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ingredients :

700 gm potato ,300 gm rohu fish ,onion 150 gm,ginger 50 gm.garlic 5 pods,ghee ,
garam masala, kismis ,turmeric ,salt,sugar to chilli ,Mustard oil 10
0 gm.Grate onion and grind garlic and garam masala separately.
. Light fry fish pieces then debone carefully.Put mustard oil in karai ,then f
ry onion ,garlic with turmeric powder,quarter tea spoon red mirchi powder ,2 gre
en chilli pieces.Add the fish,stir to make a filling between layers of potato. W
hen the filling is cooked then add 1 spoon ghee , few kismis and one spoon powd
er garam masala. Make two portions and leave it to cool.
Mash potato with salt and one pinch sugar,with 2 spoon ghee.Make three portions.
Take one metal round container of 7 inches diameter.The inside part of the whol
e container should be spreaded with 4/5 drops ghee.
now make a thin layer of mash potato on the bottom portion of the container ,th
en spread the filling made of fish,again on it make another layer of potato ,th
en give the second portion of the filling and on the top give the last layer of
Put the lid on the container and steam in boiling water for 15mnts.Leave it to c
may be kept in the freeze then then take the cake out on a plate by moving the
container upside down, It is cold dish ,the top portion of the cake can be decor
ated with cucumber,potato tomato and grated cheese.