inside of Exit No. 7. (Please dont leave the airport.)
A.G.A. students (Ajou Global Ambassadors) will be holding an Ajou University sign in front of
Exit No. 7 on the 1st floor and will guide you to the limousine bus heading to Ajou University.

Students arriving on your own

Please refer to the information below for directions from Incheon International Airport to Ajou
University. If you are staying in the dormitory, please go directly there and check-in with the
dormitory coordinator.


Arrival at Incheon International Airport (International Arrival, 1st floor)


Go to EXIT No. 7 (International Arrival, 1st floor)


Take the airport limousine bus no. 4000 toward East Suwon at 7A Bus Stop (Gyeonggi).
(Fare: 12,000 Won / about US$ 10)


Get off at the last bus stop, Hotel Castle


Take a taxi to Ajou University from Hotel Castle. (about 3,000 Won/ US$ 3)

Please drive me to the dormitory of Ajou University.


Bus tickets are sold at the airport, but the driver will also accept the fare in cash directly
when you board.
Do NOT take a taxi directly from the airport as the fare from the airport to the university
will be very high.
Incheon Airport information Desk: +82-(0)32-741-0114 ( )
Emergency Contact : Office of International Affairs, Ajou University
Tel: +82-(0)31-219-2922, 2923, 2171, 2172, E-mail:

All international students are required to attend the orientation. The Office of International
Affairs will be there to meet and to assist you with any questions you may have for staying at
Ajou University.
During the orientation, important information such as academic schedule, alien registration,
health insurance and tips for living in Korea will be introduced to prepare you for life in Korea.
A campus tour and welcoming reception will follow the orientation.
Session 1: Orientation for ALL New International Students
(including exchange students)
Date: 10:00am ~ 15:30pm, August 29 (Mon)
Venue: Auditorium, Yulgok Hall

Session 2: Orientation for New Exchange Students

Date: 2:00pm ~ 4:00pm, August 30 (Tue)
Venue: Auditorium, Dasan Hall

Health Insurance Policy at Ajou

All International students studying at Ajou University are required to enroll in the health
insurance as a condition of admission. Students must enroll and pay the premium for the full
study period, from the date of departure to the date of return, including periods of travel
before or after their time at Ajou University.
Students can purchase health insurance from their home countries, or they can purchase it
through the Office of International Affairs (OIA) at Ajou at the discounted price.
If you plan to purchase the insurance at Ajou University, you are required to apply online at You need to pay the insurance fee directly to the insurance company
after online application. The insurance company will be present at the orientation and you may
directly pay for the insurance on the date. Please note, however, that the insurance will be
valid from the date you pay the premium, and thus we recommend you to wire-transfer the
premium before your departure or enroll another travel insurance which will cover your travel
from your country to Ajou.
In case students enroll the health insurance individually, it must comply with the requirements
listed under the section Limit of the compensation at the page of Insurance Policy at Ajou
University in the admission guide booklet. G
All students are required to submit the copy of the insurance contract within the first week of
the semester. If a student does not submit a copy of the health insurance, the issuance of
documents such as transcripts, Certificate of Enrollment, etc., will be restricted.

Before you purchase the insurance, please read the enclosed Insurance Policy at Ajou and the
insurance information below at: > International > Intl Student Service > Health Care

Things to submit
Things to submit to the Office of International Affairs upon arrival (Mandatory)
1. Copy of your health insurance
2. Copy of your Visa
The materials below needs to be prepared upon arrival
1. Three photos (3*4 size, plain background) for making alien registration card
2. Home country ID card for opening a bank account

Alien Registration
All students who stay in Korea for more than 90 days must apply for the alien registration card
within 90 days of entry. It usually takes 3-4 weeks for the card to be issued.
On-campus immigration service will be provided for one day in the beginning of the semester
for all new foreign students. More detailed information on this schedule will be announced at
To open a bank account
If you would like to open a bank account in Korea, you will need your home country ID card
such as residential identification or drivers license and/or your passport and Ajou student ID
Join in Facebook group
Please join the Facebook group Fall 2016 Ajou University Exchange Students.
If you have any questions, please leave your message on Facebook or contact the Office of
International Affairs at

Office of International Affairs (Yulgok Hall # 312)

Ajou University
206 Worldcup-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon 443-749, Korea
Tel: +82-31-219-2922, 2923 Fax: +82-31-219-2924

Pre-departure Check List

Please make sure to complete any applications or surveys by the deadline, and remember to
bring necessary documents with you to Korea.

