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A. Date of Agreement

B. Name and Address of the Buyer

29th Mar, 2008

Invoice to

Unit : The Taj Connemara,
Binny Road, Chennai. 600 002.

Ship to

Unit : The Taj Connemara,
Binny Road, Chennai. 600 002.

C. Name and Address of the Seller

Invoice from

Ship from


Bosch Limited,
Security System Division,
Hosur Road, Adugodi
Bangalore 560 030

Bosch Limited,
Blossom Center, 30,
North Boag Road, T. Nagar,
Chennai - 600 017

D. Description of the Goods

Supply of Electronic Components

E. Number of Packages

2 piece ( As per the AWB)

F. Name of the Overseas Supplier

Bosch Security Systems B. V. bH,

PO Box 90106, 4800 RA Breda.

G. Name of the Vessel / Flight

SQ 528/29

H. Bill of Lading No/Airway Bill. & Date :

MAWB No - 618 7325 0030

HAWB No - SIN 157259

I. Country of Origin


J. Port of Departure


K. Port of Destination


L. Invoice No. & Date

1679002345 DT 27/03/2008 (Import invoice)

760367 DT 29/03/2008 ( India Invoice )

M. Consideration (CIF)

Rs. 314,105.15

It is hereby agreed that the goods (Goods) as mentioned above have been purchased by the
SELLER and are the exclusive property of the SELLER. The SELLER in turn herewith agrees to
sell the Goods to the BUYER on the High Seas and the BUYER herewith agrees to buy the
Goods on the High Seas. In furtherance of such sale of the Goods, the SELLER shall endorse
the documents relating thereto like, bill of lading/air way bill, invoice, insurance policy etc. in
favour of the BUYER.

Payment Terms: 100% Payment against HSS Invoice


Delivery :

All the rights and title of the above goods will be transferred by the SELLER to the
BUYER by endorsing the Bill of Lading/Air Way Bill in favour of the said purchaser.


Import duties and clearing charges :

In view of the Sale of goods on High Sea Sales, the BUYER shall arrange for the
clearance of the goods from the customs at its sole risk and responsibility. The entire
clearing expenses viz., customs duties, clearing charges, demurrage, Octroi etc. will be
to the account of the BUYER and shall be borne by the BUYER.


No Sales tax will be charged as the above goods are being delivered to the BUYER on
High Sea Sales basis.


Right to recover :
As regards any loss/damages/shortages and/or other claims to the consignment,
SELLER should nominate and subrogate their right to the BUYER to recover the amount
from the Insurance Company/Steamers Agent/Air Lines/Freight Forwarders/Airport
Authorities or Custom Authorities to enable the BUYER to deal directly with the
concerned agencies to recover the losses, if any.


Consideration :
In consideration of the sale of the Goods, the BUYER shall pay to the SELLER as per the
details below :
TOTAL CONSIDERATION: Rupees Three Lakh Fourteen Thousand One Hundred
Five and paise Fifteen Only /-

In witness whereof the SELLER and the BUYER hereto have set their hands on the date
mentioned above. Please return the duplicate copy of the contract duly sealed and signed.


For Bosch Limited,

Authorized Signatory

Authorized Signatory