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This AGREEMENT is entered between the following:
Coco Wutzbach, of legal age, single and a resident of Banilad, Cebu
City, referred to as the Employer.
- and
Piolo Binay, of legal age, married/single and a resident of T. Padilla
Cebu, referred as the Employee
Parties have come to an agreement in connection with the employment of
Piolo Binay, by the Employer Coco Wutzbach, under the following terms and
1. Work Designation. The employee is hired as the Construction Worker
2. Job Description. As the Construction
Worker, your task/job are as follows:
a) Distribute building materials to the appropriate locations
b) Tend pumps, compressors generator
c) Assist with erecting & disassembling scaffolding other temporary
d) Operate small tools like shovels, picks, and also rakes in order to place
or remove materials
e) Assist with machine lubrication maintenance
f) Operate a variety of small equipment/tools including pavement
breakers; jackhammers; earth tampers; concrete, mortar, and also
plaster mixers, torches, and also small mechanical hoists
g) Perform cleaning, sweeping, removing trash debris from construction
work areas
h) d. All others task that may be directed and assigned to you by your
direct supervisor and/or employer.
3. Status of Employment. The employee is hired as follows:
Project Employee referring to those whose employment has been fixed for
a specific project or undertaking, the completion or termination of which has
been determined at the time of the engagement of the employee
4. Compensation The employee shall receive the salary of Three hundred
sixty-five Pesos (Php 365) on a daily rate.
Payment of the salary shall be weekly or every last working day of the week.
(Saturday) although the worker will only work for half a day during
Saturdays, he shall receive a salary for the entire day.
The employee shall enjoy all the benefits provided for by the Philippine Labor
Code. In which event, the employee shall not receive a salary that is less
than what is provided for by law. The minimum wage for employees within
Cebu City is P327 per day.

5. Work Schedule. The employee shall report to work on Monday to

Saturday with 8:00-12:00nn work hours, 12:00-1:00pm lunch break on
Mondays to Fridays while only 8:00-12:00 on Saturdays.
6. Dismissal and other Penalties. The employee is bound to follow the rul
es and regulations (manual) of the employer/companyand any infraction or vi
olation shall be penalized as provided for its rules and regulations. Employee
s cannot be dismissed orpenalized without just and authorized causes and th
e observance of due process.
7. NonDisclosure Clause. The employee shall not divulge any matters rela
ting to said business of the employer or matters relatingto any customer whi
ch may become known to him by reason of his employment or otherwise, sav
e in so far as may be necessary inthe interests of said business.
8. Effectivity. This contract is effective upon the signing of this contract and
the submission of the documentary requirements by theemployer to the emp
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties affixed their signature this 14th day of July,
2016, Cebu City, Philippines

Employer: Coco Wutzbach

Passport No. EB4385886
Issued on : 06 Jan 12
Issued at: DFA-Cebu
Expires on : 05 Jan 2017

Employee: Piolo Binay

CTC No. 06156577
Issued on 3/22/16
Issued at: Cebu City
ID No. 2002000110


Daniel Reid

Kathryn Lustre


Republic of the Philippines)

City of Cebu) S.S
Before me, a notary in the Province and City of Cebu, personally appeared
the above named persons with their respective Community Tax
Certificate/Passport, who is/are personally known to me to be the same and/
or identified through competent evidence of identity as defined by Rules on
Notarial Practice, who presented the foregoing instrument and signed the
instrument in my presence, and who took an oath before me as to such
instrument. They acknowledge to me that the execution such act or deed is
their free and voluntary act.

Witness my hand and seal this July 16, 2016.

Doc. No. 303

Page No. 61
Book No. VII
Series of 2016

Nadine Bernardo
Rotary Public of Cebu City until 12-312016
Notarial Commission No. 99-10
2/F SP Building 1449 Villalon Drive,
East Capitol Site, Cebu City

Roll of Attorney No. 57637

IBP Lifetime Member No. 821437
DTI No. 5559500, Cebu City 1/16/2016

DOLE Compliance No. IV-0002201, Aug. 7,

Telephone Number (032) 2365344