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Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10


Name HCL Infosystems Ltd.

Type BSE: 500179
BSE: 532281

Founded August 11, 1976

Delhi metropolitan area

Noida, India

1. Shiv Nadar, Founder-Chairman

and Chief Strategy Officer, HCL
2. Roshni Nadar, CEO HCL Corp
Key people 3. Ajai Chowdhry - Founder-
Chairman and CEO, HCL
Infosystems ,

4. Vineet Nayar - CEO, HCL


Industry IT Services

Revenue US$ 5.0 billion (2008)

Employees 58,000 (as on 30th Sep 2008)

GCOE, Jalgaon
Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10

2. Introduction

The HCL Enterprise is one of India's largest electronics, computing and information Technology
Company. Based in Noida, near Delhi, the company comprises two publicly listed Indian
companies, HCL Technologies and HCL Infosystems.

HCL was founded in 1976 by Shiv Nadar, Arjun Malhotra, Subhash Arora, Ajai Chowdhry, DS
Puri, & Yogesh Vaidya. HCL was focused on addressing the IT hardware market in India for the
first two decades of its existence with some sporadic activity in the global market.

On termination of the joint venture with HP in 1996, HCL became an enterprise which comprises
HCL Technologies (to address the global IT services market) and HCL Infosystems (to address the
Indian and APAC IT hardware market). HCL has since then operated as a holding company.

In 1976, Shiv Nadar, quit an executive job with Delhi Cloth Mills (DCM) along with five of his
friends (Arjun Malhotra, Subhash Arora, Badam Kishore Kumar, T.V Bharadwaj & Arun Kumar
H) to start a new company, Microcomp Limited. The focus of the company was design and
manufacturing of scientific calculators. The venture provided its founders money to start a
company that focused on manufacturing computers. The company was renamed as Hindustan
Computers Limited (HCL) and received support from the Uttar Pradesh government to setup their
manufacturing in Noida.

In 1981, NIIT was started to cater to the increasing demand in computer education. By early
2000s, Nadar divested his stake in this venture

1976 - HCL (Hindustan Computers Limited) is created.
1977 - Forms distribution alliance with Toshiba for copiers and notebooks
1978 - Developed the first indigenous Microcomputer
1988 - Development of fine-grained multiprocessor Unix operating system
1986 - HCL becomes the largest IT company in India
1989 - HCL America is created with Sanmina SCI as its manufacturing partner.
1991 - Entered into a partnership with HP to form HCL HP Limited. Developed a custom
Multiprocessor Unix for HP
1994 - Tied up with Nokia for mobile phone distribution and Ericsson for
telephone switch distribution.
1996 - Partnership with HP ends.
1997 - HCL's R&D division is spun off as HCL Technologies [4]
2001 - HCL BPO is created.

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Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10


A global corporation enriching lives and enabling business transformation for our customers, with
leadership in chosen technologies and markets. Be the first choice for employees and partners,
with commitment to sustainability.


We enable business transformation and enrichment of lives by delivering sustainable world class
technology Products, Solutions & Services in our chosen markets thereby creating superior
shareholder value.


We shall deliver defect free products, services and solutions to meet the requirements of our
external and internal customers the first time, every time.


GCOE, Jalgaon
Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10

HCL's computer hardware manufacturing plants include 4 facilities, 2 at Pondicherry, 1 at Chennai
& 1 at Uttaranchal.

The plant located in Pondicherry are situated 165 kms south of Chennai on the coast of the Bay of
Bengal with proximity to Chennai Air/Sea port, special policies for Industries of local Govt, ,
Inland Container Depots, attractive power and labour rates - makes Pondicherry an ideal place for

Started in 1996 - with only Unit 1 - it now has 4 Units with a built up area of 4, 19,000 sq. ft the
infrastructure is state of the art, one of the best & largest in India.

All 3 factories are ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001, ISO 13485:2003, TS 16949-2002 TUV-
Accredited certified. PMO was also Awarded MAIT Level 2 - by European Foundation for Quality
Management in the year 2001. HCL was also awarded ELCINA's (Electronic Component
Industries Association) Quality Award for the year 2002- 2003.

