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Blass disease control with the principle of the 6 right use pesticides in

the kraton village district Magetan

Blast disease caused by the fungus Pyricularia grisea is one of the important diseases
in contained in irrigated lowland rice agroecosystem. Pyricularia grisea fungus that can
attacked all phases growth of rice plants from the nursery until the harvest .The disease is
becoming a serious challenge if found neck blast attack that can reducerice yield
tremendously. New races of P. Grisea will be formed if the characteristic of plant resistance
has changed.
Blast disease that attacks the generative stage generally called BLAS neck or neck
rot . At a conducive environment , BLAS leaves can sometimes lead to death . This attacks
neck can reduce the results directly since malai rotten and broken neck so disturbed and
grain filling into a hollow . BLAS attacks on the neck can cause plants to become parched .
Blas attack leaves are high can affect plant growth and productive tillers . Another factor
supporting the development of the disease BLAS is the use of nitrogen fertilizers were
excessive , soil , watering , humidity , temperature , fertilizer , and the most important is often
not be left off the farmer is use of pesticides are not right that cause resistance plant rice to
disease blass downhill .
Alternative technology for controlling blast disease techniques with raising Planting
Seeds of healthy seed and certified , Soaking seed with a fungicide solution , Rice planting
system Legowo row , fertilization impartial , Planting Varieties Planted disease- resistant
Blass , and tepenting is the use of pesticides are fungicides by spraying the plants ,
environmental sanitation and prevention with the use of straw as compost .
Therefore to support in this disease control in plant rice blass at the recommended
pesticides also with concern principle 6 Exactly the right target , the right quality of the timely
use of appropriate dose or concentration tepaat formulation and precise manner of use .

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