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Contoh 1

Recommending (YOUR NAME), a student of mine for the past two years is a great pleasure for
me. I have taught him (NAME OF SUBJECTS) during his third and fourth year. He is one of the
sincere, versatile, and brilliant students.
His meticulous, thought provoking nature and ability to do hardwork make him an excellent
candidate for research work. His proficiency and dedicated work during lectures and practicals
impressed me. He is punctual and perfectionist about his studies and assignments which place
him above all.
His dependable and trustworthy nature, modesty and tactfulness came forward when he was
crewmember in our intercollege festival (NAME OF FESTIVAL). As I tried to know more of
him, I found that he was selected in (NAME OF SOME EXAM IN SCHOOL DAYS) during his
school days.
He has good aptitude and curious mind to be successful in graduate studies. From my heart, I
feel he is a worthy candidate for admission to your university. I recommend him with great
Contoh 2
I know (YOUR NAME) for the past two years. He is a sincere and brilliant student. I have taught
him subjects of (SUBJECT) and (SUBJECT2) in which his performance has been superlative.
He scored (GOOD %) in (SUBJECT) during his semester examination. He is a promising
young student with good academic skills and innate talents.
While answering his queries and doubts during lectures, I found that he has penchant for research
work. The diligence and intellectual ability, which he displays during practicals, are a clear
indication of his research potential. His untiring industry and his scientific methodology make
him unique form the rest. He is doing his final year project (NAME), under my guidance. I
have seen his dedicated work and inquisitive nature, which he portrayed during this project work.
Apart from his academic career, he is actively involved in extracurricular activities. He was a
member in the inter-college festival (NAME OF FESTIVAL). He has also participated in many
college functions and seminars.
I am sure, he is a deserving candidate for research work and I sincerely feel, if given a chance
(YOUR FIRST NAME) will definitely attain success in his further studies. It gives me great
pleasure to recommend him to you.

Contoh 3
(YOUR NAME) has been my student for the last two years. I have taught him subjects like
student who shows spark in his undergraduate studies.
Because of his ability to learn subject from grassroots, I rate him as sincere student. I am
confident that his concentration, systematic work and great skills in performing practicals will
help him to achieve great success. He is a promising young student with a penchant for learning.
He is zestful and a versatile student. He takes part in many college functions. His courteous and
reliable nature shines in intercollege festival (NAME OF FESTIVAL) I appreciate his work
during his undergraduate years and with full confidence I recommend him to you.