HCL Infosystems Ltd. Pondicherry, Uttarakhand, and Noida Manufacturing Units now ISO
9001:2008 Certified

State of the art IT systems in MRP, ERP, Online configurations enables this latest unit of HCL
(Rudrapur) to leverage the power of IT in delivering optimum efficiency. The plant is networked
& online with HCL branch and head offices. The Pondicherry plant has its own Product
Engineering Group (PEG) and R&D teams constantly engaged in developing new products and
solutions. Driven by a strong manufacturing objective, HCL promises to deliver defect free
products, services and solutions to meet the requirements of its external and internal customers,
right from the commencement of the relationship.

GCOE, Jalgaon
Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10
3.1 Manufacturing Objective



All processes in the manufacturing are aligned to this guiding objective . A strong emphasis of
"Quality by Process" is ensured across all processes. The products manufactured here undergo
stringent tests that ensures their ruggedness & durability , which may be deployed anywhere in
India and may have to face severe conditions like - heat , humidity , rough transportation &
handling .Our products undergo drop tests , hot & cold temperature chamber , client-site
simulation tests , reliability tests etc.

Computers are shipped to locations all over India with an extensive network of professional
logistic support partners. There is also a Customer satisfaction cell, in plant, to take care of
problems reported from field.

Customers, sales & marketing, support personnel, dealers & distributors are encouraged to visit the
plant to see, for themselves, what all goes in making a quality computer system.

3.2 Philosophy Of Quality

"We shall deliver defect-free products, services and solutions to meet the requirements of our
external and internal customers, the first time, every time."

To exist as a market leader in a globally competitive marketplace, organizations need to adopt and
implement a continuous improvement-based quality policy.One of the key elements to HCL's
success is its never-ending pursuit of superior quality in all its endeavors.

HCL INFOSYSTEMS believes in the Total Quality Management philosophy as a means for
continuous improvement, total employee participation in quality improvement and customer
satisfaction. Its concept of quality addresses people, processes and products.

Over the last 32 years, we have adapted to newer and better Quality standards that helped us
effectively tie Quality with Business Goals, leading to customer and employee satisfaction.

GCOE, Jalgaon
Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10


The history of structured quality implementation in HCL Infosystems began in the late 1980s with
the focus on improving quality of its products by using basis QC tools and Failure Reporting and
Corrective Active Systems (FRACAS). We also employed concurrent engineering practices
including design reviews, and rigorous reliability tests to uncover latent design defects.

In the early 90s, the focus was not merely on the quality of products but also the process quality
systems. Our manufacturing unit at NOIDA was certified initially to ISO 9002:1994 by Bureau
Veritas Certification in 1994 and later on to ISO 9001:1994 in 1997. As of now, all our
manufacturing units are certified by Bureau Veritas Certification as per ISO 9001:2000 and ISO
14001: 2004

In early 1995, a major quality initiative was launched across the company based on Philip B.
Crosby's methodology of QIPM (Quality Improvement Process Management). This model was
selected to because it considered the need and commitment by an organization to improve but
more importantly, the individual's need towards better quality in his personal life.

Under our Quality Education System program, we train our employees on the basic concepts and
tools of quality. A number of improvement projects have been undertaken by our employees,
whereby process deficiencies and bottlenecks are identified, and Corrective Action Projects
(CAPs) are undertaken. This reduces defect rates and improves cycle times in various processes,
including personal quality.

We have received MAIT's 'Level II recognition for Business Excellence' for our initiatives in the
Information Technology Industry, adding another commendation to our fold. MAIT's Level II
recognition is based on the 'European Foundation for Quality Management' (EFQM), for gaining
quality leadership and business competitiveness.

Our certifications / awards in 2003 include ISO 9001-2000 by Bureau Veritas Certification for our
InfoStructure Services and award of First Prize by ELCINA (Electronic Component Industries
Association) for Quality, 2002-03. The ELCINA award criteria considers two aspects. (1) Enablers
(Leadership & Management commitment, Resource Management, Product Realisation,
Measurement Analysis & Improvement) and Results (Product Quality, Customer / Stake holder
satisfaction , Business results).

The tryst for continuous quality improvement is never-ending in HCL Infosystems. We always
strive to maintain high quality standards, which help us fulfill our mission to provide world-class

GCOE, Jalgaon
Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10
information technology solutions and services, to enable our customers to serve their customers

The jobs performed by the Incoming quality control department are as follow:

• Quality Checking Of The System

• Component And Material Checking

• Display And Monitor Checking Through Software

• SMPS Checking By Software

• Checking For RGP And FRM Material

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Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10


HCL has been delivering the complete gamut of hardware engineering product services for global
product companies for more than a decade. We understand the changing customer needs and are
tenacious to develop and deliver innovative and future-enabled hardware products.

