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Volume 8, Number 6 August 2016


By Former Colorado Christian University President
Bill Armstrong

Publisher, Dr. Donald W. Sweeting

U LI AT ller
SC b

Principled Ideas from the Centennial Institute

Editor, Jeff Hunt

the dream of aviation. And one afternoon as he was seated

in his backyard in North Hollywood, California, he was
looking up into the sky and watching the airplanes coming
in to land at Los Angeles International Airport. And thats
when he got a brilliant idea. So he went down to the Army
surplus store and bought lengths of rope which he cut to
an appropriate dimension and a tank of helium and 45
weather balloons. He went home and the first thing he did
was to tie down the chair to the ground and then he began
to inflate the balloons and one by one tied them using the
rope to a lawn chair in which he was intending to be seated.
Soon he had 45 of them and the chair, of course, is just
straining, straining to lift off. Then he went in and fixed
himself a sandwich, took the sandwich and a BB gun, and
sat down in the chair and with a knife he brought along,
he cut the restraint that held the chair to the ground. Now
I have no way of knowing what he thought was going to
happen. He might have assumed that the chair was going
to gently float into the sky, but it didnt. With 45 of those
balloons full of helium, it went up like a rocket and in a
very short time he was at fifteen thousand feet.

In the aftermath of three of

the worst Supreme Court
decisions in the history of
American Jurisprudence,
we should remember
what God has told us.
If my people, who are
called by my name, will
humble themselves and
pray and seek my face
and turn from their
wicked ways, then I will
hear from heaven, and
I will forgive their sin
and will heal their land.
Our late President Bill Armstrong gave his
(2 Chronicles 7:14) I
final Western Conservative Summit address
in 2015, encouraging attendees to be bold
want to say that it is in
and very courageous in standing for our faith
Can you imagine the pilots flying by and seeing a man in
my heart that we ought
and founding principles.
a lawn chair and then calling into the airport and saying,
to pray specifically for
LAX, this is flight 100, Im sorry to tell you theres a man
the United States Supreme Court, for the institution of
here in a lawn chair with weather balloons.
the court, and for the individual members.
And the tower replied with, We know that,
They bare a tremendous responsibility, they
weve already heard about that. The FAA
are men and women who are under a great
Pray For The
wanted to revoke Larry Walters license but,
deal of pressure. For the sake of their souls
of course, he didnt have a license.
and for the future of our country, let us
pray for the U.S. Supreme Court. As we
He escaped serious injury. His chair came
do so, of course, we will be fulfilling the
to rest next to a power line with some of
recommendation of St. Paul, who said,
the ropes hanging across the electric lines,
Pray for those in positions of authority over us. We will
shorting out the power to several hundred thousand
also be fulfilling the command of our Lord Jesus who said,
residents of the area. For this he got his picture in the paper.
Pray for those who persecute us. It is our duty, it should
For this he got an award from a service club who declared
be our joy. Lets pray for those in positions of authority
that he was the bonehead of the year. And, of course, he
who sometimes seem to be tormenting us a little bit.
was on all kinds of television programs. Finally, somebody
A High Flying Example
Now then, lets think about the exploits of Larry Walters.
On July 3rd, 1982, his picture was on the front page of
virtually every newspaper in America because of a colossally
stupid thing he had done the day before. Larry Walters was
a truck driver, he lived in North Hollywood, California,
and as he drove his truck up and down California, making
deliveries, his heart and his mind were in the air. He had

President Bill Armstrong served as the President of Colorado Christian University

from 2006-2016. He also served as a US Senator, US Congressman, State Senator,
and State Representative. He passed away on July 5, 2016. He was a great leader,
servant of Christ, husband, father, grandfather, businessman, and friend to all.

Centennial Institute sponsors research, events, and publications to enhance

public understanding of the most important issues facing our state and nation.
By proclaiming Truth, we aim to foster faith, family, and freedom,
teach citizenship, and renew the spirit of 1776.

