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Ensure On-Time Delivery for Maintenance/QA Projects
Author- Rekha Ramrakhiyani Co-Author- Santosh Kumar
Business Excellence

Key Delivery Challenges - Managing Maintenance/QA Projects
 Estimation accuracy

 On Time delivery
 Managing the deliveries within stipulated effort

 Trade off between Schedule and effort
 Proactive Project management

Project Management with leading indicators
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Possible solution to address -Key Delivery Challenges
 Modeling around : • Prediction Of Timely Delivery • Prediction Of Meeting Effort Targets • Validation of Estimates • Guidance towards optimum team composition

Modeling around leading indicators
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Solutions provided by Maintenance/QA Project Model
 Predicting confidence interval for On time Delivery  Predicting certainty for meeting effort targets  Suggesting Optimum Process composition  Enabling What If Analysis  Identifying Critical Sub process for statistical control

Modeling around leading indicators
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Frame work -PPM Model for Maintenance/QA Projects
No of Small Tickets 2

No of Medium Tickets
No of Large Tickets Total number of Tickets Available Team Size Hours Per Manday Planned Start Date Planned End Date Planned Release Duration in Days

4 11 2 8 1-Nov-09 30-Nov-09 21

Total Available Effort in Hrs
Certainty of On Time Delivery


Forecast for OTD

PPM for Prediction of On Time Delivery
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Features for-Maintenance/QA Project Models
 Inputs Required for Model     Estimated work packets/Tickets Estimated team composition Release start and end dates Probability Distributions for effort baselines

 Frequency for PPM Execution   Start of the Release During release with real process behavior

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Pilot Implementation of Maintenance Model
PPM Execution at start of the release

Certainty of meeting OTD Target

Only 63% Certainty for meeting OTD Target
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Pilot Implementation of Maintenance Model
Identifying Critical Sub process

Large Ticket’s CUT activity is contributing most for variation in OTD

Large Ticket's CUT Phase effort is statistically tracked and strong code review has been identified as corrective action
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Pilot Implementation of Maintenance Model
PPM Execution -Post Corrective actions

Certainty of meeting OTD Target

Post Corrective Actions-Certainty for meeting OTD Target Has improved to 97%.
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Critical Success Factors
 Easy to understand and execute  Customizable as per Project Specific Requirements  Does not require any Organization specific base line values  Can be used for QA as well as Maintenance Type of Projects  Re-calibration with real time process performance

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 Providing leading indicators  Productivity Improvement  Helping Projects in the estimates  Improved OTD delivery for projects  Reduction in effort over run for Projects  Improved Customer confidence

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Author- Rekha Ramrakhiyani Senior Manager – Business Excellence Email- Rekha.ramrakhiyani@birlasoft.com Co-Author- Santosh Kumar Head - Business Excellence Process Group Email- santosh.kumar@birlasoft.com
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