HCL offers domain-specific hardware engineering and design services in VLSI ASIC, FPGA, and
SoC engineering, board design, embedded software, mechanical engineering, and design,
prototyping, and value-added engineering services such as compliance engineering, independent
verification and validation and low volume manufacturing. We offer these services for partial
lifecycle product engineering and for full lifecycle solutions.

HCL’s hardware design capabilities have been built and refined over the decades and enriched
with specialist partnerships to provide spec to silicon engineering services to OEMs and
component manufacturers in verticals like aerospace, automotive, hi-tech, medical electronics,
consumer electronics, computer architecture, networking, and storage.


The total hardware installation works are to be performed in this department. The following
services are offered by this department as,

• Material Loading

• CPU Fixing

• RAM Fixing

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Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10


In this section we are guided by Mr. Arjun Sirohi that, all the installation work in the machine has
to be done according to requirement of the client. After the installation the following testing is

• 3A Current, 230v Power Supply Testing

• Hyper Testing On 1500v

• Shielding For The Leakage Current

• MADAC Software Test

• Reliability Testing for Minimum 2 hr.

• Audio and Video Testing

• LAN Testing

• Accessories Testing


Mr. Kranti is the guide for this section of the environment testing for the product testing section
finally. The MEOST stress test profile is the machine for testing the computer under the different
environment condition as Temperature, Humidity and Voltage variation.

• Temperature: -10 – 65 °c

• Humidity : 0% - 100%

• Drop Testing

5.4 The HCL Advantage:

o Proven Expertise: We have more than thirty years of Engineering and R&D expertise and
experience in developing critical hardware products.
o Strategic Partner: With offices and development centers in more than 17 countries, HCL
can be your Global Innovation and R&D Partner – with the hub in India.
o Greater market penetration: We enable our customers to serve existing markets better as
well as enter adjacent and new markets.

GCOE, Jalgaon
Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10
o Next Gen Solutions: We offer complete portfolio of product engineering services ranging
from concept, designing, prototyping, manufacture, testing, after market support, to re-
engineering and developing Next-Gen solutions.
o Quick Time-to-market: We follow domain-specific quality standards and processes and
have reusable components to ensure quick time-to-market the product.

5.5 Key Strengths:

o ASIC & FPGA design: HCL specializes in VLSI ASIC, FPGA, SoC design and
verification services. Our expertise in solid state system engineering including end-to-end
development involving architecture design, RTL design, developing full-functional FPGA
prototypes, verification, synthesis and back-end support helps customers improve their
design cycle and achieve faster go to market.
o Board Design: HCL offers expertise for concept to board prototyping – including
diagnostics, BSP and Driver development. We have completed PCB designs of upto 20
layers, 800 MHz Bus speeds, 3.2 GHz signal traces. We test boards for signal integrity and
standards compliance and have achieved the fastest time for developing a quality PCB.
o PCB Layout Services: HCL offers PCB Layout Services for in House Components
Engineering Support, in house PCB CAD design using industry standard CAD packages,
we have strategic tie ups for quick turn Around PCB fabrication, PCB assembly & Rework
including BGA components.
o Product Re-engineering Services: HCL has solutions for Obsolescence management for
Hardware products where we can help customers manage components obsolescence, cost
reduction, technology changes, and feature enhancements. We can also reengineer your
product to improve manufacturing process.
o Independent Verification and Validation: HCL is currently the only India-based Global
services company to have an in-house ISO 17025 accredited EMI / EMC testing laboratory.
The lab offers full compliance tests for OEM products as per applicable industry standards
like IEC, EN, CISPR, FCC, ASTM or other customers' specifications.
o Compliance Engineering Services: HCL provides complete compliance engineering
services for Hardware product companies - for RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous
Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) helping them meet
government directives in time.

GCOE, Jalgaon
Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10


As organizations are under immense pressure to achieve higher levels of device integration while
reducing cost, size, and complexity, the issue of process innovation has become very significant. At
HCL, we provide next-generation embedded software engineering solutions to our customers that
satisfy their specific business requirements.

