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Verbos + TO ou

to buy FOR
to sell TO

a day por dia

in the no, na

a week por semana

at the no, na

a month por ms

in this neste,

a year por ano

to read TO
to write TO

IN + meses (Ex.: in January)

to close FOR

IN + anos (Ex.: in 1998)

to open FOR

IN + dentro (Ex.: Hes in the car)

to say TO

AT + horas (Ex.: I study at 7 o


to cook FOR

of this deste,
in that
of that

to do FOR

UNTIL = at (Ex.: I work until 8 o


for breakfast no caf da


to talk TO

BEFORE = antes de

for lunch no almoo

to take TO

AFTER = depois de

for dinner no jantar

to wash FOR

NEAR = perto de

for dessert de sobremesa

FAR = longe FROM = de

by car de carro
by bus de nibus
by train de trem

NEXT = prximo, seguinte

LAST = passado, ltimo
IN FRONT OF = em frente de

by subway de

TO NEED = precisar de

on foot a p

TO LIKE =gostar de
STILL/YET =ainda
ALSO/TOO = tambm
DURING =durante
SOON =logo
ONLY = s, somente
JUST =apenas
MIDDLE = meio
ALMOST =quase
WHOLE =inteiro
WHILE =enquanto

in the morning de manh

a/an um, uma

in the afternoon de tarde

the o,a,os,as

in the evening noite

in/at em

at night noite

to/for para, por

tonight hoje a noite

tomorrow morning amanh de
this morning hoje de manh
every morning toda manh
the whole morning a manh

of - de
a slice of uma fatia de
a cup of uma xcara de
a glass of um copo de
a bottle of uma garrafa de
a piece of um pedao de
a can of uma lata de

Verbos de Movimento
to go * TO THE (resto) e USA * TO school, church, work e nomes de cidades * NADA
home, downtown
Verbos sem movimento
to study * AT THE (resto) * AT home, school, church, work * NADA downtown
IN THE USA IN + cidades

Dias da semana (Monday, Tuesday, etc.)

on the weekend no final de semana
on holidays, on birthdays, on Christmas, on Easter, etc.
em cima, sobre Ex.: The book is on the table.