Online application for housing

All incoming students should apply for housing from


July 25 to 29, 2016.

Deadline: July 25 29, 2016

Your dormitory placement result will be posted on the

website on August 8, 2016 at
Copy of Health Insurance (Mandatory)

You can purchase the insurance in your home country

Submit to: Office of International Affairs

or at Ajou after arrival. Please read carefully the

after arrival at Ajou

guideline at the pre-arrival information in the package.

Copy of Visa (Mandatory)

Submit to: Office of International

All students should submit copy of visa to OIA after

Affairs after arrival at Ajou (Yulgok

arrival at Ajou.

Hall #312)

Arrival Information


Pick-up service will be provided on Aug. 27 and 28

only 9am to 8pm.

Deadline: July 31, 2016

Three Photos (3*4 size, plain background)


You need to prepare 3 photos to make Alien

registration card etc.
Home country ID card
To open a bank account on campus, residential

identification card or drivers license from home

country is needed. Please bring your home country ID

Academic Calendar for Exchange students

2016 Academic Year

Spring 2016

Course registration

Feb 11-12

Dormitory Opening

Feb 24

Airport Pick-up service

Feb 24-25

Orientation (Mandatory)

Feb 26, 29

Classes Begin

Mar 2

Course Change

Mar 3-4

Course Drop

Mar 21-22

Mid-term Exam

April 20-26

Final Exam

June 15-21

End of the Fall Semester

June 21

Dormitory Moving-out

June 22

Fall 2016

Course registration

Aug 16-17

Dormitory Opening

Aug 27

Airport Pick-up service

Aug 27-28

Orientation (Mandatory)

Aug 29-30

Classes Begin

Sep 1

Course Change

Sep 1-2

Course Drop

Sep 22-23

Mid-term Exam

Oct 20-26

Final Exam

Dec 15-21

End of Spring Semester

Dec 21

Dormitory Move-out

Dec 22

Korean National Holidays in 2016

Jan 1

Solar New Years Day

Aug 15

Liberation Day

Feb 7-10

Lunar New Years Day

Sept 14-16

Chuseok(Thanksgiving Day)

Mar 1

Independence Movement Day

Oct 3

National Foundation Day

May 5

Childrens Day

Oct 9

Hangul Proclamation Day

May 14

Buddhas Birthday

Dec 25


June 6

Memorials Day

Notice on Housing Application

Fall Semester, 2016
This information is about Ajou University 2016 Fall semester housing application. All international
students should read this notice and the attached file VERY CAREFULLY, and follow the instructions given.
Ajou Universitys Dormitory Application will be made via ONLINE system only.
a. For your application, please log-in at the ONLINE housing application
system web page:
(E-mail application will not be accepted)
b. Exchange Students coming to Ajou University: please click the left banner
on the ONLINE housing application system.
The housing application will be open from July 25(Mon) to 29(Fri), 2016.
To create your ID and PW at Ajou website, you need to type in your personal information; Email and
Ajou student ID number as your application number. Please use the student ID given by Ajou
University and the registered email address you entered on the application since it should be exactly
same as the one registered in Ajous system.
< Room type>

First Choice

Second Choice

  2-person bedroom in New International Dorm, newly built dormitory to be

shared with a Korean student
  2-person bedroom in Hwahong Hall
4-person bedroom in Hwahong Hall

All exchange students should apply the New International Dormitory as the first choice; you are only
permitted to apply for the New International Dormitory as your first choice. In case there is no
available room at the International Dormitory, you will be assigned in the other dorm according to
your second choice. Please note that if an exchange student applies for the room in Hwahong Hall as
the first choice, your application is not guaranteed.
Room assignment cannot be guaranteed according to your preference because of the capacity of the
dormitory and please make sure to apply the room before the deadline.
Dormitory opening period for Fall semester 2016 is from August 27(Sat) to December 22(Thur), 2016.
Room assignment result and the waiting list will be posted by Aug. 8(Mon), 2016 on the website at > Notice Board.
For any inquiries, please contact
Dormitory Coordinator
Tel: (82) 31-219-2149