HCL is a leader in developing embedded software and systems for various industries and domains.
We have expertise in safety-critical embedded systems with more than 2000 person years of
cumulative experience in developing small footprint and safety-critical embedded systems for
Medical Devices, Automotive Electronics and Aircraft Components. We use our DSP expertise
and IPs to develop fast embedded middleware, rich applications and interactive GUI for consumer
electronics, computer peripherals and telecom products. Our embedded systems group comprises
of a large talent pool of engineers and equipped with competencies in a range of programming
tools, microprocessors and real-time operating systems.

6.1 Overview

With rising costs and margin pressure across industries – Manufacturing companies look
beyond their shores to optimize their Product Engineering and R&D services to shorten their
product development time and get an early edge in the competitive business ecosystem. At HCL,
we understand the importance of innovating and customizing the existing products of our
customers in the minimum possible time frame..

HCL offers advanced Mechanical Engineering services to customers that help them in developing
complex mechanical designs and products, significantly reduce their time-to-market and help them
penetrate early and deep into the existing and emerging markets.

HCL's capabilities in providing solutions throughout the product development life cycle from
conceptual design, industrial and mechanical engineering design, CAD modeling and detailing, to
simulation, analysis and prototyping, product testing and manufacturing makes HCL a unique one-
stop solutions provider for Engineering Services. HCL also has expertise in implementation,
maintenance and customization of PDM and PLM tools.

HCL's investment in specialist capability in CAD / CAE and the evolution of the mechanical
engineering practice as part of the 'Product Engineering service triad' stand testimony to the
capability to augment service lines. We have a proven track record of providing complete
Mechanical Engineering solutions for customers in verticals like Aerospace, Automotive,
Telecom, Consumer & Medical Devices, Semiconductor and Storage & Computing.

GCOE, Jalgaon
Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10

6.2 Embedded Product Lifecycle Services tailored for industry

HCL has executed turnkey development projects for new products as well as provided discrete
services for existing products. Our embedded product lifecycle services provide:

• New Product development: Feasibility study, architecture, modeling & design,

development, release management
• New product Adaptation: Re-development & re-engineering, new technology adaptation,
performance and reliability improvement and multiple platform porting services
• Product Sustenance: Lifecycle enhancements, defect tracking and fixing, feature
enhancements, regression testing and maintenance release
• Testing & Verification: Test plan design, test automation and scripting, compatibility and
interoperability, compliance testing and regression testing

Using unparalleled expertise across various domains, HCL tailors its embedded services to meet
the unique challenges of different industries.

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Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10
6.3 The HCL Advantage

• The HCL HeritEdge: More than 30 years of powerful legacy in developing engineering
products and designs.
• Dedicated domain-specific practices: Domain specific practices for Aerospace,
Automotive, Semiconductor, Hi-tech, Life Sciences and other verticals.
• End-to-end capability: Complete solution for all your requirements from Industrial
Design, Engineering Design, to CAE/Cam, Documentation, Prototyping, Testing, and
• Proven Expertise: Tremendous expertise in implementing efficient ECO solutions for
complex equipment.
• Cost benefits: HCL’s dedicated offshore development Centers (ODC) and domain-specific
certified Testing Labs ensure you the reduced total cost of ownership. Our full life-cycle
services can save you a benefit of up to 45%.

6.4 Business Benefits

Our end-to-end service offerings across verticals enable us to offer certain business benefits to our

• Up-to 40% time to market benefits

• Up-to 60% cost benefits
• Improved product design
• Improved manufacturability
• Product life-cycle extension

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Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10


7.1 Overview

With the increasing competition and availability of similar types of products and services in the
marketplace, differentiation is critical for an organization to create a unique place and leapfrog the
competition. At HCL, we understand the importance of Research & Development (R&D) for our
customers businesses and are committed to provide world-class R&D and Technology Services to
our customers. HCL engages with customers with 360 degree partnership approach and serves
them through unique propositions like Concept to Manufacture, and First 2.0. HCL works with
customer's captive centers enabling them to leverage our decade-long experience in handling
offshore projects and our wide range of expertise.

We offer comprehensive range of R&D and Engineering services to component vendors, OriEMs,
ODMs and ISVs across multiple industry segments and domains. We have a proven track record in
providing “end to end solutions” and ability to consistently deliver complex and critical products.
The ever competitive software product industry continues to witness new technologies sweeping
the market, heightened consolidation waves and a move to utility based software delivery through
Software as a Service (SaaS) and Web 2.0 technologies. The increasing pace of innovation has in
turn shortened the life cycle of software products. Visionary industry leaders have realized the
importance of collaboration to stay competitive and have started building their global product
development ecosystem to ‘out innovate’ competitors.

