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Dear : ________________________
This Temporary Employment is entered into between Ming Chao and
yourself. Subject to the following terms and conditions to with:
1. You shall be hired for the position of ___Server________ on a
temporary basis within a period of _______________
months from
2. As a compensation for your services, you shall be paid a basic salary
of P _________ per day. Payment shall be made twice a month and a
computation will be on daily basis.
3. If upon the expiration of your temporary employment we find the need
to extend your services you will be advised accordingly, subject to the Restaurant
existing rules and employment policies.
4. It is expressly and understood by the parties to this Employment
Agreement that whenever in the judgment or opinion of the undersigned, or the
subject 's department head you fail to make substantial progress in performing
your job in accordance with the Restaurant performance standards, or that you
have violated major and/or grave offenses detrimental to the interest of our
operations, Ming Chao Restaurant shall have the discretion to terminate this
employment agreement at any time within the period abovementioned and this
agreement shall cease to have force and effect; in which event the Restaurant
shall not be liable to you for any amount by way of separation pay, penalties,
allowances and or remuneration other than the payment of the salaries due you as
of the date of such termination.
5. You shall strictly and faithfully comply with and abide by the restaurant
rules and regulations promulgated or which may hereafter be promulgated. Any
infraction thereof shall be meted with appropriate disciplinary action.
6. During employment, you shall perform your work diligently to the best
of your ability, maintain and establish good relations with other employees, give
due respect at all times to the Officers, Senior Staff and your co-workers in your
place of assignment.

7. Your gross salary is subject to taxes and other compulsory deductions

may be required by existing laws, like Social Security, Medicare and Employee's
8. You hereby agree to tender overtime work whenever requested by the
Management. For which management shall accordingly pay you in accordance
with Philippine laws.
9. The Restaurant shall have the absolute right to reassign or transfer
you to any department or section of this establishment.
10. While on temporary employment, you will not be entitled to sick leave
or vacation leave with pay.
11. It is expressly agreed that there are no verbal agreements or
understanding between you and the Restaurant or in any agents and
representatives affecting this Temporary Employment's Agreement and no
alteration of the terms hereof shall bind either party to this Agreement unless the
same are placed and signed by you and the Restaurant
This Temporary Employment Agreement is subject to existing
Restaurant rules , regulations and policies as set forth by the management of
Ming Chao Restaurant which are formulated or may hereafter be promulgated by
the Restaurant.
If the foregoing terms and conditions are acceptable to you, kindly sign at
the bottom hereof to signify your unqualified and unconditional acceptance and
conformity thereto.
PASIG CITY, PHILIPPINES____________________, 2012
I hereby acknowledged receipt of a signed copy of this Agreement and
unconditionally agree to accept the same.