Housing Application Procedure

Only for new coming student
All new Ajou International Students should apply for the dormitory online. Instructions are as follows:
Online Dormitory Application (dormitory application system)
Application Procedure
1. &OLFN
3. Click application and fill out the blanks


Submission of Application

July 25(Mon) July 29(Fri)

Notification of Room Assignment

Aug 8(Mon)

Ajou Website > Notice Board:

Payment of the Dormitory Fee

Aug 29(Mon) Sep 2(Fri)

Dormitory opening period (Fall 2016)

Aug 27(Sat) Dec22(Thur)

* Pay the dorm fee to the SC Bank on Ajou campus after arriving in Korea. If you cannot arrive at
Ajou by Sep 2(Fri), you should wire transfer the dorm fee abroad by the due date of payment.
If you do not move in without paying by the due date, your application will be cancelled.

Dormitory Fees (for the year of 2016)

New International Dorm

2-bed room
4-bed room


Hwa-Hong Hall

KRW 1,135,000 /semester

KRW 865,000 /semester

Hwa-Hong Hall

KRW 585,000 /semester

Dormitory fee payment details for successful candidates

A. Account Information (Ajou University)
Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank Korea Limited
Branch Name: Ajou University Branch
Account name: Ajou University Dormitory / Account No. : 632-15-000630
Swift code: SCBLKRSE
B. Due Date for dorm fee : Sep 2 (Fri), 2016
C. Notice

a. You can pay the dorm fee to SC Bank on campus by cash (Korean Won & Dollar) upon arrival.
The invoice of dorm fee payment can be taken at the office on the 1st floor in New
International Dormitory.
b. Also you can remit the payment. When you remit payment online, please specify your 4
digit room number and applicants given name (If the sender is different from
applicants, make sure to memo the applicants given name and room no. when you make
bank transfer and then you must send the statement of bank transfer to the dorm
c. SC Bank address (located on 1st floor at Student Union 1 Building) :
Standard Chartered First Bank, Student Union Building 1st floor, Ajou University, 206
Worldcup-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon 443-749, South Korea
4. Health Check-up
Before moving in the dorm, all residents should submit the result of the health check-up(TB). If the
from is not attached properly on the online application, please send it by email
( The result must show normal or abnormal of Tuberculosis(TB) in English.
Without the result students cannot move in.

Refund Policy
Within 4 weeks

Within 8 weeks

Within 12 weeks

After 12 weeks










A. If residents have to leave in the middle of the semester, residents need to make a refund
request, the same procedure as dormitory application.
B. The dormitory fee will be refunded to the student according to the refund policy. Students
will be charged for the number of days spent in the dormitory.
C. The criteria of refund policy are based on the official move-in date given by the
dormitory but not b y th e individual students' actual move-in date.
D. Residents who are expelled due to violation of dormitory rules and regulations will receive
E. Summer or winter vacation residents receive no refund for early withdrawal from the

Important Notice
A. Due to limited availability, room arrangement cannot be guaranteed according to your
preference and your room can be changed after assignment room.
B. If you dont apply for the dormitory by the deadline, your application is not accepted.
C. If you do not pay the dormitory fee by Sep 2 (Fri) 2016, the room will automatically be
given to students on a waiting list.
D. Every resident should submit the result of a health check-up (Tuberculosis) before moving in.
E. If you leave your luggage in a room without applying for the dormitory, it will be cleared
out. You are responsible for your own belongings.
F. Dormitory offers basic bedding sets (a temporary pillow, blanket and bed sheet) for only
international students from the inspector office in each dorm.