Against this background, Software Product Companies need more than just another offshore
services vendor on a piecemeal basis to collaborate for success. They need a Strategic Partner who
can share and execute on the product long term strategic vision. At HCL, we share the innovation
and product strategy vision of our partners. We are fully committed in increasing the effectiveness
of innovation while adding the right value in executing that vision and getting it right the first

HCL is a leading offshore Software Product Engineering partner to more than 80 global software
companies, including 7 out of the top 10.

HCL Software Engineering Practice taps into HCL's multi domain expertise, high impact services,
investments in IPs and infrastructure and (r)evolutionary engagement model to help clients launch
new products faster, manage unparalleled customer experience, enhance product lifecycles and
exploit market adjacencies.

Leveraging our software product engineering experience and expertise for over 15 years, we
provide services along the lifecycle of a software product to enable our clients to innovate faster
and to optimize the realization of innovation.

GCOE, Jalgaon
Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10

Leverage HCL’s Unique Solutions to maximize your product potential

1. Creating an unmatched value proposition through SaaS in an accelerated timeframe

SaaS has revolutionized the way ISVs deliver, manage and support software. We have successfully
partnered with industry leaders to facilitate their move to SaaS to reach new customers, exploit
market adjacencies and enhanced customer experience. Leveraging our experience of over a
decade and proven-expertise in software product engineering we have developed a proven program
to help our clients adopt SaaS in an accelerated time frame.

• Integrated service reduces time-to-market by 40% - HCL provides integrated end-to-

end SaaS service spanning across - Consulting, Enablement, Hosting and Management
services. Working with multiple vendors takes significantly more time for SaaS adoption
• HCL's SaaS service delivery platform - Understanding the needs of ISVs, HCL has
invested in developing a service delivery platform - Agora, a pre-configured monitoring
and management tool, which significantly reduces time-to-market

2. Maximize Web 2.0 Impact

Since the beginning of applications such as search and social networking - HCL has successfully

GCOE, Jalgaon
Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10
engineered web products and services which fully harness the power of Web 2.0 - including a
Real-estate search website, Travel portal, Leading content portal, Geo-spatial search and mash-ups
among others. HCL has also developed an Enterprise Community Online Platform - a quick start
platform for organizations to launch Enterprise 2.0 applications and services.

3. On-Demand Test Lab

HCL has invested in an on-demand software testing lab that allows ISVs to reduce their software
product testing cycle times and lower their capital expenditure on testing hardware and software.

The main features of the Lab include:

• Agile and Flexible engagement model

o Pay per use, ready infrastructure and
o Ability to test product remotely with in-house testing teams using a lab-on-rent
• People
o Access to HCL’s pool of testing experts
o Access to HCL’s multi domain and industry experts
• Processes
o Detailed guidelines and scripting standards for test automation
o Best practices on testing methodologies in specialized test areas
• Infrastructure
o Test Lab with variety of servers on demand
o Partnerships with testing tool vendors - all test servers provisioned with standard
testing software
o Tools to ensure isolation, availability and security testing
o Virtualization of server platform through VMWare tools

4. Ensuring client’s product success with ground breaking product outcome based
engagement - Global Risk Reward Partnership

HCL's Global Risk Reward Partnership (GRRP) is based on the fundamental of joint outcome
ownership of a product. HCL has successfully partnered with global technology leaders in
positively influencing their product revenues under a risk-reward sharing partnership.

The mandate of HCL's GRRP model is to help our partners successfully exploit market adjacencies
to increase their product revenues. The market adjacencies can be geographical, new customer
segment, technological or vertical adjacencies.

GCOE, Jalgaon
Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10


• Mitigate risk - we put our skin in the game to share it with you
• Free valuable locked-in resources and deploy them in newer core innovation projects
• Enhanced revenue and market share by exploiting market adjacencies
• Variabilization of your R&D and support cost

7.2 Engineering - HCL’s DNA

HCL has a rich product engineering genealogy for the past 30 years. As one of India’s original
technology start-ups, HCL developed the first 8-bit microcomputer at the same time as Apple in
1978; released the world’s first RDBMS in 1983; and released a multi-processor UNIX-3, in 1989,
before Sun and HP. With our deep-rooted experience in developing complex hardware products
ranging from large telecom equipment to small foot-print, high performance, and critical medical
products, we cater to the changing needs of our customers for updated and novel products that add
value to their existing businesses.

