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Telecommunications Enterprise Software Cloud Computing Business & Consumer Services
Strategic thinking, tactical and visionary executive of Product Marketing, Product Development & Product
Management, with hands-on expertise in product creation, product development, product marketing, product
lifecycle management, business development and strategic sales. Extensive experience in start-up launch, market
penetration, marketing strategy, competitive analysis and joint partnership development. Superb, sales minded
executive with proven track-record of identifying market needs, turning needs into successful products and
implementing successful marketing programs translating new product development into new profitable revenue
streams. Change agent with business acumen to streamline operations, drive performance, reduce costs, spearhead
business strategies and transform organizations through outstanding mentoring/management and utilization of
human capital via emerging technologies & agile methodology. Keen ability to exceed corporate revenue and
profitability objectives via development of ROI based differentiated product marketing campaigns which are
properly commercialized using synergistic and highly targeted digital media marketing tools. Specific knowledge of
Cloud Computing industries, wireless & fixed (TDM & VoIP) telecommunications and mobile software
Strategic Business Planning Competitive Analysis Market Analysis Needs Assessment Product Launch
Strategy Product Marketing Product Development Product Lifecycle Management P & L High Impact
Presentations Team Leadership IT Strategy Organizational Turnaround Joint Venture Partnership
Development Revenue Generation Start-up Planning & Operations
2015 08/2016
Executive Director Portal, SaaS Marketplace & eCommerce Deployment
Tasked to lead the unified portal deployment strategy for Comcast Business services. Provided Program
Management support to underlying Billing & Operational Support Systems (BSS/OSS) technical teams as well as
Customer Experience (CX)/User Experience (UX) design teams and web front end agile developer teams creating a
holistic web portal and eCommerce experience. Managed a 2016 Budget of $25M CapEx and $7M Opex delivering a
variety of web deployment programs intended for both customer use as well as internal support staff use in the
servicing of customers.
Deployed key integration into Comcast systems including local billers mainstreaming the sale of SaaS
software to business customers including the launch of the flagship offering, Microsoft Office 365.
Completed Accenture led SAFe agile methodology and Prosci ADKAR change management training
courses and led two critical system SAFe agile scrum teams via a daily standup as well as led the weekly
Scrum of Scrums meetings tracking and resolving RIDAs on our ROAM board in real time to meet
tight timebox deadlines for an exceedingly complex hybrid agile/waterfall integration that spanned 9
systems and an external partner/vendors white label cloud based platform. Maintained backlog of
groomed user stories to facilitate sprint cadence and managed the process and systems change
throughout the organization.
Devised low risk migration strategy for over 110K active Hosted Exchange mailboxes transitioning to
Office 365 allowing a $10M cost savings while also providing strong revenue upsell potential.
Launched a self-sell eCommerce experience allowing small to medium sized businesses to purchase
single/dual/triple play Comcast Business service bundles without human intervention drastically
reducing costs and timelines to revenue generation.


P age |2

Created self-service product configuration portals for a variety of products intended for SMB and MidMarket businesses empowering customers to manage / configure their products/services with Comcast
Business, thereby reducing calls into Customer Care.
Increased digital portal and eCommerce adoption from 14% to 25% within one year and set the stage
for meeting a 60% digital registration / adoption rate by the end of 2017.