Requirement for International Students

1. Eligibility to Move In
A. Incoming international students
B. Registered international students
a. Excluding those who were on academic probation in the previous semester
b. Excluding those who were given 30 points penalties and expelled from the dormitory
c. Excluding research students
2. Selection Criteria
A. The resident selection shall take place every semester.
B. Incoming students will be given priority.
C. Selection criteria for currently registered students
a. Currently registered students will be selected after the spots for incoming
students are filled.
b. The same selection criteria will be applied to currently registered students as
follows. (GPA: 60 percent; basic points: 30 percent; service points: 10 percent)
c. If multiple students with same GPAs and credits compete for one vacancy,
the date of birth (the youngest person will be given priority) will be taken into
d. Currently registered students must move out of their rooms prior to the
beginning of the semester if not selected. Unless selected students make full
payment by the deadline, the vacancies will be given to those next in line on the
waiting list.
3. Room Assignment Guidelines
A. R oom assignment will be handled by the Office of Student Housing & Residence with full
consideration of applicants requests.
B. The request period for room changes will be the first week of each semester. No
change is allowed after the period.
C. Students suffering from sleep disorders (snoring, teeth grinding, etc.) serious enough
to disturb roommates cannot be accepted
D. Students can choose from the two types of rooms: two-bed rooms and four-bed rooms.
However, if supply is short, the Office of Student Housing & Residence may randomly
assign the rooms. (As for incoming students, rooms will be allocated on a first-comefirst-served basis. As for registered students, rooms will be allocated in accordance with
E. Students will be categorized into groups of Undergraduate, Graduate School, Exchange
Student, etc. when allocating the rooms
4. Dormitory Application Procedures
A. The dormitory application submission period for international students will be the same
as local students - No application allowed after the deadline.


Housing Agreement
All residents should abide by the rules and regulations of the Ajou University Dormitory. These rules
and regulations have been set forth for the purpose of promoting the convenience, security and welfare
of the residents of our dormitory, and to protect the dormitorys property from misuse and abuse. Any
violations against the rules and regulations will result in penalties as follows.
Violations of Regulations
1. Voluntarily withdrawing or taking a leave of absence from school


2. Being placed under arrest for criminal acts

3. Being suspended from school for a specified period of time or submitted
to a more severe disciplinary measure
4. Entering the dormitory under someone elses name or letting a nonresident stay overnight
5. Engaging in any conduct of drinking, violence, theft, gambling or arson

from the

6. Harming public interest by unruly behavior

7. I llegal entry into the dormitory
8. Letting a person of opposite gender inside his/her room and floor
9. Changing rooms at his/her discretion


10. Smoking inside the residence hall


11. Spreading fabricated information through the Internet

12. Not following the directions of the university staff
13. Damaging or making alterations to dormitory property
14. Making excessive noise or taking any actions that disturb other residents
15. Bringing in or using electric products including all types of electric heaters
(mat, cushion, etc.), stove, refrigerator, rice cooker, TV, iron and burner.
16. Cooking outside the designated areas


10 (Must pay
for damage
or loss)

17. Transferring the key to the dormitory to a non-resident without prior




18. Disturbing neighbors after excessive drinking

19. Bringing in and raising pets without approval
20. Not attending orientation and fire safety education
21. Letting in non-residents at his/her discretion


22. Leaving the dormitory in an untidy condition

23. Removing or relocating fixtures and facilities at his/her discretion

24. Drawing graffiti on or attaching unapproved materials to the wall
25. Hanging out the wash in the corridor


G Those who received prior approval from the director of the residence hall are exempt from 16
and 20
G Dismissed residents cannot re-enter the facility.
G The penalties are valid for one semester and will be deleted after they are used for the
selection process during the next semester.

>> Any Inquiries


Dormitory Coordinator
Housing Office
Tel: +82-31-219-2149

Dormitory Address
Room # (XXXX), Hall name (New International Dormitory),
Ajou University, 206 Worldcup-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon 443-749, South Korea

The Office of Student Housing & Residence

Ajou University

Ajou International Day 2016


Every fall semester, Ajou University hosts an annual

Ajou International Day festival on a day in the first
week of November. This is one of Ajous biggest
festivals of the year which offers a meeting ground
for all the international and domestic students on
campus. It provides a wide range of activities,
including an international food festival where the students prepare and serve dishes unique
to their countries and some showcase costumes, music, and performances. Students are
able to provide information and exhibit photographs displaying different aspects of their
countries culture.

If you bring some items showing your tradition, country, or university, you can enjoy the
International Day more. It is recommended to bring some traditional costumes, instruments,
flags and leaflets showing your countries or universities.