7.3 HCL's ERS Highlights

• Customers: More than 245 customers across Telecom & Networking, Medical Devices,
Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Automotive, Servers,
Storage, Security, Operating Systems, and Contract Manufacturing
• Depth through the value chain: Engagements with OEMs, EMS companies, Component
Vendors (Processor Companies, Auto and Aero Component Vendors), Standards bodies
• Breadth of service offerings
o Hardware Engineering
o Embedded Engineering
o Mechanical Engineering
o Software Product Engineering
• Domain-specific Processes
o Certifications - ISO 13485, AS 9100
o Compliance – DFR, FDA, MDD; FAA, DO178B, DO254

7.4 Key Propositions

GCOE, Jalgaon
Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10
With its significant product engineering strength and experience, HCL provides Full lifecycle
product engineering services, spanning from requirements definition to prototype architecture,
development, testing, and technical help desk from L0 onwards, field support, maintenance and

• Concept-to-Manufacturing for Hi-tech and Manufacturing companies including

environment testing and compliance
• Low volume manufacturing and associated services including supply chain integration,
vendor management, and transfer of technology
• Post-manufacturing services including product lifecycle services and high-level technical
• Software product engineering solutions including web-enablement for SaaS, digital
protection services, Web 2.0 services and R&D services for OEMs
• Engineering Portfolio Optimization (EPO)

Services across the Product Lifecycle

HCL engages with customers with 360 degree partnership approach and serves them through
unique propositions like Concept to Manufacture, and First 2.0. We work with our customer's
captive centers enabling them to leverage our decade-long experience in handling offshore projects
and our wide range of expertise.

We offer unique integrated services that span hardware, software, electronic packaging, and value-
added services to customers, especially in mission-critical, complex product engineering areas.
Our investments in test labs, tools, and infrastructure coupled with our rich portfolio of reusable
components help to reduce both cost and time-to-market.

GCOE, Jalgaon
Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10

8. Guidelines

8.1 Service Offerings

o Hardware Product Engineering

o Embedded Engineering
o Mechanical Engineering
o Software Product Engineering

8.22 Success Stories

o ASIC Design
o Board Design for time-to-market advantage
o End to end software development solution technology using cross technology and cross

8.3 Testimonials

o Awesome job folks! This was a tough one. With the requirements changing seemingly
daily and resources extremely tight you folks really...
o Please let your entire team know that we thank each and everyone of them and they all
helped to contribute...

8.4 White Papers

o Thermal Design and Management of Servers

o Thermal Management in Electronic Equipment
o New Product Introduction
o Product Lifecycle Management - A Platform for Profitable Innovation
o Concept-to-Manufacturing: Quicker Way to Product Development

8.5 Intellectual Properties

o Wireless USB Host Controller

o Wireless USB Device Controller
o SATA Host Controller
o AXI DDR3 Controller
o I2C - 2.1 Controller
o AHB Compliant Nand Flash Controller

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Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10

8.6 Business Lines

o Business Process Outsourcing

HCL's Business Processing Division (BPO) offers a comprehensive service range...

o Enterprise Application Services

HCL's Enterprise Application Services adopt a platform based approach, fuelling
business optimization ...

o Custom Application Services

HCL's application development, maintenance and consulting services help increase
productivity, reduce total cost...

o Enterprise Transformation Services

HCL Enterprise Transformation Services (ETS) assists our forward-looking

o Engineering and R&D Services

HCL offers comprehensive range of R&D and Technology services to Component
Vendors, OEMs, ODMs and ISVs...

o IT Infrastructure Management
HCL's Infrastructure Services Division (ISD) is India's leading IT services

