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Kraemers 1st Grade Class

What we are learning!
Math- Addition Cont.*Can your child add fluently within 10? Can your child use addition to solve word problems within

Reading- Describing Story Elements/ Retelling Cont.* Can your child identify and describe each story element within
a text (i.e characters, setting, events (beginning, middle, end), problem, and solution)? Can your child retell a story from
beginning to end including all of the story elements?


Final Consonant Clusters (ex. dent, thing, trunk, etc.) We are continuing to work on writing

complete sentences that include a noun, verb, begins with a capital letter, and end with a period.

Writing- Narrative Writing* Can your child write a narrative in which they recount 2 or more appropriately
sequenced events, include details, use temporal words (i.e first, next, then, etc.) and provide some sense of closure?
**Please encourage correct conventions when writing a sentence!**

Content- End of quarter assessments for quarter 1

10/4- RFL Spirit Night at
Zaxbys @ 5PM-8PM
10/5- Walk to School
10/6- Wordy 30 Challenge
10/6- PTA Meeting/ 2nd grade
performance @ 6:15
10/7- End of the 1st 9 weeks
10/12- Reflections Art Entries
10/15- Campus Clean-up @ 2-5
campus 2PM-4PM
10/16- Fall Festival at 2-5
campus 1PM-5PM
10/17-10/21- Conference
Week/ Early Release
10/21- Box Top Contest Ends
10/24-10/28- Red Ribbon
10/25- Spirit Night at Uncle
Maddios 5PM-9PM

Homework has begun! Your child will need to turn in their homework
*A copy was attached in todays email. Please let me know if you need me to print
your family a paper copy*

News from Mrs. Kraemer

September reading logs were due TODAY! If you did not send in your childs reading log,
please do so by tomorrow. If I do not receive it tomorrow, they will not be eligible for
the monthly reward.
The October reading log as well as specials calendar came home today so be on the
Purple House won the house contest again this month. Way to go purple house! They
celebrated with a popsicle party on the playground this afternoon.
Tentative conference times will be sent home THIS FRIDAY! If your child has a sibling at
KSE, I will have worked with the other teacher(s) to schedule the conferences on the
same day. Please let me know ASAP if you can attend your conference time or you
need to reschedule.
The Wordy 30 challenge starts this week! Your child will come home with more
information about it tomorrow, but this is a great way to help build your childs

Rockstar of the Week: n/a. House of the Month: Purple House!

-Be sure to check
your email and our
blog every Monday
to receive news
about our class!

- Dont forget to
have your child
read/you read to
them for 15-20
minutes a night!
- Be sure to check
your childs binder
each night for
information coming
home as well as
comments on the
work he or she has
completed in class.