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Q.1) Using the ABC modal of attitude, analyse what John mackeys online comment about
wild Oats reveal about the its attitude?
Attitude refers to the psychological tendency expressed by evaluating an entity with some
degree of favor and disfavor.
ABC MODAL can be understood by:
1. Affect: the emotional component of an attitude. Example: I dont like my boss.
2. Behavioural intension: the intension to behave in certain way towards an object or
person. Example: I want to go different department
3. Cognition: reflects persons perception or belief. Example: I believe that my boss
plays favourite at work place.
In case:
The online comment about the wild oats, before and after the acquisition of that company
reveal about the John Mackey is a behavioural intension.
As the intension of the John Mackey was not to buy the wild oats, so he commented or
showed its intension to not buy. But later on pseudonym rahodeb blogged different comment
to increase the share of the company.

Q.2) Using the concept of instrumental values and terminal values, explain John Mackeys
blogging behaior relative to the wild oats acquisition. Using the same concept explain the
reaction of SEC, FTC AND interested observers to Mackeys blogging behaviour.
Values: encompasses a range of approaches to understanding how, why, and to what degree
person value things; whether the object or subject of valuing is a person, idea, object, or
anything else.
Values are of two form:
1. Instrumental value: value of objects, both physical objects and abstract objects, not as
ends-in-themselves, but as means of achieving something else.
2. Terminal value: value that represent the goal to be achieved or the end states of

In Case :

John Mackeys blogging behaviour relative to the wild oats acquisition were of
terminal value.
Reaction of SEC, FTC and interested observers to Mackeys blogging behaviour were
instrumental value


As John Mackey was more concentrated to end result, he didnt care about means of
the result rather focused on the end results.
The other critic people were not happy about the means he was doing to achieve his

Q.3) From your perspective, did John Mackey act in an ethical or unethical way? explain
with reasons

Ethical behaviour: Acting in a ways consistent with ones personal values and the
commonly held values of the organisation and society. Example: Wipros companys
Unethical behaviour: lacking moral principles; unwilling to adhere to proper rules of
conduct. Example: Satyam company

In Case:
According to us, behaviour used by the John Mackey was unethical.

As John Mackey used internet to communicate to people by writing against the Wild
oats defensive communication
Secondly, by posting the comment he tired to make share price of the company
change accordingly.
Thirdly , as both the companies were rivalry firm FTC, put charges that by buying the
Wild oats they would have the power to sell in their own prices and can reduce the
Fourthly , pseudonym Rahodeb was major issue using of fake account.

Q.4) At what level of cognitive moral development is John Mackey apparently operating?
Explain your answer

Cognitive moral development :
The process of moving through stages of maturity in terms of making ethical decision.
The theory can be divided in 3 levels as follows:
1. Premoral level a person ethical decision is based on rewards, punishments and self
a. Stage 1: individual obeys the rule to avoid punishment
b. Stage 2:the individual follows rule only if for his interest
2. Conventional level people follow the expectation of others
a. Stage 3: individual try to live up to expectation of people close to them
b. Stage 4: they fulfil duties and obligation to contribution to society
3. Principled level the individual see beyond the laws, rules, and the expectation of
other people.
a. Stage 5: decision on the bases of principles of justice and right , not on people
b. Stage 6: the individual follow self-selected ethical principles, even when these
principles conflict with law.
In case:
According to us, John Mackey was in stage 6 of principle level.
As we know John Mackey didnt care about the online reviews , he was more in the
interested in the company betterment .

Q.5) What insights regarding John Mackeys attitudes, values, and ethics are provided by his
use of the pseudonym Rahodeb to disguise his extensive online commentary about Wild
oats ?
Pseudonym means a fictitious name, especially one used by an author.
Attitude, values and ethics already discussed above. These are interrelated :
Values - The basis of harmony in relationships
Ethics - The basis of harmony in society & social order

In case:
Usage of the pseudonym Rahodeb is taken as unethical and terminal value. His online
comment for Wild oats was direct personal attack and after acquisition changing the online
comment for playing with market value of the company was unethical.


The merger of two relatively small players would not give the combined firm the
power to raise prices and/or cut back on services.
Antitrust regulators should define markets to consist of distribution channels only
when such channels significantly economize on transaction costs.
Online commentary about wild oats was not acceptable, this leads manipulation of the
minds of people.