8.7 Industry Sectors

o Aerospace and Defense

Avionics, Engineering Design, Defense, IT Applications, Manufacturing Services

o Energy and Utilities

Electric, Water, Waste and Recycling Management

o Healthcare
Providers, Payers

o Life Sciences
Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices

GCOE, Jalgaon
Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10
o Semiconductors
Hardware Product Engineering Services, Embedded Engineering Services, Electrical
Engineering & Prototyping, Mechanical Engineering Services

o Transportation & Logistics

Logistics Service Providers, FTL & LTL Truck Load Carriers, Railroads,Shipping,
Courier & Parcel Distribution

o Automotive
Sub-system Experience and Services, Engineering Services, Testing Services , IT
Services, Enterprise Enterprise Application Services

o Financial Services
Retail & Corporate Banking, Capital Market Services, Insurance

o Independent Software Vendors

Powering Revenue Growth, Transforming R&D, Transforming Business Operations,
Enterprise Application Services, Enterprise Transformation Services, Infrastructure
Services, Business Aligned IT Framework

o Media & Entertainment

Publishing, Business Information Services, Gaming ,New Media

o Servers and Storage

Servers and Storage Services, BAIT Business Aligned IT Framework, Managed
Services, Enterprise Application Services, Infrastructure Services, BPO Services

o Travel & Hospitality

Reservation & Bookings, Customer Acquisition & Retention, Revenue Management
System, Sales Incentive Management System, Key Account Management System,

o Consumer Electronics
Service Offerings

o Government
Capability and Offerings, HCL Differentiators, iGOVERN Solutions

o Industrial Manufacturing
Manufacturing and Execution Systems, Enterprise Application Services, Infrastructure
Services, Enterprise Transformational Services, Lean Manufacturing, Business Aligned
IT Framework

GCOE, Jalgaon
Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10
o Retail & Consumer
Planning, Merchandising and Demand Intelligence, Supply Chain Management, In-
Store and Corporate Systems

o Telecom
Engineering Cost Optimization, Ticket Life Cycle Management, Advanced
Technologies Empowerment Services

8.8 Everything HCL

• Geo Spread
Australia & New Zealand, China, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Latin America,
Malaysia, Middle East, Singapore, US

• About Us
The 3-decade-old enterprise, founded in 1976, is one of India's original IT garage start-ups.
Its range of offerings...

• Investors
The trust and confidence our stakeholders exhibited in us is fundamental to our business. In
an endeavor to build on...
• Partners
EMC, Microsoft, SAP, TIBCO, Oracle

• Services +
'Services +' focuses on some of the future looking and business oriented services of HCL
aimed at creating more...
• Careers
At HCL, we believe in 'EMPLOYEE FIRST'...we have a Five Fold Path to Individual
• Analysts & Advisors
Register and share the latest presentations on HCL's strategic direction, key service
propositions and alerts....

• News & Media

See How HCL is making strides in Media and News...
• Events
Meet at HCL's enlightened individuals in the upcoming events.
• Webinars
Listen and share your views with industry experts in our upcoming webinars...

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Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10


HCL Infosystems (HCLI) draws it's strength from 30 years of experience in handling the ever
changing IT scenario , strong customer relationships, ability to provide the cutting edge technology
at best-value-for-money and on top of it, an excellent service & support infrastructure. Today,
HCL is country's premier information enabling company. It offers one-stop-shop convenience to
its diverse customers having an equally diverse set of requirements.

Be it a large multi-location enterprise, or a small/medium enterprise, or a small office or a home,

HCLI has a product range, sales & support capability to service the needs of the customer.

Last 30 years apart from knowledge & experience have also given us continuity in relationship
with the customers, thereby increasing the customer confidence in us.Our strengths can be
summarized as:

 Ability to understand customer's business and offer right technology.

 Long standing relationship with customers.

 Pan India support & service infrastructure.

 Best-vale-for-money offerings.

 Technology Leadership

HCL Infosystems is known to be the harbinger of technology in the country. Right from our
inception we have attempted to pioneer the technology introductions in the country either through
our R&D or through partnerships with the world technology leaders.

Using our own R&D we have:

 Created our own UNIX & RDBMS capability (in 80s).

 developed firewalls for enterprise & personal system security.

GCOE, Jalgaon
Industrial Visit Report On ‘HCL Infosystems Ltd 2009-10
 launched our own range of enterprise storage products.

 launched our own range of networking products.

We strive to understand the technology from the view of supporting it post installation as well.
This is one of the key ingredients that go into our strategic advantage.

HCL Infosystems has to its claim several technology pioneering initiatives. Some of them are:

1. Country's first DeskTop PC - BusyBee in 1985.

2. Country's first branded home PC - Beanstalk in 1995.

3. Country's first Pentium 4 based PC at sub 40k price point.

4. Country's first Media Center PC.

GCOE, Jalgaon