thought to ask him, what were you thinking about? You

have done what is arguably the dumbest thing a human
being ever did, what prompted you to do it? And he said,
Well, a man cant just sit around.
Were Not Just Sitting Around
A man cant just sit around. Words to live by, friends, and
Ill tell you this, at Colorado Christian University, we dont
think its a time, in our personal life or our national life, to
sit around. A man cant sit around, a woman in these times
cannot just sit around. And were teaching our students
that God is calling us to help raise up a generation of men
and women to step into the shoes of William Wilberforce
and Patrick Henry and Florence Nightingale and Susan B.
Anthony and Clarence Thomas and Ronald Reagan and
Rick Santorum and Carly Fiorina and John Andrews and
so many others. This is a time when we need our most
outstanding men and women to be filled with dedication
and energy to lead our country in a more wholesome, a
more thoughtful, a more Godly direction
and restore not only the Christian principles
of our nation, but the founding political
and constitutional principles of the United
States of America.
There arent many colleges and universities
that have taken on this challenge, but a
few years ago the board of trustees of Colorado Christian
University adopted a statement of strategic objectives,
quite different than most schools would do for a couple
of reasons. First of all, because it is a very specific set of
objectives, these are not broad generalities. Our first
strategic objective is to honor Christ and to share the love
of Christ on campus and around the world. This year our
students will be in 20 foreign countries and also on missions
throughout the United States and our alumni will be in 20
more countries as missionaries, working in international
business and politics, in military service and otherwise.
Our second strategic objective is to teach students to, this
is really countercultural, trust the Bible, live holy lives,
and be evangelists. Now they are not going to get that
on nationwide TV, they are not going to get it from the
movies, and frankly, they are not going to get it at very
many colleges and universities anywhere in the world. We
really believe this is just crucial. Were calling our students,

our graduates, and our faculty and staff, to live on a plane

that is well above the cultural norm. Trust the Bible, live
holy lives, and be evangelists.
Then we have a series of educational objectives having to
do with the quality of our academic programs. We want to
teach students to think for themselves, we want them to be
able to express themselves clearly and vividly.
Influencing Our Culture For Good
And then we have a series of controversial cultural
objectives. It is our objective, it is the official policy and
objective of Colorado Christian University, to influence
our culture in support of traditional values, the sanctity
of life, a Biblical understanding of human nature, and
therefore, a preference for limited government rather
than expansive government, for free markets rather than
regimented markets, for compassion for the poor, for
western civilization, and the original intent of the United
States Constitution. Yes, you did hear that right. It is and
has been for a number of years an objective
of CCU to foster appreciation and support
for the original intent of the Constitution,
Christ and at the conclusion of a terrible series
of decisions in the Supreme Court, I cant
think of anything more appropriate then
for us to recommit and renew our pledge to
the original intent of the Constitution.
Well these are unusual objectives, first, because theyre
specific and second, because frankly, if most colleges and
universities were to make a declaration in specific terms on
these subjects, theyd be on the opposite side on most of
these issues. At CCU we say Jesus is Lord, at many schools
they say Jesus is a joke. We say the Bible is infallible,
inerrant, at many schools they say the Bible is irrelevant
and so on. And so far as I know, there isnt any other college
or university anywhere in the world that has pledged itself
to the kind of cultural reforms that were undertaking. You
might ask, well how is this turning out? Honestly, just
great. Colorado Christian University is soaring.
Colorado Christian University Is Soaring
We are experiencing tremendous growth, and at the same
time, the academic standards at the university are rising
rapidly. The American Council of Trustees and Alumni

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The Founding of Political Science at CCU

By Professor Greg Schaller

Some might be surprised to find out that in the first 90 years of Colorado Christian
University, the school had never had a political science major. In fact, the school
had never employed a political science faculty member until the fall of 2009. Some
might also be surprised that the former United States Senator, National Republican
leader, and now President of CCU, did not make the creation of a political science
major his first priority. But those who knew Bill well would also recognize that
while politics was important, there were other items of greater importance on his
agenda as he took the helm of leadership.
Everything was secondary to the priority of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. President Armstrong
would never allow anyone to be confused about this. Nevertheless, he did care
deeply about American politics and the need for good citizens who were wellinformed about their government. This was true not only for students of political
science, but also for everyone who attended CCU.