Insurance Policy at Ajou University

All International students studying at Ajou University are required to purchase health insurance to
protect them from unexpected healthcare expenses in the event of an accident, as well as to manage
their health while staying in Korea. Also, all international students are required to be enrolled in an
insurance plan in line with the Korean governments policy of mandatory health insurance for
international students. The insurance must cover the full study period, from the date of departure
to the date of return. Please note that it is the students responsibility to have the insurance, and the
student is also responsible for any issue that may be arisen if he/she is not insured.
Students can purchase health insurance from their home countries, or they can purchase it through
the Office of International Affairs (OIA) at Ajou. Ajou University has made an arrangement with
Seimnuri Insurance Company so that students can quickly and conveniently receive health
insurance benefits when they receive medical attention at designated medical facilities.
If you plan to purchase the insurance at Ajou University, you are required to apply online at After online application, you need to pay the insurance fee directly to the
insurance company. The insurance company will present at the orientation and you may directly pay
the insurance on the day. Please note, however, that the insurance will be valid from the date you
pay the premium, and thus we recommend you to wire-transfer the premium before your departure
or enroll another travel insurance which will cover your travel from your country to Ajou.
In case students enroll the health insurance individually, it must comply with the requirements listed
under the section Limit of the compensation.
We ask that students submit the copy of the insurance contract within the first week of the semester.
If a student does not submit a copy of the health insurance, the issuance of documents such as
transcripts, Certificate of Enrollment, various verification and participating in E-classes will be
Before you purchase the insurance, please read the insurance information below at: > International > Intl Student Service > Health Care

International student insurance by Private Insurance Company

G Insurance Enrollment Process (Seimnuri)


Fill out an

Make a


Insurance policy
takes effect
insurance card)

Go to
* take insurance card


Limit of Compensation
Death or Disability
Domestic Inpatient
Domestic Outpatient
Domestic Prescription
Domestic Inpatient
Domestic Outpatient
Domestic Prescription
General Living Compensation
Rescuers Expenses Indemnity

Accident ()

Sickness ()

Etc. ()

KRW 10,000,000
KRW 50,000,000
KRW 250,000
KRW 50,000
KRW 50,000,000
KRW 250,000
KRW 50,000
KRW 10,000,000
KRW 10,000,000

G Payment (Premium)

The cost can be different from individuals and the average amount is about
15,000KRW/month or 60,000KRW for 4 months.

Korean National Health Insurance

Korean National Health Insurance is recommended to students who are enrolled in a longterm program and are staying with family. If you plan to enroll in a Korean National Health
Insurance, please refer to the below.

G Enrollment Process

Visit the Eastern Suwon Branch Office of the National Health Insurance Corporation in
person and enroll in a plan

Required documents: Foreigner registration card, Proof of Entry and Departure (passport),
Certificate of Enrollment

Address: 741 Gwonseon-ro, Ingye-dong, Paldal-gu, Suwon (Tel: 031-230-9120)

G Benefit

Service Benefit: Health Care Benefits, Health Checkup

Cash Benefit: Refunding Allowance for Health Care, Compensation for Excessive CoPayment, Appliance Expenses for the Disabled


approx. KRW 50,000/month


G Useful Websites




Information on Korea for



Telephone Number Information

Korea International Labor









Main Gate
School Bus Stop
The Pioneer Statue
Energy Center
Woncheon Hall
Woncheon Haedong Hall
North Gate
Chemical Engineering Laboratory
West Hall
East Hall
Capstone Design Laboratory
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
Civil Engineering Laboratory
Paldal Hall
R.O.T.C Headquarters
Industry-University Cooperation Building
International House_Dormitory 5
Gwanggyo Hall_Dormitory 4
Hwahong Hall_Dormitory 3
Yongji Hall_Dormitory 2
Dormitory Dining Hall
Namje Hall_Dormitory 1
Student Union 1
Student Union 2
Seongho Hall
The Terrace
Central Library
Yulgok Hall
Dasan Hall
Colledge of Pharmacy
Clinical Skills Laboratory
and Animal Research Center
Jonghap Hall
Tennis Courts
School of Medicine-Research Building
Parking Garage 2
Athletic Field
Campus Plaza
Songjae Hall
Ajou University Hospital
University Hospital Annex
Well-Being Center
Parking Garage 1
Funeral Hall
University Hospital Main Gate
East Gate
Trauma Center
South Gate



South Korea





Office of International Affairs, Ajou University

206 Worldcup-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon 16499, Korea
Tel: (82)-(0)31-219-2923, 2926, 2171, 2172
A Member of