VONAGE, Holmdel, NJ
2012 - 2015
VP of International Product Management
Recruited to start up the International growth division at Vonage. Formulated a strategy and began pursuing
partners which resulted in 2 partnerships within 12 months. First partnership was with Globe Telecom selling VoIP
services to Philippine expats in the US. Second partnership created a Joint Venture with Datora Telcom to establish
Vonage presence in Brazil and launch a local consumer, SOHO and SMB based VoIP service on our hybrid
STFC/SCM licenses. Established a full BSS/OSS to handle systems needs on top of a cutting edge cloud based
network infrastructure created specifically to handle a dynamic and growing base.
Created unique product catering exclusively to the expat Filipinos in the US based on primary research
and advanced COTS negotiated with Globe Telecom. Globe Telecom launched in July 2012 and resulted
in over 25K sales within 12 months generating a 9M annual revenue run rate.
Performed the dual role of Product Owner and Scrum Master that interfaced daily with internal &
external scrum teams eliminating roadblocks and ambiguities encountered. Led weekly Scrum of Scrums
integration meetings to insure appropriate integration handoffs between internal and external systems.
Planned MVP-based, phased product delivery around a hybrid agile/waterfall approach. Maintained
backlog of groomed user stories to stay on tight launch schedule.
Encountered margin impacting heavy use undermining profitability and devised a multi-tiered.
containment strategy returning unlimited service offer to profitability as well as reducing congestion of
overly used trunk groups. Containment implementation was fully churn neutral.
Created an RFP for a new BSS/OSS system for Brazil vetting 16 suppliers and concluding with a highly
flexible system able to react immediately to dynamic and competitive Brazilian marketplace.
Designed cutting edge products for Brazil that brought disruptive pricing concepts and access methods
(VoIP & mobile App OTT) to Brazil, one of the most highly priced markets in the world.
Launched pilot service in Brazil in December 2013, Controlled Introduction in April 2014 and General
Availability in July 2014. All deliveries on time and on budget with minimal errors/defects. Brazil market
plan is to deliver $55M in 2015.
2009 - 2012
VP / Managing Director New Product Development
Engaged to formulate a strategy, cost justify investment and upon Board approval to start-up & run Broadviews
new product introduction initiatives. These initiatives include research, analysis & business case justification for a
wireless MVNO path and a Cloud Computing (SaaS / IaaS / DaaS) path. Based on available spare capital and
partnership possibilities, a Cloud Computing initiative was selected as it stands to reverse the revenue stagnation
experienced since 2009. The Cloud Computing initiative comprised Microsoft Exchange, Data Back-up & Storage,
SharePoint collaboration tools, virtual & dedicated hosting, managed application hosting & mobile workforce
connectivity services. Ascertained the least disruptive, yet quickest entry into the market by selecting a strategic
partnering path with which to enter the market. Formulated complete Cloud strategy, leveraging existing Broadview
wireline assets & customer base to the fullest assuring maximum synergy and revenue generation possibilities.
Defined and implemented sales strategy necessary to launch a new line-of-business within an established
and mature telecommunications provider.
Selected and vetted all supplier possibilities and negotiated final contracts worth over $18.3M of COGS
cost and generating $37.7M of incremental revenue over the next 3 years, to the core $400M wireline
Created all necessary process flows for provisioning / billing / care / repair / reporting thereby fully
supporting the addition of a Cloud Computing service suite to the business.


P age |3

Implemented all systems support integration and changes needed to existing infrastructure to provide a
cohesive, single wireline / Cloud services offer to the SMB target audience (existing Customer base &
new prospects).
Service justified 07/2010 with BETA introduction in 12/2010, Controlled Introduction 02/2011 and
General Availability on 03/2011. On target for to exceed $37M annual revenue stream within 24 months,
1 year ahead of schedule.