Professor Greg Schaller

Before even considering the creation of a major in politics, President Armstrong did two things. First, he implemented the
Strategic Objectives for CCU, which includes Impact our culture in support of traditional family values, sanctity of life,
compassion for the poor, Biblical view of human nature, limited government, personal freedom, free markets, natural law,
original intent of the Constitution and Western civilization. Establishing this important groundwork for the university and
its student body was the first objective. The second thing President Armstrong did was to overhaul the core curriculum,
including adding a required course on American Government. This course is concentrated on understanding several things: the
founding principles as laid down in the Declaration of Independence; the concept of limited government; and the importance
of maintaining fidelity to the Constitution and the principle of rule of law. In order to prepare our students for any vocation,
President Armstrong knew that knowledge of these fundamentals are essential.
While it was important to President Armstrong that all of our graduates be well-versed in their understanding of American
Government, he also realized the importance in raising up the next generation of political leaders. A part of that plan included
the development of a political science program at CCU.
The theme of the Politics major at CCU is Reviving Statesmanship. This fits in perfectly with the vision that Bill Armstrong
had for the goals of a Politics degree. The proposal presented to President Armstrong outlining the goals of the Politics major
reflected on George Washingtons First Inaugural Address, where Washington explained that there exists in human nature an
indissoluble union between virtue and happiness. Happiness requires virtue because a people who lack virtue will not be a
happy people. Washington understood, as all good political scientists do, that political society cannot ignore the character
of its citizens. Just as free society requires a limited, constitutional government, a limited, constitutional government requires
citizens who are self-restrained and responsibleit requires citizens of good character. In this way, political science instructs
us what it means to be a citizen and how to evaluate and, if needed, improve political society, while preparing the soul for a
lifetime of truly liberal education.
Within the Politics major at CCU, our students are being trained in political philosophy, international relations, constitutional
law, public policy, political economy, and the institutions of American Government. President Armstrong always reminded
the faculty at CCU that one of our goals was to raise up great statesmen and stateswomen. He encouraged us to educate our
students about great leaders who provide an example for how future leaders should themselves govern.
President Armstrong frequently suggested that a future President of the United States should come from the ranks of CCU
alumni. The skeptic might be quick to scoff. Bill would respond: Why not? Indeed, why not? Our graduates are grounded
in their faith, knowledgeable about the Constitution and the institutions of government (at a much higher rate than most
college graduates), and are knowledgeable about the examples of great historical leaders. President Armstrong always pointed
to Wilberforce, Nightingale and Bonhoeffer as models of statesmanship. These were Christ-followers who exhibited great
wisdom, discernment, decisiveness and sacrifice and were individuals we should admire and seek to emulate. These are the
ingredients of a great statesman, in the model of Bill Armstrong. Nothing could be a finer tribute to our former President.
Our nation is in desperate need of leaders who possess these qualities and CCUs Politics department is committed to raising
up such leaders.
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By Former President Bill Armstrong

In his final address to the Western Conservative

Summit, former President Bill Armstrong
encourages attendees to boldly make a difference
in their communities. President Armstrong was cofounder, along with John Andrews, of the Western
Conservative Summit.
did a survey of 1,070 colleges and universities around the
country, Ivy League schools, Christian schools, the Big 10,
you name it. And they looked at the core curriculum of each
of these schools and on the basis of the core curriculum,
they awarded each school a letter grade. Out of 1,070,
they gave the letter grade of A to 21 schools. Colorado
Christian University, probably the smallest school in their
universe, was one of those. There are two in Colorado, the
United States Air Force Academy and Colorado Christian
University. And in the other 49 states there are
exactly 19 other such schools.

because we have a wonderful board of trustees, and I thank

them, I bless their name, they are great. We have a very able
faculty, weve got rock stars, and weve got a great staff. But
I dont think you can account for the success of Colorado
Christian University in primarily human terms. It is my
conviction that when I think of the success weve enjoyed,
beyond anything that is reasonably to be expected under
the circumstances, its the intervention of God himself. I
can almost hear him saying, and I am not hearing voices,
but I can almost hear him say, I will show
the world what I will do for a university that
honors me.

been to our campus lately, please come. We already have

one magnificent, wonderful, efficient, terrific building
up and running, we dedicated it last September, Leprino
Hall, classrooms and offices. Our second new building
will be completed in about four weeks and will house
300 students and a wonderful new residential facility on
Alameda Avenue.

May I ask you to pray for our university? If you know

young men and women who would be good prospects to
be students for us, please send them to us. If you have an
opportunity to do so, I would be very grateful for your
financial support. But supremely, lift us up in prayer. Weve
got great opportunities, more than we can handle, and
with your help were going to rise to the challenge ahead.

How can this be? How can one of the smallest universities
in America be doing all of these things? Well, it is in part

Be bold. Be brave. Be creative. Be the salt of the earth. God

bless us all, thank you.

Our Academic standards are rising. We started
a debate team three years ago and so far, we
And so thats our strategy, to honor him and
Salt Of
have won two national championships in three
throw ourselves into the battle for the soul of
years. And on the day we were winning the
The Earth the United States of America. Were not going
national debate championship, on that very
to sit around, were going to follow Larry
day, our mens basketball team was winning the
Walters advice. Were going to be on the go.
National Christian College mens basketball championship.
Were not going to be spiritual or cultural or political or
And a few days earlier than that, our womens basketball
civic or economic couch potatoes. We tell our students,
team had won the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference
and I would charge all of you, this is a time to be strong and
basketball championship.
very courageous, to be bold, to be creative, to be brilliant,
to be the salt of the earth.
Were building new buildings, in fact, if you havent

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