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Ariel Cornejo

Los Angeles, Ca 90008


LAUSD / USC Media Arts & Engineering (MAE) Magnet - Los Angeles, CA 2010 - Present
. Junior standing, expected graduation date June 2018
. GPA: 3.5

Kitty Bungalow Community Service/Animal Care, Volunteer Los Angeles, Ca 2015-2016

. Volunteered for helping stray cats find a home.
. Cleaned cages to capture stray cats and bringing them to adoption center/kitty play area.
. Cared for Cats needs such as feeding, cleaning habitat, playing, and domesticating cats.
. Made kits for stray cats after capturing by providing food, collar, newspaper, water...etc
Expo Center, Kids in Sport volunteer
Los Angeles, Ca Summer of 2016
.Filed players and members payment paperwork.
.Cleaned and organised equipment for kids to be able to play and improve in their team.
.Made poster for special events/tournaments.
.Helped coach younger kids in sports
.Helped around the staff and cleaned offices/storage rooms

Completed Ap Studio Art 2D, High School Senior consistently named to the Honor Roll, 2014-2017
Member of the National Honor Society.

Completed SRLA (Students Run Los Angeles) 3 Years
Los Angeles, Ca 2014-2017
.Completed 5k,10k,15k ,Holiday Half Marathon, Irvine Half Marathon,18 Mile Friendship run, Los
Angeles Marathon (3, 6, 9, 12, 12, 18, 26.3 miles)
.La Marathon best time three hours fifty-seven minutes (3:57)
Completed Cross country (varsity) 3 years
Los Angeles, Ca 2014-2017
. 3 miles races against division 3 schools in and division 1 as well won city champions to compete in CIF
State Championship.
Best time eighteen minutes thirty two (18:32)
Surf City Marathon (2 years)
Huntington beach, Ca 2015
. Men's ages under 17 division winner
.Ran Surf City Marathon a week before running La Marathon

.Finish time for 26.3 miles-Three hours fifty two minutes (3:52)

.Language:Bilingual English and Spanish, Fluent in Spanish (Ability to Translate), working
knowledge of Portuguese and French (self taught)
.Computer/Technology: Computer/technical literacy, Proficient in Microsoft: Word, PowerPoint,
Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Game maker.
. Mathematics: proficient in algebra 2, geometry, and precalculus
.Analytical/Research Skills: ability to assess and analyse a situation, seek multiple perspectives
and solutions to the problem, able to gather more information if necessary, and identify key
issues that need to be addressed, problem solving, leadership and comprehension.
.Interpersonal Abilities: ability to relate to your co-workers, inspire others to participate and
help out, and mitigate/reduce conflict with coworkers essential given the amount of time spent at
work each day.communication, understandment, teamwork, and leadership
.Planning and Organisation: Deals with your ability to design, plan, organize, and implement
projects and tasks within an allotted timeframe.
.Other Skills:Professionalism,Honesty/Integrity,Adaptability and self motivation.