2006 - 2009
VP of Product Marketing / Product Management
Entrusted to facilitate new business engagements and generate revenue on behalf of this $50M, 130-employee global
telecommunications leader operating worlds largest voice and data exchange interconnecting 1200+ carriers.
Multifaceted accountabilities included $47M revenue generation, P & L management, market expansion, product
lifecycle management, project management, client relations and employee development.
Created a Global Mobile Number Portability Correction product which consisted of a real time routing engine
allowing PTTs, IXC & VoIP carriers to correct international mobile number traffic thereby realizing savings
exceeding 28% for participating carriers. Product was a major breakthrough for the international carrier
Orchestrated new product line for US market, growing domestic traffic from 400K to 2.5M minutes per day,
doubling profits, enhancing quality and improving customer satisfaction, all within just 1 year. Efforts also
solidified United States placement within top 3 markets.
Won significant amount of business from top customers via launch of enhanced traffic detection and
inspection capabilities. Initiative increased exchange traffic quality and identified fraudulent traffic, enabling
superior quality and preserving revenue goals.
Spearheaded migration of company from mature exchange business model to technologically advanced carrier
model yielding increased revenues at 2.5X growth rate.
2004 - 2006
Launched consultancy designed to provide marketing and business development expertise to multidisciplinary
clientele. Accountabilities ranged from client prospecting, needs assessment, strategic planning and business
sourcing to competitive analysis and fulfillment of full marketing and business development plans for client groups.
Created comprehensive sales & marketing plan for Software Synergy Inc., an enterprise software developer,
expanding their addressable market and increasing sales 31% in under 6 months.
Crafted creative go to market strategies, launching 2 successful businesses and spinning third company to
profitability as growing specialty niche content supplier.
Launched new distributor sales channel for Mobile Datacom, recruiting 100+ value added distributors and
effectively generating $2.8M in incremental revenue for customer and Verizon Wireless.
Successfully secured $3.4M in venture investment for Portable Internet and negotiated key contract with
Yellow Freight worth 30K units over 3 year time frame. Efforts solidified clients role as marketplace
competitor and increased revenue and profitability significantly.
Designed and implemented online micro payment and licensing strategy for Childrens Technology Review,
earning acquisition of 2 sales agreements with Wal-Mart and, each worth $5M over 3 year
2001 - 2004
VP of Marketing & Business Development
Cultivated new business model and strategy, propelling this former software tools provider into new mobile
applications market. Additionally accountable for product lifecycle management, marketing, business development,
revenue generation, project management and joint venture partnership development.
Devised new business strategy in mobile application marketplace, reversing revenue decline and growing
incremental new revenues from $4.5M to $10M in just 14 months time. New strategy included product line
which formed foundation of various enterprise software solutions for field force connectivity.


P age |4

Successfully negotiated partnerships with industry leading wireless carriers including Verizon Wireless, AT&T
Wireless, Sprint/Nextel and T-Mobile as well as key hardware manufacturers such as HP, Toshiba and
Panasonic. Joint ventures provided platform for product line and enhanced firms reputation as key player.
Identified and closed $4.5M+ in new business and initiated pipeline for $6M more realized in 4Q04.
Devised alternate sales channel program which resulted in 28% of realized revenues within first year of


2000 - 2001
Interim EVP Sales & Marketing
Co-founded this start up metro Ethernet voice and data network service provider with initial accountabilities ranging
from investment sourcing, staff recruitment and business development to creation and execution of sales and
marketing plan, product development, pricing, partnership development and financial management.
Negotiated and secured $5M in venture funding via orchestration and implementation of VC road show,
enabling start up operations and revenue generation.
Solidified first revenue within 10 months of inception by negotiating sales into eSpeed and Cantor Fitzgerald.
1999 - 2000
VP/Division Manager - Wholesale Local Product Management
Generated business within wholesale channel for this world renowned leader in telecommunications services via
sales, marketing, product management and market penetration strategies.
Masterfully grew wholesale local revenues at 37% organic growth rate from $351M in 1999 to $481M in 2000,
an achievement representing 41% of companys revenue stream for localized services.
Surpassed sales objectives, achieving 120% of plan in 1999 and 2000 and carrying unmade revenue
commitment for commercial business units.
Saved company $62M per year in Class 5 capital outlay and improved customer satisfaction through design
and implementation of ISP off-load strategy. Initiative additionally reduced customer churn 4.2% following
EARLY CAREER NOTES: VP of Mergers & Acquisitions and Director of Product Management & Product Development - TELEPORT
COMMUNICATIONS GROUP; Director, Sales & Marketing, RAM MOBILE DATA; Director Product Management and Product
Marketing Analyst and Telemarketing Sales - ITT CORPORATION and Project Planner - PQA ENGINEERING
EDUCATION - Bachelor of Science, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, New Brunswick, NJ